Knitted star blanket

knitted star blanket

Alexis has knitted a star blanket and what a star she is for creating such a lovely blanket. Such a lovely colour combination. Reminder we are all stars trying to manage our current conditions no matter where we are in the world. Alexis’ blanket is made from commercial wool from Biggan in Australia. It is a company located in Queensland.

So are you a star? is anyone else you know a star? In the Loop Knitting has some lovely star knitting patterns including blankets.

You don’t knit? You can still be a star. Betty McKnit has a 6 day star blanket which you can crochet. She explains it very well, step by step.

Get twinkling!

Keep them warm

Janette knits things which are warm and cosy.  Her recent things are mainly handspun merino tops with some interesting colourways. Her colours tend to reflect nature and our environment and always look nice. She gets a classic country look when she makes her projects and you would never be cold if you wore her things.

Top left is an alpaca and merino scarf. Bottom left is a merino rainbow blanket. In the middle are a beret in bushfire colours with a scarf to match and to the right is a merino blue and black beret. All of these items are very soft but thick and warm. Great for the cold weather.

Knitted cowl

Cathy’s double wrap cowl was made on size 5 needles. It is 44 inches around and you need multiples of 8 for the honeycomb pattern. This one had 200 stitches. The wool is a dark green merino hand dyed by Alexis and the light green is English Leicester dyed with  sage and green tea by Cathy.

Interweave has two nice, free honeycomb cowl patterns .

The video is silent but it shows you how to do the stitch really well  so you can concentrate nicely 🙂

We love to spin

We love seeing the yarns people have spun. We love the colours, the texture and the feel of it all. We love spinning so when anyone brings something along to show us it only encourages us more! We have had some lovely yarns to look at and appreciate.

At the top are Jan 2’s yarns. She is such an even spinner whether she spins on a manual or electric wheel. The white skein is CSIRO Optim merino wool. The grey is alpaca and then bottom left is the grey and white angora rabbit yarn. All so soft.

Middle left is Janette’s colourful merino and bottom right is Cathy’s Alexis’ dyed merino and then there’s Jan 1 merino in white and apricot/caramel colour middle right. That is such a soft colour combination.

Last, but by no means least, is Sonya’s squishy Finn which are Susie Horn colours and the cake of yarn is just so tactile and has lovely soft colours.