Janette’s blanket

Janette’s grandchildren are lucky. She makes them really nice blankets which are warm, a decent size, cosy and very cuddly. She knits them up really quickly after she has spun the wool. We loved the colours in this one because they represented the ocean we look at as we sit and spin. These are more the winter ocean colours. The blanket is spun from merino tops in colourways created by Bev Coulter and Kath Loman. Janette said these blankets work well as shawls too.


Visual effects with fibre

How you use colour and yarn will make a difference. Yarns look different when you utilise different techniques to create a project. A colourway will look quite different if it is felted or woven from how it will look if it is knitted or crocheted. It pays to build your skills. It increases your choices in how you can manipulate visual effects as you are working. Marina’s husband, Peter, had carded her some wool batts which she spun. He wove a scarf with pockets for her and she knitted a beanie with the very same wool. It looks quite different  visually in its impact . The two  techniques have favoured different emphasis on colour. Pays to experiment!

Colourful socks

knitted socksOne pair of Margaret’s socks was made from the woodland colourway yarn she bought up at Littlehampton when we went there for Equipment Day in November last year. The other three pairs are made from three different yarns because she didn’t have enough of each to make one pair of socks. Did it matter ? Not at all. It became an oddments challenge where she had to think about which yarn to put where on her socks and which colours would go well together. We loved all these socks. They were colourful, cheerful, beautifully made and just the very thing to keep you warm on a cold day. You cannot beat knitted socks.

Show and tell

show and tell 13th MaySo many beautiful things this week. So much colour, skill and inspiration. Enjoy!

Alexis brought in a lovely selection of dyed tops for us to admire and buy.

Christine finished her large kit blanket  which was so very spectacular and colourful.

Jan 1 shared 2 skeins of spun wool/silk, 1 turquoise, 1 blue.

Hilary Beret with icord top with flower beads in dark red.

Marina 2 beanies 1 crocheted in dark purple decorated with 3 fancy buttons, & a beanie to match Peter’s scarf he has woven for her.

Peter woven scarf to match his shepherd’s coat

Jan 3, a piece of lacy crochet suitable as an edging in ecru.

Margaret’s several pairs of socks she has been knitting over the last few weeks,

John finished piece of weaving for a bag, and his finished beautiful table runner.

Cathy had a piece of tatting she made when she was a teenager under a neighbour’s tutelage.

John  also brought in some of his beautiful beading, necklaces and a tapestry.

wool tops