Two jumpers and a jacket

To the left is Margaret’s homespun crochet jacket which has been a long term project. She has created plenty of other things as she has worked on this top down jacket. It was so good to see how far she has come now and how good it looks.

In the middle is Marjorie’s homespun lady’s jumper. The colour is natural fleece and silk. It is not carded. Marjorie has the patience and skill to be able to spin this without carding. She wanted to created the colour changes as she went so she was picking out the fleece to match colour changes in the jumper. It is evenly spun and the wool and silk together is so very soft. A beautiful , classic jumper.

To the right is Janette’s homespun man’s jumper. She spun the yarn from merino tops and the autumn into winter colours are just so nice. It is a beautifully knitted, warm, classic jumper just right for our cold weather.


Knitted vest

knitted vestA warm knitted vest like this is the best thing in winter. It can be worn under a jacket, if necessary, and really protects against the cold. Marjorie spun the wool for this and it is all natural colour and then she knitted it. It has a country look and would just as nice with a skirt as pants and a warm scarf would complete the outfit. We likes it because it was so soft. We don’t like scratchy wool and we don’t like the feel of harsh fibres which is why we often spin alpaca. Spinning the wool means you can select the right fleece so you get a really soft texture into the wool you spin. Marjorie’s vest is a classic piece and we loved it.

Pomegranate dye

pomegranate dyeCathy dyed some English Leiceister fleece with pomegranate seeds and skins. The fleece was white but after being in the pot for hours it became, well, sheep coloured. A creamy, yellowish colour like wheat. Pomegranates are high in tannic acid so you do not need a mordant. The net bag got eaten through though ,which was a first for herย  when using natural dyes. It wasn’t a problem…big sieves work well.

She carded it and is now mixing that to make wool batts which include a bit of sage green merino tops and some gold thread. All of that looks good together and we look forward to seeing how it spins up.

The yarn on the right has been dyed with onion skins and then there is some yellow merino tops and white alpaca mixed in.

Restful colours

Natural colours and the colours of nature are very restful. They don’t jar the sensibilities. They are soothing and calming. We had some good example of restful colours this week. Marina had started weaving on her mini loom in fawns and light browns. Peter’s shepherd coat has equally calming colours with the tans and creams. Janette’s waistcoat was beautifully soft and warm. In camelhair and silk plied with llama fleece. It looked lovely and felt beautiful. Anne’s socks were in woodland colours. The hint of green lifts the fawns and creams and the pattern is peaceful. Beautifully knitted socks with perfect toes!