Colour your life

We are so lucky to be surrounded each week by lovely colours. It has also been our observation that different spinning groups favour different colours. Wonder if it is the location or people? Margaret’s striped socks are cheerful and fun. Hilary’s fingerless gloves are such a riotous pick me up of colour for a dull, wet day. Alexis mixed grey alpaca fleece with merino and got two different wool batts which reflect different colour moods. All these colours make us think. What stripes would you have? Which wool batt do you prefer and if you had to make a pair of gloves in outrageously bold colours, what would you choose? Colour impacts your mood but it engages your brain. Have fun with it.


Clever ideas

We had some good clever ideas on display at our meeting this week. Christine had some weaving with her which had knitting needles across it. It had no warp threads. Thagt was intriguing. It is very clever weaving which makes a mesh suitable for bags or beach tops. The colours she had chosen look very summery . This method of weaving creates a very soft, pliable fabric.

Marina had a lovely pair of bootlaces which she had woven on her inkleloom. Again the colours were very effective. She dips the ends in glue so the laces don’t fray.

Wendy had some stunning colours sitting in front of her. Silk which had been hand dyed by Alexis. Wendy plans to strip slivers of this silk and knit it in with her hand spun wool. We cannot wait to see this because it is going to look gorgeous we are sure and we want to know what she is going to make with it.

We like to try new things and something a bit different. It keeps the brain learning but provides creative challenges too. As soon as you create a new pathway for yourself you set yourself up to be problem solving but absorbing yourself in the creative process. We have a group which will help smooth out stumbling blocks in creativity so that our time is spent ensuring our ideas are successful.


Janette’s blanket

Janette’s grandchildren are lucky. She makes them really nice blankets which are warm, a decent size, cosy and very cuddly. She knits them up really quickly after she has spun the wool. We loved the colours in this one because they represented the ocean we look at as we sit and spin. These are more the winter ocean colours. The blanket is spun from merino tops in colourways created by Bev Coulter and Kath Loman. Janette said these blankets work well as shawls too.

Visual effects with fibre

How you use colour and yarn will make a difference. Yarns look different when you utilise different techniques to create a project. A colourway will look quite different if it is felted or woven from how it will look if it is knitted or crocheted. It pays to build your skills. It increases your choices in how you can manipulate visual effects as you are working. Marina’s husband, Peter, had carded her some wool batts which she spun. He wove a scarf with pockets for her and she knitted a beanie with the very same wool. It looks quite different  visually in its impact . The two  techniques have favoured different emphasis on colour. Pays to experiment!