Show and tell

We are coming to the end of winter so it was cold today but sunny. Inside there was an array of bright colours , unusual colours and then some beautiful natural colours. The show and tell table was laden with colourful and interesting things to look at and there are plenty of lovely projects on the way.

Marina : multi coloured beret

Karin: green felted bag with a leather strap; a skein of spun wool

Maxine : beanie in reds& orange colours.

Alexis: dyed tops in blue and pink; two skeins of the same dyed tops 1 plied with green the other plied with blue.

Fay: a lovely nuno felted bag using a pashmina stole with felted handle in aqua colour.

Maria: large lap blanket using Tunisian crochet in reds/fawn and a narrow, crochet scarf in grey/white.

*** Sue’s first attempt at knitting : a pair of house slippers.***

Sheila Mc : 2 pair of small fingerless mitts in bright green and red; a small sleeveless jacket in stripes for her great grandson and a large knitted bag ready for felting in washing machine.

Jan B: a skein of spun suri alpaca dyed in kingfisher blue.

Anthea: A new carry bag in yellow and black for our drum carder.

Where did you get that hat?

We like making hats and even though beanie season is nearly over, we shall still see hats at our meetings. There are so many designs, colours, styles and ways of making them. Some hats you don’t get to see the beauty of until someone is wearing them.

Left is a felted trilby hat. Hard to get a photo to do it justice. Sue’s hat has been carefully felted in merin tops and the colour play makes it interesting. It is a stylish hat but the colours mean it would work as well with denim as much as dressieer fabrics.

Next is Fay’s maroon hat with orange highlights. This , too, has been made form merino tops. The rich colours make this hat ad there is some interesting trim. What would you wear this hat with?

Marina was learning to spin art yarn so she knitted a beret with what she made and the texture of the wool makes this beret a fun design. It is made form homespun wool so nice and warm.

Far right is Maxine’s work in progress which is an experiment. She is good at punch work and has used it to good effect in home decor items. She wondered what would happen if she tried it on a beanie. She is working on a butterfly design and says it is not quite so easy to do punch work on knitted fabric. Nevertheless, it is looking effective and we look forward to see how it progresses.

Below is a tutorial on how to wet felt a beanie.

Show and tell

We were in hard lockdown for a week so were unable to meet last week. This week we are still under restrictions and had to wear masks in our meeting today. Did not stop us gasbagging! The colours in the room were so lovely and cheered us all up. There are some good projects being finished and underway.

Show and Tell

Sheila Mc: Cherry red children’s mittens in homespun, handdyed wool.

Sheila O: Pink hand spun, hand dyed scarf in wool.

Alexis: Squishy skein of spun wool in autumn colours.

Sue: Green felted scarf in silk and merino tops.

Fay: Felted hat in reds and burnt oranges and charcoal colours.

Pamela: Blue and black crochet beanie.

Karin: Cable beret in handspun coral wool, topknot beanie in handspun fawn and top knot beanie in handspun greens.

Marina: tube socks in yellow with primary colour splashes. Knitted cable jumper in natural dyes and handspun wool.

Cathy: Felted boots with knitted tops. Oranges, pinks and fawns.Mainly wool with some tussar silk.

Margaret: Fair Isle multicoloured Advent socks.

Anthea: Spun wool plied with crochet cotton. One ball each of turquoise, pink and purple.

Janette: Ball of mulicoloured  spun wool  tops in Brenda’s colours.

Cable berets

Cable berets can be very attractive and colourful. The cables add visual interest but also improve the shape of the beret. Are you going to put the cables on top or on the bottom? On top they add a bit more height which might be helpful in terms of styling. On the bottom they add interest and shape around the side so it looks more attractive and doesn’t just flop. Berets make a change from beanies. Marjorie’s on the left is from dyed coral coloured spun fleece. Marina’s has the lovely colour changes in the wool and then the bright , striking colours. It really depends on what kind of look you want.

allfreeknitting has a lovely berry beret pattern to get started with. Once mastered you can change the beret to look as you want. Below is a video on cables in case you can’t do them or need a reminder.