Show and tell

Lovely sunny day and blue seas today but a bit chilly still. We had a very busy time with all our ideas and felting is coming to the fore as a focal point of interest. Colour, movement, design get you through dull, grey days.

Show and tell

Marina: Handspun crochet beanie in mustard colours. Woven beanie in whites, purples and browns

Cathy: Knitted jacket in handspun wool, silk and alpaca. Greens, blues, lavenders and pink.

Marjorie: Handy crochet bag in greens and blues and purple.

Anthea: Handspun brown fleece skeins with touches of colour and a skein of handspun amethyst tops

John: Woven scarf in rust and fawn with a circle design.

Peter: WIP : Still working on his long weaving which is really taking shape now.

Show and tell

Not a bad day by the beach front and some signs of spring today. We have a nuno felting workshop planned for November and it is creating interest and excitement. There are so many good projects and ideas coming out as well. We have beaten the winter blues with colour and interest. Every week we have such good colours to look at and so many great ideas being developed. The meetings support those ideas so the finished projects are the best we can do. This kind of creative engagement has helped us all manage a tough winter.

Karin: beautiful Fair Isle beanie in blue/white design, a pair of socks red and pink stripes and a skein of spun alpaca grey tones.
Sarina: a lovely wooden bowl to hold a ball of yarn.
Peter: a long narrow piece of weaving from carpet wool for Marina to make something wonderful with in multi coloured stripes.
Fay: two beanies: one brown plied with white, 1one lime plied with brown and a cross over red/brown cowl with a button to fasten it.
Sheila Mc: An assortment of painted squares ready to put together to quilt.
Sheila O: a lovely beanie in red, pink and various shades of blue.
Cathy: a small crochet cat with lots of embellishments.

Show and tell

Beautiful ocean views today but it was so blustery. We had all sorts of colour combinatio9ns being used in the club rooms and it was inspiring to see what people were doing. Colour has got us through winter.

Show and tell

Marina: Two cakes of Bendigo sock wool which were microwave dyed with cold dyes. One blue, orange and white. The other purple and raspberry.  A quantity of fawn fibre which we had to guess. It was flax.    

Cathy: Alpaca and spun silk by Dagmar knitted into a cable scarf of soft greens. Cake of handdyed blue wool, alpaca and silk. Wetfelted cat with needlefelted embellishment.

Jeanette: Very soft pink and white wool made from Brenda’s colours and white fleece.

Corina: Gradient dyed handspun wool and a cable cowl in similar autumn tones.

Show and tell

Was lovely and sunny to start with and then returned to wintery, grey and dull. We were all busy because we all have plans and projects so there was plenty to do and discuss.

Show and tell

Dagmar: Homespun , fine shawl in black and bright colours. One strand black alpaca. One strand silk.   

Anita: Alpaca and spun silk by Dagmar knitted into a cable scarf of soft greens.

Jeanette: Sleeveless jacket in apricot/yellow which were Brenda’s colours plied with camel hair from Luba. Very soft.

Sheila O: Lovely skein of green wool which she had spun . Sourced it from fibreartshed.

John : Woven piece in nice soft colours.