Crochet friends

Jan E often makes beautiful, cute pixie friends . We like watching her characters develop. For her, it is a break from spinning and often to help others in need. This time she is changing how she makes it and giving herself a mental challenge too. These friends can be for charities, hospitals, family…even yourself! The site she has used for this pixie, which she plans to alter a bit to make it more original, is Creativities. There are not only lovely crochet patterns there but a lot of other things you might want to make!

Show and tell

It was sunny but blustery by the seafront and we watched the ocean change as the session progressed. We were happy to be doing what we were doing surrounded by good company and lovely colours and ideas. Next week will be our last meeting for the year. We have been grateful we could meet.

Show and tell

Janette: a large man size jumper in brown with gold coloured stripes.
Cathy: striped blanket in chevron pattern blue/yellow/fawn and 2 wash cloths for family friend’s new baby, 2 balls spun wool.
Marjorie: made 2 pairs of very colourful socks, skein & ball of silk/wool, dyed with exhausted dyes.
Alexis: a large skein of spun wool dyed with 4 brown tones.
Jan E: a small pink crochet teddy in cotton.
Marina and Peter’s finished weaving for the deck chair.

Christmas crochet

Margaret has been making some nice Christmas decorations. Last week she brought in an angel. This week we could see her finished colourful Christmas stocking, her Christmas trees and a Christmas bauble. The stocking was very popular. We loved its cheerful colours and the interesting trims. The trees are simple but effective and the glitter yarn suits the pattern well. The bauble is carefully made and so it is attractive. Once mastered the bauble pattern could be used for other things…like stress balls!! Hopefully, next year is very zen.

Here are instructions for Christmas baubles by Ophelia Talks:

Crochet Christmas Stocking

Margaret’s colourful Christmas stocking caught our attention. Her inner hippie was shining with all those bright colours and it was a change from the traditional colours. Margaret had a pattern there she was following and this is still a work in progress, hence the loose ends and plenty of them because of the colour changes. It was so cheerful to look at so maybe , this year, we need to embrace colour and allow ourselves really fun things to look at.

Crochet Christmas stocking

Allfreecrochet has plenty of Christmas stockings for you to try.

You might also like this Christmas stocking made from grannie squares which you can follow on the video. Love naztazia’s nail polish!