Weaving wonders

Peter and John really keep us interested and delighted with all their different weaving patterns and projects. Their work just gets better and better and more and more intricate. This week they brought along different things to share. Using a heddle loom is very good brain and memory training and ultimately it is a rigorous discipline and then a creative joy because there is lots of puzzling involved. The bottom two pictures are what they are currently working on. John’s on the left has variegated colours and is very interesting visually. Peter has variegated colours too and his work is looking good. He has picked up his weaving skills quickly. Top left is John’s blanket and we all loved that. It was the colours and then how soft and blankety it was! The scarves are Peter’s. His wife , Marina, has learned how to make the twisted tassles on the middle one and she knitted pockets to match on the one on the left. We enjoy looking at their work and projects and cannot believe what they can produce by way of fabric.


Wonderful weaving

John brought along some of his weaving so we could have a look. It is always important to know what you can achieve . Peter and Marina have started their weaving journey and need something to aim for and to have ideas. The rest of us can just admire the neatness and the colour choices and how beautifully made these items are. Woven bags would make a good choice for sustainability and not everyone would want a bag with a flap. The scarves are colourful and lovely and would dress up any winter outfit. We especially loved the lime green and navy blue scarf.

Woven wonders

It’s been good to see the weaving resurface in Seaford Spinners and Weavers . Like felting and other things we have waves of activity which come and go with our moods and members. It’s good because it keeps us interested. We have always enjoyed it when Christine has brought in her inkle looms. Anne, Karin , John and now Peter are all competent weavers and having the big looms there each week is giving us a chance to looks at another form of textile creativity. Learning the big looms takes time, practice and dedication. We can see now , though , the sorts of things and fabrics which can be produced on a big loom. Well worth the effort of learning. Peter’s new cream scarf is a credit to him since he is new to all of this. John’s plaid, checked and then the lovely cream and red scarf are so beautifully mad and would have taken time because they are made from fine yarn. The thicker blue fabric is probably Karin’s because she likes to weave in merino and alpaca to get a real softness into her pieces. It is interesting how the different yarns produce different fabrics and how the colours can be combined.

Woven scarves


Janette wove these scarves on a rigid  heddle loom. We loved them. We could see the skill but we loved how soft they were and how clever. The light one is in spun wool and has little touches of colour which have been woven in so neatly. The little lamb button is a nice addition to the overall effect. The dark one is homespun caramel and chocolate alpaca and then some spun wool. The colours are natural and that is much of he appeal of these scarves. The dark one has some interesting additions of texture and so it emphasises the colour play in her yarn choices. The video shows you a good way to use up yarn oddments to make a scarf. This is the first part . The second part is also available on You  Tube.