Our wheels

Geoff French Spinning WheelWe have another Jan in our club , which makes it 3 now. She is new to the club this year. Like everyone else she brings a lot of skills and knowledge and can contribute to the pool of experience. Jan likes spinning alpaca and that is what she was spinning on Monday. She has a lovely Geoff French wheel. It is thoughtfully designed and has some nice touches to help spinning. We liked seeing it because a number of people in the club were well aware of Geoff French and his Adelaide spinning wheels. It’s a nice colour and the fawn alpaca Jan was spinning looked good. She has no difficulty spinning this wheel with one foot only on the treadle board.


Our wheels

Jan joined our group last year and brings to it a lot of skill and experience. She is an alpaca breeder and so enjoys spinning her fleece . She has plenty of information and knowledge to share with us. We are a group which likes to spin alpaca fleece. Her wheel is a Ron Doley upright wheel. It is beautifully made and has been reliable. On Monday she was spinning some baby alpaca fleece from one of her male alpacas which had been shorn before it found its new home on New Year’s Day. Jan is very passionate about her farm and animals . One of her tips for spinning fleece is to mix it will wool for the sleeve and waist bands on jumpers so they don’t stretch.


Handspun, hand knitted rainbow jumper

It takes a lot of time to spin the wool and then knit a big jumper. We do it because we love it. Janette’s jumper is beautifully soft. It’s a generous size because she believes in knitting for the bigger people in life. The jumper is made from boldly coloured merino tops plied with light alpaca. The resultant look it very effective because the alpaca tones down the bright colours without losing their cheerful impact. There’s  just about a whole rainbow in this jumper!

Show and Tell


show and tell August 6th

The weather was really cold, wet and windy so the show and tell table, and the lovely colours we found there , really cheered us up.

Cathy: Baby unicorn pram blanket in dark pink, purple, blue, green and bright pink.

Janette: Spun wool in the now famous Tomato colour and off white.

Alexis : Knitted shawl in natural  colour and hand dyed alpaca. Bright beanie in commercial wool in moss stitch and stocking stitch in yellow, blue, dark red, orange and lavender.

 Hilary : $2 acrylic yarn which has made a pair of fingerless gloves and a beanie in single rib. Yellows, oranges, pinks , greens and blues. 

Hilary also brought in the Thank You Flyer form the Cancer Council for the $150 we raised at our biggest morning tea while we were travelling spinburies. She also brought in a book and some magazines for us to have.