Crochet blanket

Homemade blankets always seem to find an owner and a home. They are always in use. Homepsun ones are particularly warm and then are totally original. We all liked Karin’s homespun crochet blanket because of the visual effect and the colours. Homespun loves being crocheted. You can make blankets from crochet afghans but his one is a once piece blanket and it looks lovely.

There are some good, free crochet blanket patterns on Favecrafts.


Show and tell

Show and tell was at our Christmas break up lunch today. We don’t see each other now until the middle of January but we certainly have plenty of ideas and good cheer to keep us going.


10th December show and tell

show and tell 10th December

Janette: Lemons and bay leaves

Hilary: Gumeracha Newsletter and our annual newsletter

Cathy: Cake of Border Leicester dyed with avocado skins and pips which had turned out tan rather than the expected rose pink. Yellow merino tops plied with lightly dyed onion skin Border Leicester, wool batt ( fawn fleece, yellow Finn X and light alpaca ) plied with Corriedale and one plied light yellow merino tops.

Alan: Needle felted poodle picture in custom rare fleece and dark fleece.

Marina: spun cotton in red white and blue, spun wool batt from Alexis in red and salmon pink, crocheted handspun acrylic squares in hot pink plied with cotton. Spun alpaca fleece in white.

John: woven place mats in a variety of strong colours. A red scarf made in fine wool . He is donating both of these to the club for fund raising.

Knitted blanket squares

knitted blanket squareJill came to visit us this week. She used to be a member and it was really nice to see her again because she is a warm, friendly lady. She had brought along her knitting. She is knitting blanket squares for another group she goes to. They are collecting the squares from members to make into blankets. This is a great project for anyone and any age group. You can keep it simple with just garter stitch squares for beginner knitters or those who just want to knit without any bother. You can also get people to try out new stitches , mitred squares or Aran squares so they upskill. The blankets can be gifted or raffled. They never go to waste. It’s a great way to use up oddments too .

Jill was using wool she had spun . It was dyed merino tops plied with silk and the colours were just so soft and lovely as was the wool.

There are some good patterns for blanket squares on Craftsy.

Show and tell

Janette: Limes and silverbeet.

Cathy : Crochet and knitted fingerless mittens from Margaret’s idea. Pinks, tans, green and browns. Oddments from her blanket last week.

Marina: Fingerless gloes, work in progress. Pinks, purples and blues.

Hilary:  3 skeins of spun wool . One from a wool batt of Alexis’ very popular Tasmanian Blue gum colours. Two from carded wool , silk, mohair and hand dyed colours in greens, blues aqua and yellow.

Christine : Art yarn in merino wool in coral and grey;   crochet mobius scarf in the softest merino wool  in clues and greys.

Wendy: Cream, hand knitted Aran jumper in the O’Brien clan pattern. Probably 10 ply wool and hand knitted in Ireland. For her husband. People were guessing it would have taken a good kilo of handspun wool.