Show and Tell

We are ba-ack! We had a public holiday on Easter Monday , followed by a public holiday the following Monday for Anzac Day. We kept our Instagram account going but no show and tell for the blog. That all changed today because we were back, happy, chatty and very productive. So many great ideas and the weather was pleasantly sunny. Next week is our AGM which we are combining with a morning tea for the Cancer Council. That should make it an especially nice day.

Show and Tell

Cathy has made a neck scarf with heavy plait each end to go on the beach in wind, plus a ball of spun wool.
Dagmar : a lovely brown fine scarf in alpaca with a diamond pattern running down the centre. A ribbed beanie in browns with a blue trim
Anita: Red cowl with buttons to hold it close to the throat.
Maxine: a quilted puzzle block set suitable for a small child to play with.
Marina : a woven basket made at a workshop with Adele from the Adelaide Hills Spinners and Weavers full of balls of spun Shetland wool, a bag made from weaving with wooden rods with a woven handle.

Janette: a lovely jacket in spun wool and two cakes of spun silk, camel hair and wool.
Maria :small crochet beanie with a pink design.
Peter: A round weaving in greens and blues with a white centre.

Hilary: Skein of spun wool from Luba in greens, tans and pinks.

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