Knitted beret


Berets make a nice change from beanies and give a different look. They can also use up small quantities of yarn. Cabling, Fair Isle and then yarn weight will all change the look of the beret. Sheila’s beret has a little top knot and a bow to decorate it. Her midnight blue homespun wool looks really lovely and her beret can be used with jeans or with a nice navy outfit.

There are some good beret patterns on AllFreeKnitting.


Funky beret

On her travels this year, Marjorie had stopped at Nimbin and bought the most eyepopping, funky woolbatt you could imagine. So Nimbin and something which would appeal to Marjorie’s creativity. Like Hilary, she can manage the most outrageous colourways. We were wondering what she would be doing with this wool batt. She spun it and made some beautiful yarn of retro psychedelic colours. She has now made this funky beret which suits the yarn perfectly but it looks really cool. We loved it . Stark colours can be a challenge and it takes a good sense of colour and a good knowledge of spinning to tame them. Consider this wool batt gentrified now.

There are some nice beret patterns on All Free Knitting. Please note the All Day Beret links don’t seem to be working.


Show and Tell

show and tellOur last show and tell for the year had some things we really enjoyed seeing. They all got us talking about colour, design and new projects and ideas for 2018.

felted hatAlexis  had spun a skein of wool in purple.

Cathy  shared a ball of mixed red/oranges, 2 balls of grey light & dark which she had spun.

Marina  shared a drink bottle

cover made from crotcheted 

crocheted bag

plastic bags.

Marjorie has knitted  a beret knitted from the top starting with an icord.

Sherilee  shared a grey wool felted helmet with crotcheted earflaps in blue with needle felted camel motifs on crown, red bag crotched with carpet wool.

Hilary  had knitted a sleeveless vest in alpaca with alpaca motifs on the pockets & 2 small teddies plus a small critter.

Our knitting

our knittingWe had a lot to share with our knitting this week. Maria was knitting a beautiful beanie with her homespun wool which has such an usual colour. She had also made some tiny teddies for Sonya’s daughter for her buddy bear programme. The faces are well thought out and different. Margaret had got firsts for her garter stitch beret, her neck scarf and her crocheted bag in the Clare Show.  The scarf matches the beret and is made from those lovely Susie Horn colours which Margaret knows how to make the most of as she spins. Jan shared the beautiful spun wool she had created with Alexis’ help. They had been plotting and planning how to get a very special blue colour. Jan had asked for a denim colour and then a different blue colour so she could ply them. With Alexis skill and Jan’s vision the skein of wool just looks incredible. Creativity has to have a basis in knowledge and expertise for ideas to be realised. Then there was Alexis’ beret and that was a bit of a show stopper. We were all gasping and in wonder at how neat and even every single stitch was. Like it had been machine knitted and we assured Alexis we were not being rude. We were just in awe at the stitch regularity and perfection. Guess Alexis is a bit of a knitting machine. The beret is a lovely green and commercial wool.