Magic loop

knitted beanie

Pam is knitting a beanie for a friend and stash busting at the same time. We liked the colours because the dove grey tones down the riot of colour coming above the band. It looks good.  What was even better was the fact Pam was using the magic loop for knitting this on round needles. It means she won’t have to change to double pointed needles for the top as you get to the decreasing part for the head. What a bonus! You stay on one set of needles right until the end and you don’t risk losing stitches off the dpns.

A lot of people know about the magic loop for starting a crochet motif but the magic loop for knitting is one which has escaped some of us. So easy and so convenient. VeryPinkKnits explains it well in the video:


Child’s neck scarf

Cathy made a beanie and matching neck scarf for her little grandson. No point in making him a scarf. He is a very active 19mth old child and he would keep a scarf on. Both hte beanie and scarf are made from merino tops, dark alpaca fleece , hand dyed corriedale  and camel hair and silk. Both beanie and neck scarf are very soft and warm. Little grandson likes his new neck scarf and was happy to put it on for a photo. Marina modelled it as well on Monday to show us that the neck scarf would be a good adult accessory too.

Easy beanie

easy fair isle beanieThere can never be enough beanies. Friends and family need them, homeless people need them, you need spares and choices. Beanies are a great way to use oddments and Cathy had made her fair isle beanie from oddments of acrylic yarn she had been using for other things. It’s a simple beanie of 96 stitches with 8 ply yarn on round size 4 needles. Once you are ready to make the crown/top of the beanie then it’s the classic knit 6 stitches, knit two together  – repeat – to the end of the row,  knit one row. Knit 5 stitches, knit two together  – repeat – until the end of the row, knit one row…4, 3, 2 , 1. Then knit two together and draw the yarn through those stitches and sew the top of the hat and put on the pom pom. It is easy to remember a pattern like that  and you can do the two colour work as you choose when you are making the beanie. The video has a simple beanie pattern two for those people who like the double rib monocolour beanies.

Show and tell

show and tell 21st May

Christine has spun some white alpaca for Margaret Erwin & knitted it into a lovely long scarf with a Celtic knot design, also crotcheted a beanie with wool dyed by Hilary.

Marjorie crotcheted a cap in 2 tone brown colours & found a Mobius made some time ago as one of our projects.