Crochet blanket

Homemade blankets always seem to find an owner and a home. They are always in use. Homepsun ones are particularly warm and then are totally original. We all liked Karin’s homespun crochet blanket because of the visual effect and the colours. Homespun loves being crocheted. You can make blankets from crochet afghans but his one is a once piece blanket and it looks lovely.

There are some good, free crochet blanket patterns on Favecrafts.


Woollen blankets

10 stitch blanketAnother two big projects were finished this week. When you work on big projects they take forever and then you feel like you are not doing anything. When you see the finished items, though, it has always been so worth it. Karin’s 10 stitch blanket has been much admired and popular. When we saw it finished we just loved it. She hadn’t chosen the colours as such. She was knitting from her yarn left over from other projects and deciding which colour to do when she got to the next bit. The blanket looks really good. It’s warm, inviting and the colours are restful.




crochet blanketCathy has been spinning and dyeing wool for her crochet blanket all year. Most of it is natural colour from FinnX, alpaca and then natural dyes like avocado, onion skins, Tasmanian blue gum leaves and red cabbage. There are bits of red and green from Susie Horn’s bit and then some orange and yellow and banana fibre silk from Kathy’s Fibres. There is ramswool and BorderLeicesterX. Cathy joined the group in June last year and knew nothing so this blanket is about what she has learned from the group. The autumn colours look good.

Show and Tell

We had a good day. Very productive and full of learning and ideas. The big projects continue to come in now.

show and tell 18th October

10 stitch blanketJanette: Limes and spun wool in forest colours of greens and browns

Karin: 10 stitch blanket in muted colours to use up oddments. Pattern is here on our blog:

10 stitch knitted blanket

Cathy: Crochet blanket in spun wool mostly from naturally dyed colours ; 4  beanie buddies in assorted colours.

Marina: Ball of wool spun from oddments of wool batts; crochet squares from colourful slivers of spun wool, electric spun skein of wool from Susie Horn’s bag of bits, same colours spun on a mechanical wheel; tiny wooden spinning wheel which works; spun mohair in pink.

Marjorie: Spun wool made from a dark strand of Jenny Gunston’s fleece and a light strand from Deb Hopton’s fleece.

Alexis: Felted bag made from a repurposed jumper which she had made in her own spun wool. Purples and greys.

Show and Tell

There are two pictures this week so you can see the front and back of Beth’s shrug. We had a good meeting despite  the ongoing cold, winter weather. show and tell 20th August

Show and Tell 20th August

Cathy: unicorn lovey/comforter/blankie in pinks green and white. Acrylic with a little bit of mohair.

Alexis: Crochet blanket in ocean colours from the pattern Karin had made her cheerful, bright crochet blanket the other week.

Beth : a two way shrug which was felted with silk, alpaca, merino, chiffon. It’s predominantly in cream and she got that colour with bleach and then it has pinks and bluish greys and green. Two silver brooches add to the overall design effect.

Janette : Grapefruit to keep us on the straight and narrow with our Vitamin C intake.