We love to spin

We love seeing the yarns people have spun. We love the colours, the texture and the feel of it all. We love spinning so when anyone brings something along to show us it only encourages us more! We have had some lovely yarns to look at and appreciate.

At the top are Jan 2’s yarns. She is such an even spinner whether she spins on a manual or electric wheel. The white skein is CSIRO Optim merino wool. The grey is alpaca and then bottom left is the grey and white angora rabbit yarn. All so soft.

Middle left is Janette’s colourful merino and bottom right is Cathy’s Alexis’ dyed merino and then there’s Jan 1 merino in white and apricot/caramel colour middle right. That is such a soft colour combination.

Last, but by no means least, is Sonya’s squishy Finn which are Susie Horn colours and the cake of yarn is just so tactile and has lovely soft colours.


Woolly wonders


There were so many good things to look at this week. Marina has now finished her grannie square jacket which started when we were having a focus on grannie squares. It is all homespun wool and alpaca. The edges of the jacket have been knitted and it sits really well. We loved it and the colours in it are so attractive.

Janette has been spinning rainbow colours. She has knitted a lovely generous sized pullover which is so soft and warm . Perfect for a horrible, cold winter’s day. We loved the slippers. They are solid and squishy and you just want to wear them . No way is Janette going to let anyone be cold.

Show and tell

It wasn’t warm. It wasn’t cold either. Bit of an odd day but it was good to look out over the ocean and inside the club rooms there were so many conversations, discussions and ideas which kept us very cheerful and enthused.  It was good to see so much colour.

Show and tell

Janette: a pair of very colourful slippers, a jumper to match in colourful stripes and a ball of spun wool in similar colours.

Margaret: ribbed beanie in mohair dyed with variegated dark red.

Jan (2): 4 spun skeins,1 beautiful white silky fibre made from OPTIM™ fibres , a CSIRO project, 2 natural light grey wool/rabbit, 1 natural light grey 100% alpaca.

Christine: a small shaped scarf crochet in pale mauve.

Cathy :2 spun wool balls 1 dark green Alexis’ tops, 1 grey with coloured flecks made from Alexis’ dyed alpaca fleece.

Marjorie: a jacket in turquoise blue with various coloured short stripes.

Wendy :a beautiful finely spun scarf in pale fawn baby camel/silk in a feather & fan design.

Peter: latest project on the loom.

The art of alpacas

ron doley wheel alpaca fleeceWhen you meet Jan 2 you learn quickly she is very easy to talk to and very enthusiastic about alpaca fleece. She loves her alpacas and is a very keen alpaca farmer who has done due diligence and made a point of knowing as much about them and their fleece as she can. She never stops learning and her passion for them is infectious. She loves each and every one of her crias (baby alpacas) and always ensures they are put into caring homes. She is full of joy when a new one is born. Her genuine love of her farm and animals is why she makes friends easily. She talks warmly about what she does and you cannot help but get caught up in it. Sonya, our roving reporter, brings you her story this week.

Jan Mark 2

Mum taught me to knit when I was five! And my father used to crochet finely worked doilies! Mum always liked knitting and later on did quilting. I didn’t start spinning until we bought alpacas. At that time, my husband brought me home a spinning wheel from a second hand shop. It had one bobbin, no lazy kate or anything else. I bought an Ashford book and from that, I taught myself how to spin. I was advised to start on sheep’s wool but after a week I went on to alpaca fleeces. Once I mastered that I made hats and scarves. We’ve won over a hundred prizes for our champion alpacas. Rearing them then training and grooming them for showing, is an art in itself!

I sell my work at the Meadows market. I was invited to the Victor Harbour Spinners to talk about suri alpaca. They were such a nice group that I ended up joining! Then sometime later I was invited to to talk about alpacas to the men’s group at Aldinga. I took two alpacas along with me. When the rain eventually stopped I took them out and showed them to the men. Because alpaca fleece and yarn are used in craft work, the men did an unprecedented thing. They had invited their womenfolk! I learned about the women’s spinning group and sure enough, I joined up with them. So now I alternate with the Victor Harbour Spinners and Seaford Spinners on a Monday and I still go to the Aldinga group which meets every fortnight on a Tuesday.

We are overjoyed to have Jan the second join our group. She has much to teach us and we are eager learners. Thank you in anticipation Jan.