Keep them warm

Janette knits things which are warm and cosy.  Her recent things are mainly handspun merino tops with some interesting colourways. Her colours tend to reflect nature and our environment and always look nice. She gets a classic country look when she makes her projects and you would never be cold if you wore her things.

Top left is an alpaca and merino scarf. Bottom left is a merino rainbow blanket. In the middle are a beret in bushfire colours with a scarf to match and to the right is a merino blue and black beret. All of these items are very soft but thick and warm. Great for the cold weather.

Blending yarn

We are all working from home because of government regulations , which we welcome , and the need to keep ourselves safe. It means we have more time because we are gradually going into full lockdown. Worrying times, but also a time to sort and think in a creative, productive manner. Sonya is leading the way on that and  has worked out how to get the right amount of yarn we need when services and shops are shutting and we need to stay at home.

She found a big ball of merino tops in her stash. So, internet hive mind , is that Bendigo or First Editions tops? Sonya could not remember. She also found some nice yarn from past op shop visits. The red is wool and the fawn is part synthetic and part mohair. She has been spinning the tops and then plying with the balls of commercial yarn. This way she has an original yarn and enough to make a jumper.

Knitted felted bag

knitted felted bag

Wendy’s knitted, felted bag is just lovely. You can feel the texture just by looking at it ! Alexis is the one who has inspired us  to make knitted , felted bags. Cathy made one earlier in the year. You can felt them by hand or washing machine  or a combination of both. Depends how strong your hands are.

This one of Wendy’s has a nice shape and then the handles are automatically  knitted and felted into the bag. It is strong, roomy and lovely colours. Wendy spun all the wool for the bag. She used some of the fibre challenge yarn we had made after Christmas. She really enjoyed doing this and the colours have turned out really well.

The video below gives you an idea of what is involved in knitting and felting a bag.

Weaving wonders

Peter and Karin have been busy with their weaving.  Peter wove the blue and purple fabric on his heddle loom and wife, Marina, sewed it into a lovely shopping bag. It is strong, sturdy and looks really good. The touch of white at the bottom of the bag is a nice contrast to the other colours.

Karin wove a Cornflake beret using some of the Alexis’  yarn challenge yarn which we made after Christmas. Those colours are stunning and it is incredibly clever to weave a beret ! The picture with the round needles shows you the inside of the beret . Karin is knitting the beret band onto it.