Felted accessories

It is great when you can design and fashion your own things , create a bit of style and make a  statement! Felting seems to lend itself to that and it is always good to see the ideas our group comes up with. Last week Karin had shared a felted bag and the colour play is lovely. Inside there is an emerald green and so when you open the bag there is a whole new visual aspect to it. She had found some heart buttons which matched but she had also made her own beads to go on the bag. Oddly enough it matches Alexis’ poppy hat she brought in this week. It sits well on her head and has a good visual impact. It’s not just a hat! It’s a poppy hat and it looks really, really good. The colour combinations and contrasts in the felted fabric are far more interesting than the pictures. There is form and definition and they add to the overall effect of the hat. Alexis was debating whether to put beads into the poppy centre at the top of the hat.

We thought yes. It actually looks like a real poppy and the beads would just increase that effect. Very clever.


Show and tell

show and tell September 3rdIt was really sunny but quite cold today. We had to talk a lot to keep warm!


Marjorie : The dyed wool plait she had got in Nimbin in vibrant pinks, blues, greens, and yellows. You need sunglasses to look at it.  She also shared that some of our things were as good as if not better than the things she had seen at the exhibition at eh Nimbin gallery especially Sheila’s felted slippers . She noted their felted slippers had a rubber solution on the bottom for better grip but that that solution was expensive.

Alexis: Stunning and stylish red poppy hat in reds and black. Photo does not do it justice. She is debating whether to put beads in for the centre of the poppy. We thought that to be a good idea. Oranges and lemons. Books and booklets of patterns for us to share.

Janette: Parsley

Hilary: A brown pair of alpaca fingerless mittens with little cream alpacas and a pair of mustardy coloured fingerless mittens with cute little creatures with beady eyes.

Beth: The sashiko pieces she had made at the workshop at the weekend and some things to look at if we wanted to find out more about it. She said it was well worth learning and was very excited to be able to use those sewing techniques now.

Felted hat

felted hatBeth is in the process of making another felted hat. It’s a long, careful and well thought out process and , at each stage, the hat looks nothing like it did before. That fascinates us. Beth takes wool and needle felts it onto a mould. That  in itself is time consuming but she does it very patiently. She then starts to bring in other colours and patterns and then we start to get really intrigued. It is amazing watching anyone make something from bits of fibre. It’s hard work and it’s a journey. We always end up talking with Beth about what she plans to do and how she is going to do it and then we always become aware of how much creative energy we have absorbed by watching her work. The pink and off white hat is going to have a curled brim and we enjoyed all the discussions around how we saw it being finished. Beth will make her own judgements and we are truly looking forward to seeing what happens to this hat. Those swirls at the top really got us thinking. felted hat

Show and tell

homespun wool and alpaca
Homespun wool and alpaca – Janette

There were some very special pieces there this week. Alexis helped us learn more about silk . There were some good discussions about how you make things look better and more original by using colour and texture.






show and tell 16th July

Show and tell

Anne has finished knitting her cardigan from the homespun wool she has made since she joined our group. We loved the black alpaca plied with the blue merino wool.

Cathy shared the two blocks which she is making for her homespun blanket from Susie Horn’s bag of bits, naturally dyed Border Leicester X ,Marie’s Pfeiffers dark FinnX fleece and the wool batts she made at the carding workshop.

Alexis shared two beautiful felted hats made from one piece of felt and then sewn into the hats complete with silk lining. They are from Tasar silk and wool. We particularly liked the colours and borders.

Janette shared a cake of homespun wool and alpaca in soft greens ,light browns, pale orange and yellow.

show and tell July 16th