Side puff stitch

side puff stitch

This pink is so pretty, isn’t it? Maria is crocheting a cushion and had just started it and already it looks so lovely. She is using acrylic. You want to be able to wash cushion covers quickly and easily.  The pattern is trebles and then side puff stitch which gives it some good texture.

Instructions for side puff stitch are on new stitch a day. There’s a video to help you learn.

Regular, vertical puff stitch is a handy stitch to know as well. It makes for good texture in anything you are making but it also makes good blankets. If you watch the video below by Rich Textures Crochet you will see the stitch comes into its own if you make a blanket which changes colour.

There is a nice puff pillow pattern on stitchinprogress




So many hats

We never get sick of making hats and we never tire of looking at them. Now the weather is cooler the hats are coming out again. We see so many hats but each one has a style and personality so it is always fun to see them. In our opinion there can never be too many hats. You need them for different moods, weather conditions and jsut to cheer you up. We have differnt beanie fests which come up at this time of the year too so we like to make hats for those and some of the group make hats for charity as well. We like to support those groups who ask for hats for people who need them. This week’s hats were no exception. It was good to look at them and each one had a different appeal.

Knitted slippers

knitted slippersA while back , Hilary brought in two pairs of knitted slippers and their patterns. Sonya has started one of the patterns for the little slippers which will make lovely colourful footwarmers in the winter. They fit like ballet slippers and stretch over your feet.

There is a nice free pattern for knitted slippers  by Bernat Design Studio on Ravelry. Great way to use oddments!


Thick beanie

Margaret had purchased a beanie kit she’d seen in Big W. We try anything and are basically yarn addicts. Doesn’t matter if we spin it ourselves or see it in the shop.  We just want to use yarn and beanies are great for winter. This one is for a friend on a farm. It’s on size 10 needles but Margaret had to use longer ones than the ones which came with the kit. The beanie has a seam down the back so it’s a very quick, easy knit and the grey is a good colour . At the bottom of the first picture you can see Margaret has her bamboo needles and sock wool out! We are preparing for winter.