Waste not, want not

We love using up our bits and left overs and we love coming up with different ideas for oddments. We do not like seeing anything go to waste and it is always a good creative adventure. This week Alexis was plying more of the spun wool she had made for her merino tops left overs. She is mixing in a very vibrant green which pulls all the other colours together but creates an interesting visual effect. Cathy had sat down with her bag of left over spun wool bits and started crocheting a hat. Free form crochet meant she could mix the colours in however she felt and it’s a nice, warm, woolly hat with an interesting texture.


Colourful socks

knitted socksOne pair of Margaret’s socks was made from the woodland colourway yarn she bought up at Littlehampton when we went there for Equipment Day in November last year. The other three pairs are made from three different yarns because she didn’t have enough of each to make one pair of socks. Did it matter ? Not at all. It became an oddments challenge where she had to think about which yarn to put where on her socks and which colours would go well together. We loved all these socks. They were colourful, cheerful, beautifully made and just the very thing to keep you warm on a cold day. You cannot beat knitted socks.

Waste not, want not

We like our leftovers and oddments. We enjoy finding ways to use them and combine them. Our “bits” often provide us with a creative challenge and they always involve us with colour. Alexis was using up all the merino tops bits she had left over from spinning and dyeing. She had carded them into richly coloured , interesting wool batts. The phone image doesn’t do the colours justice. The next part of the creative adventure is spinning the colours and then seeing how different it all looks. The finished wool will then look different again depending upon what other colours you combine it with and whether you crochet, knit, felt or weave it. The oddments always provide a challenge which makes you think and use all your skills.

Grannie Square blanket

grannie square blanketMaria uses ALL her yarn. She gathers the leftovers of different balls and then saves them for great projects. This is one of them. She has started making little grannie squares and then they grew…She had an assortment of small balls of yarn in bags so she could make the squares. What makes this blanket a stand out , though, are the colourful edging and the rounded corners. Suddenly it’s not just a grannie square blanket. it has some class and style. It’s the attention to detail which lifts Maria’s work out of the ordinary. That and her wonderful sense of fun and colour. It’s a warm, cheerful blanket.