It’s the little things

We are lucky. Every week we get to see some great projects, works in progress, ideas and colours. Big projects can be very impressive and we celebrate them with a lot of ooohs and aaahs because they really are beautifully made items when the long haul journey is finally complete. There are so many little things each week which can revitalise how we look at our own ideas and projects. It is often the little things which quietly suggest a way of making something your own or better. Sometimes it is the colour or the texture. Maybe the look…

Top left is Wendy’s felted pouch in which she keeps her electric spinning machine battery . It keeps it safe and protected and the pouch looks really nice. It is a good way to use her own felting. Practical and pretty.

In the middle is Jan 1’s beret which she didn’t  like so she used her considerable felting skills to turn it into a really lovely bowl which has such an eye catching colour. If you have the skills and you develop those skills you can do what you want! Jan 1 is always teaching us to be bold in our approach and not to worry about things going wrong.

Top right are Hilary’s fingerless gloves. They look like colourful rolls but as soon as you put them on your hands look colourfully elegant. They are , in fact, very flattering to wear and make your hands look attractive. It’s because they fit snugly and then are longer than some fingerless gloves.

Bottom left is Maria’s beanie. It is in her own spun wool. She is  making up the pattern for the beanie and the pattern for the stitches. Maria likes to let herself roam freely with her skills sometimes so she allows her confidence and creative develop. She is always teaching us to trust ourselves and our judgement. She can produce very high quality , intricate work and is disciplined in her approach but then she just picks up her hook or her needles and does what she feels like.

Bottom right is Janette’s  homespun beanie which made us all smile. We loved the not a pompom, not a tassle…I’ll just be here on top of this beanie. We liked the colours because they were so very cheering on a cold day. It’s a fun hat. Janette often spins the colours of nature and our environment. These are Adelaide summer beach colours…the blue, the heat, the sun. Janette can also make very classic, traditional pieces which people like. Every once in a while she just breaks out and has fun, as we all should.




In stitches

There’s a lot of fun to be had when yarn is woven into your life. It can keep you in stitches and you will most definitely be hooked. For us the wheels keep turning and we often rib each other a lot but not with anything too pointed.

So many yarn jokes to be had! Bendigo in Victoria is the home of the first yarn bombed tram. Such fun. There are plenty of yarn puns on Pinterest. Knitlikegrannie has some good yarn memes too. Then there are some good knitting cartoons on Pinterest as well.

There’s no such thing as too much yarn so we hope you have enjoyed the purls of wisdom.


yarn meme


beretberets handspun merinoJanette’s charcoal berets were a bit different this week. The colours for a start. The charcoal colour is unusual for a beret. That was mixed with a soft grey and then there was a hint of lavender throughout. Just a hint. The resultant effect made the berets something a bit special. They were soft and would be warm to wear. A nice colour change for a winter outfit. Janette had spun this merino colourway herself . The berets looked good!

Sprang weaving

It’s great when we get something new and different to look at and try to work out. Sprang weaving is like braiding on a loom and has a very long history and they have found examples of it from the Bronze age! When Christine brought in her colourful , pastel sprang weaving we were all intrigued. Also impressed with her skills levels. Christine likes to learn new techniques because they challenge her and give her variety and then choices in her creativity.

Kristin Hughes has a very helpful blog where she explains thing sin more detail if you want to follow this up. She also has this very good YouTube video: