Beautiful berets

Marjorie and Hilary used the same pattern to knit a cable beret. The choice of colour has made a difference. Both are knitted from the wool they have spun. Marjorie’s is a classic cream beret and looks beautiful. Hilary’s is a soft green and fawn. Gentle forest colours and it looks lovely. Goes to show how colour choices make a difference. Cables make a difference too. They add that touch of class and visual interest.

There are some nice free beret patterns on Knitting Bee. Some of them have matching accessories.

Show and tell

show and tell July 15th

We had a lovely time today. It was full of good ideas, some lovely colours, skills sharing and creative chat and fun. Our members who had sent beanies up to Alice Springs  to the Beanie Festival were very impressed with the efficient way unsold beanies were returned and the fact that they had sold as many as they did. They had sold all of their  beanies or all but one. Proud moment for all of us. 

Show and tell

Karin: a large crotchet blanket worked from corner to corner with multi-colour stripes very effective.
Cathy : beret in spun wool pink/cream – she shared the pattern.
Marina : boot laces made on an inkle loom brown/cream
Hilary : a pair of fingerless mittens in multi-colour acrylic
Sheila’s work in progress were the cute frogs she was making for her grandchildren.

Alexis had just finished plying a beautiful autumn coloured skein.



Show and tell


Our annual general meeting was good. So many things to look at appreciate and some good decisions made. It was a happy, productive day. We had our fine spinning competition and we’d like to congratulate the winner, Wendy , and then the contributions made by our other spinners. It was just lovely to look at the fine wool they had spun. It’s a big achievement. We had some great things to show and tell, too, so all of that along with a really nice lunch made for a very good day!

show and tell 29th April

Janette: a man’s jumper in forest greens.

Marina :a beanie on a dummy in salmon pink & white stripes, beret in similar colours, 3 balls of spun wool pink mix & a ball of spun white wool.

Karin: a beanie in dusky pink.

Hilary :2 beanies yellow/orange & mixed green strips, spun skein of pink wool, a pair of fingerless mittens.

Marjorie :a pair of red socks.

Alexis :a bag of dyed alpaca fleece as a give-away.

Cathy: A beret in home spun English Leicester, mohair and merino tops. Most of it naturally dyed. 

Peter’s finished bag of green, orange & dark brown stripes, plus another weaving in progress as a rug.

John’s weaving a table runner still in progress.

The fine spinning challenge: 

The Challenge for this year was to spin a fine 2 ply yarn from 10 grams of white fleece.

Wendy took 1st prize with 63.7m

Marjorie 2nd prize with 61.57m

Hilary with 35.66m

Maria with 34.44m

Margaret with 31.39m

Janette with 26.46m


Knitted beret

Winter is coming so hats, beanies and berets will be on our needles , hooks and minds now. Cathy knitted her first beret in her own spun wool and alpaca and is really pleased with the result even though it had started out badly. The pattern she used just looked and felt all wrong and so she took a leaf out of Maria’s book and just unpicked what she didn’t like. That left her with the band. She then looked at various beret patterns and worked out a way of increasing and decreasing. She was knitting and purling as she  felt like it so you can do the same. This is what she did:

Round needles/dpns 3.75 and 5.00

8 ply or equivalent yarn

Using 3.75 needles cast on 102 stitches.

Purl 3 , knit one for the next rounds until you have knitted 5cm. Last stitch should be knit. Make sure you mark the first stitch.

Change to 5.00 needles and continue with the purl 3 knit one pattern for another   5cm.

The band is now 10cm wide.

Decide whether you want to knit or purl the next round. Cathy purled it.

Increase round:Knit or purl 5 stitches, increase into the next one. Knit or purl 5 stitches , increase into the next one. Continue like this until the end of the round.

Knit or purl the next row.

Now do the opposite. If it was a knit row then purl it. If it was a purl row then knit it.

Repeat the increase round.

Now you can carry on as you please until your work measures 18cm.

Decrease row: K2 tog , knit 10 stitches, slip one stitch, knit one. Pass slip stitch over. Continue with this until the end of the round.

Purl or knit next round

K2 tog , knit 9 stitches, slip one stitch, knit one. Pass slip stitch over. Continue with this until the end of the round.

Purl or knit next round

K2 tog , knit 8 stitches, slip one stitch, knit one. Pass slip stitch over. Continue with this until the end of the round.

Do this decreasing until you get to knit two stitches before the slip stitch.

Knit or purl one row . Break yarn but leave a tail. Thread a needle though with the tail of wool and pull stit

ches tight and sew securely for the top of the beret.