Dyed wool

dyed woolMarjorie brought along some dyed wool. Things do not always go according to plan when you are dyeing. The dark blue of the bottom skein was supposed to be purple. The skein itself looks good with the dark blue , orange and green. Marjorie is an experienced wool dyer. She just could not get the purple colour. In the end she got a lovely amethyst colour which is at the top. The was extra green so she dyed the green skein and that is very vibrant. These were Landscape dyes. It will be interesting to see how Marjorie spins these colours and what she makes with them. Sometimes when things don’t go as planned it will challenge you to think differently or create differently. We are certain Marjorie will use her skeins of wool to good effect.


Show and tell

show and tell July 9th

It was so cold this week . It was cheering to see all these beautiful things.

Alexis brought along some dyed plaits , some of which had been especially requested. She explained how she got the colours.

Alexis shared a pink silk felted jacket which she had purchased at the craft fair at Port Noarlunga. It was a made by a lady called Jill from Victor Harbour. It is silk on the outside , hot pink on the inside and really very attractive.

Alexis also brought along an emerald green cape she had made from wool which had silk through it because we had been talking about how to use silk last week. The buttons on it she had purchased .

Pam shared a pair of pink mittens made from commercial wool which actually had the look at feel of homespun wool.

So much colour therapy this week.

Creating a reef

coral woolThe left of the room was into recreating an ocean reef  for us with its colours. Alexis had all the stunning colours of coral next to her electronic spinner and as she spun them she was changing the seascape. Rich corals, sunlit corals and dark corals. It was extraordinary how the colours changed as she spun.

spun coral colours


colourful blanketKarin had her wool minder, which we were sure was going to start walking and talking to us , and had the bright, brilliant colours of tropical fish in her  crochet blanket.

Janette was was busy spinning the seashore …the sand, the rocks, the cliff face. Her spun wool reflected the colours you see as you walk along the shore and seafront. Janette is very good at recreating yarn which makes you think of places in nature.

Colour is everything. It brings out memories, ideas, moods. The psychological properties of colours are well documented. We are lucky to do colour therapy every week. seashore wool

Equipment Day

We talked all the way there on the mini bus and all the way back. We even had the quiet bus driver talking.


Then we walked and talked our way around Equipment Day  at Littlehampton and at The Felting Ewe at Lenswood.  We had had to bring the sunshine with us because it was a cold , wet wintery day even though it had been hot and humid earlier in the week. We cheerfully shared ideas, inspiration, comments, finds, enthusiasm, tips, tricks, advice, delight, appreciation. We shared everything and it was a very productive, relaxing and energising day. There was so much fleece and equipment in the Institute Hall. The Adelaide Hills Spinners and Weavers Guild has an annual equipment day. They are a very friendly, welcoming group with a lot of skills and knowledge. It was great to look, browse, discuss, get help and information and then make our purchases. The Hills group provided tea and coffee served in dainty cups and saucers and a very tasty home cooked lunch which was so healthy and enjoyable. Given the weather was so cold a number of people were wearing their homespun and felted garments and accessories , so yesterday was also a chance to see the quality of work from people who love fibre and love to spin. Those  new to the group were excited to be able to buy the famous Susie Horn’s bags of dyed bits. She grew up on a sheep farm in New South Wales. She runs a farm at Meadows and she knows everything about sheep but is quick to tell you that wool and spinning are all about learning all the time. You never stop learning. It was nice to have such a cheery welcome from Brenda at The Felting Ewe on the way home. She has a feast of dyed wool and fibre and is very knowledgeable about felting. Any conversation with her is productive and encouraging. Her enthusiasm and experience allow everyone to thrive. We ought to have arrived home all talked out but Monday will be living proof that we love to talk and we’ll be confidently up and running at the group again full of ideas and input without any trouble.