Dyed wool

dyed woolMarjorie brought along some dyed wool. Things do not always go according to plan when you are dyeing. The dark blue of the bottom skein was supposed to be purple. The skein itself looks good with the dark blue , orange and green. Marjorie is an experienced wool dyer. She just could not get the purple colour. In the end she got a lovely amethyst colour which is at the top. The was extra green so she dyed the green skein and that is very vibrant. These were Landscape dyes. It will be interesting to see how Marjorie spins these colours and what she makes with them. Sometimes when things don’t go as planned it will challenge you to think differently or create differently. We are certain Marjorie will use her skeins of wool to good effect.


Woolly Wonders

We have fun. We love fleece and we love yarn and it is always good to see what people are doing. Peter tried on the woven wrap Jack had made. It has a central piece and then a scarf piece  attached in a contrasting colour and looks really good. Alexis produced some beautiful squishy wool from her own dyed colourway. The colours are lovely. Sheila decided to dye some Border Leicester with food colour and the result was eye-popping colour . What you can’t see is the sheen on the fleece. Maria is knitting another one piece baby jumper because it is a good go anywhere project and the lovely apricot would be so nice for a baby. Anne is delighted with how her rare breeds yarn is spinning up and then knitting so she has got to work on her vest. It looks great.

Natural colour

We had some lovely naturally dyed yarn to show off this week and the colours were so nice. Natural colours just mix together. It doesn’t matter what the colours are. Nature has this way of toning colours in with each other.  Top left is Cathy’s Tasmanian Blue Gum (Silver Dollar) wool batt which she got from Alexis plied with Border Leicester X. She’ll be using that in her blanket. Bottom left is Erica’s commercial wool dyed with onion skins. The rich burnt orange colour always attracts attention. To the right is Alexis’ Tansmanian Blue Gum dyed wool bats which she has spun and is knitting into top down , heelless , spiral socks. The colour and pattern are very effective and the socks are thick but soft. They look lovely. The only shaping is in the toes. There is a nice, free,  heelless sock pattern from Paton’s if you are interested.

Woollie Wonders


Sometimes it is  good to look back at all the creativity , colour and class and just celebrate. This is a section of some of the things we have made recently.