Show and tell

show and tell 2nd decemberWinter’s day today even though we are into summer. Cold, windy, wet but then the sun came out! We were spinning all the colours and hues of summer so maybe it was our influence. It was such a cheerful day inside despite the blowy conditions outside.

Show and Tell

Janette: hand spun knitted vest blue/white.

Margaret: crocheted knee rug in bright colours with a black border.

Jan E: crocheted pixie & hedgehog, 2 crocheted granny squares, skein of purple
alpaca fleece & 2  beautiful felted flowers, 1 blue and 1 purple.

Marjorie: bright multi coloured socks.

Maria: 8 colourful beanies some knitted with a fair isle pattern, some crocheted in stripes.

Karin: a beautiful woven scarf in autumn colours.

Alan: has finished his needle felted Tassie Devil picture which is very impressive.

Show and Tell

We had a lovely, relaxing day today. The ocean and sky were blue and the temperature was just right. People seemed to be keen to just get on with their spinning , knitting or crochet. They just wanted to be doing and then sharing their ideas and thoughts. This was our view:

Christies Beach October 28th

Show and Tell

Cathy has made her daughter a beautiful  Ravenclaw Harry Potter jumper knitted in Bendigo wool , 2 balls of art yarn mixed fibres & colours.
Marjorie: a cream knitted beret.
Jan E:  3 skeins red, purple & a blue mixed fibres of wool & sari silk.
Hilary: beret green/pink with a cable top.
Alexis: beautiful blue plaited tops with the name of Spruce.
John: latest weaving project has lots of glitter.

The berets are made from the same pattern but show just how different you can make something look by choosing your colours.

We are also sharing Maria’s crochet blanket which won second prize at the Clare Show. Just so colourful.

Hexagon grannie squares

We know. We know they are not squares and that a hexagon square doesn’t exist. Google understands hexagon grannie squares so it must be all right. Hexagon blanket motifs?? Hexagon blanket medallions? Hexagon blanket shapes? No. Hexagon grannie squares. We know what we mean and so do you 🙂 This is Alexis’ grannie square blanket and it is in finer , commercial wool so it could double as a shawl. So cheerful, bright and such a great oddments project. We are having a bit of a focus on grannie squares this month. It pays to revisit the oldies but goodies to get a new look at them with fresh eyes and colours. It is certainly blanket weather here at the moment and something as cheerful as this hexagon blanket would keep your spirits up.

Mybluprint has 3 different hexagon motifs for you to try.

Bella Coco walks you through a tutorial of making hexagon motifs if you are unsure how to do them or need a refresher.

Corner to corner crochet blanket

corner to corner crochet blanketKarin’s corner to corner crochet blanket was a stunner. It was warm and blankety but it also had a soft movement to it. It is all handspun wool and the colour combination is very effective. Calming and easy on the eye. We featured Christine’s Intergalactic Blanket a while back. That was also corner to corner with graph crochet incorporated into the design. Karen’s stripes are soothing and work well for using up wool oddments and leftovers from bigger projects. Sometimes too, with spinning, you will only have enough fleece and/or fibre to make one cake of yarn so that can suit a blanket project like this too. It’s not hard, but there is a method to it. We are sharing one YouTube video if you want to master corner to corner, but there are plenty of others to choose from if this one does not suit you.