Autumn colours

Our colour palette has changed with the change of season. March 1st is the beginning of our autumn in Australia. It is still warm and we are very dry. Different areas become different colours and some are just the dried up brown look of summer with the splotches of green from the evergreens. The one thing members noticed last year as they travelled was how different the colours were in each spinning group they visited. We tend to change with the seasons and we certainly are influenced by the ocean we look at every time we meet.

This week we had burnt orange from Karen, a soft green from Anne and the oranges and browns of Cathy’s spun wool batts. We have gone into the softer, autumn colours colours.


Painting a wool batt

Mixing colours and making wool batts is creative and can be fun. You need to master the carding skills and then you can use colours and your imagination to come up with original and interesting wool batts. painting them adds hints of colour which creates a richness and colour depth. it is also a good way to use up odd bits of carded fleece which would otherwise go to waste. Hints of colour are what make colourways interesting!

Make art yarn

There’s been considerable interest in the magical art yarn post we put up the other day. People are excited about colour and colour blending. Great way to start the year. We love making our own art yarn. We like sharing ideas about colourways and how to spin something which looks both original and attractive. Colour and texture are always important. Art yarns can use up your bits and pieces of dyed or leftover fibre. You just need the ideas. The UrbanGypZ video does just that for you. Shows you a way of getting an interesting yarn together.

Carding and spinning magical shells


This is lovely … and fun. Just watching how Nicole Frost cards the fibre to get the magical effect is worth it.  She is very good at explaining the process and showing you what you need to do. Margaret had spun some wool with beads through it and it looked lovely and very special. This magical fibre is guaranteed to put a sparkle into your life .