Christmas ornaments

Might be just a wee bit to late for this Christmas, but no reason not to make these lovely ornaments ready for next Christmas while you are in the mood! The ones in the video are knitted.

If you like crochet , you might like to make some of these lovely Christmas decorations and all of them are quick and effective…now, there’s a challenge…to get one made by this Christmas!

12 Free Christmas ornaments. 


Amigurumi crochet clown

amigurumi clownJan’s amigurumi clown is so cute. Just perfect for a small child. It’s a Pierrot style clown rather than a circus one. The soft colours are lovely but it is the features which make this clown stand out in the crowd. It has been neatly crocheted but that face!! Those eyes! So much expression.

Grandmotherspatternbook has a lot of crocheted and knitted clowns for you to try. They can be colourful or soothing. That is all up to you and your creative mood. Clowns are great thing to make  to use up oddments in your stash .

Beanie buddies

beanie buddiesCathy saw some little knitted beanie faces on Instagram and wanted to make them. She has forgotten whose account inspired her and we’d like to acknowledge them if you know. We have knitted little bears as comfort bears for children but we love our beanies and so Cathy though maybe Beanie Buddies might be something we’d like to try as an alternative. They take little yarn and are quick to make. She made four to try out the idea. The faces are embroidered on before the Beanie Buddies are put together.

The pale blue one is in 2 ply wool on size 13 needs . You need double pointed needles for the beanie.


Cast on 12 stitches

Knit 50 rows

Cast off


Cast on 36 stitches

Double rib 20 rows

K2 tog P2 tog until end of round

K1 P1 until end of round

K2 together and thread yarn through and pull tight.

Make a fork pom pom.

Embroider the face, sew both sides of the face. Fill. Stitch bottom. Attach hat with a few stitches.

*For double ply yarn use size 11 needles and dpns .

Cast on 10 stitches for the body and knit 40 rows.

For the beanie cast on 34 stitches and knit 10-12 rows then decrease:

K2 tog P2 tog until end of round


Knit 2 together

Pull yarn through all stitches to gather top.


Woollen blankets

10 stitch blanketAnother two big projects were finished this week. When you work on big projects they take forever and then you feel like you are not doing anything. When you see the finished items, though, it has always been so worth it. Karin’s 10 stitch blanket has been much admired and popular. When we saw it finished we just loved it. She hadn’t chosen the colours as such. She was knitting from her yarn left over from other projects and deciding which colour to do when she got to the next bit. The blanket looks really good. It’s warm, inviting and the colours are restful.




crochet blanketCathy has been spinning and dyeing wool for her crochet blanket all year. Most of it is natural colour from FinnX, alpaca and then natural dyes like avocado, onion skins, Tasmanian blue gum leaves and red cabbage. There are bits of red and green from Susie Horn’s bit and then some orange and yellow and banana fibre silk from Kathy’s Fibres. There is ramswool and BorderLeicesterX. Cathy joined the group in June last year and knew nothing so this blanket is about what she has learned from the group. The autumn colours look good.