Blog stats

There is no explaining the world. Our biggest number of impressions on Twitter since the last blog stats update in January is the post on the last blog stats update on January 12th. Exactly what you’d expect on a spinners’ and weavers’ Twitter account: well over 200 views on a post about blog stats. Even though that is somewhat bizarre, the rest of the information about our blog stats is extremely positive.

It was a shock to discover WordPress had reset all our stats to 0 at the beginning of this year. We had only started our blog in September 2017. As it turned out, we just ignored it and got on with our dyeing workshop , our carding workshop  which led into natural dyeing and then our oddments projects inspired by Marjorie’s socks . When we felt  a need to cheer up we made more tiny teddies for Sonya’s call to action. We didn’t have time to worry about blog stats because we were too busy being creative, filling our  lives with colour and upskilling ourselves.

@seafordSAWWe have increased our followers on Twitter and we get likes and retweets on there now which is nice. Sheila’s alpaca vest and Marjorie’s oddment socks got over a hundred impressions each. Other tweets which got over 80 or 90 impressions were Maria’s epic ball of yarn, our drum carding workshop, the Teenie Tiny Teddies pattern and then, yes, the blog stats from January got over 200 impressions.

Instagram account

We have strengthened our position on Instagram considerably. The account always goes well and we get likes as soon as the pictures go up. Hilary’s red, green and white spun yarn has done really well as did Margaret’s grey, cable jumper, Marina’s beanie with the epic pom pom, Christine’s baby shawl and Margaret’s spun yarn from Suzie Horn’s bits. All our images get a respectable number of likes but Wendy’s blue fan and feather scarf stood out in the crowd this year and has become one of the top images on our Instagram account. We collect likes every day for images old and new so this year’s “best of” is going to be interesting. Instagram likes big and bold at the moment and things with a sense of fun but it also values the expertise of someone like Wendy.

postsandpages Mar2018We have had over 2000 hits on our blog now and over 90 followers. One of them, yarn and pencil reblogged posts this year and we gained quite a bit of traffic from that via her blog. We thank her for her strong support . We have a number of strong supporters who comment, like and encourage us on a regular basis. We thank them. We have had so many likes this year. It started with the post on banana fibre silk and just hasn’t stopped. Sonya’s porridge post picked up hits very quickly and then Wendy’s cream poncho with the fan and feather scarf and cowl is currently our top post. The information on natural dyeing was quickly very popular and has been valued and the good thing is all our posts are appreciated like our tiny teddies. It is always interesting to see which ones do well. Maria’s epic ball of yarn and her creative project with it has been popular across Twitter, Instagram and on our blog. It is good her sense of humour has appealed to everyone.  You can also see below that the links we provide in our posts are followed up and used. That is really good to know and it’s nice to know people go from our blog to our Instagram account.




We have built up our list of countries visiting our blog again because it looked tragic at the beginning of the year when our stats were reset. It now is looking like last year and it probably means people got back to us quickly.















The best news is we are now getting a lot of direct hits from search engines. It means we are becoming more visible and we are providing the sorts of information people want to find. It also means we have improved the search engine optimisation . Our decisions have been good ones. Our Facebook account is also bringing us significant traffic even though the account itself is nowhere near as active as Instagram or Twitter. It’ is acting as a portal to this blog and that’s a good function of our Facebook page. It means people can find us.

So, after two months , we have not only made up the lost ground , we have improved our position and we have had some good interaction with others courtesy of our cyber spinning.



Teenie Tiny Teddies

Tiny bearThere was a request for the pattern for these tiny bears which Cathy made as part of Sonya’s call to action for buddy bears. They stand about 11cm tall.  They can be made easily in an hour, use up your scrap yarn and fit easily into a little pocket.  The pattern:

3.25 needles
4 ply yarn

Four pieces:

The body and head
The two legs
One piece for both arms

Body :

Cast on 16 stitches
Knit 22-26 rows depending on how long you want the body.
Cast off

Legs – make two

Cast on 8 stitches
Knit 6 rows
Cast off


Cast on 18 stithces
Knit 6 rows
Cast off

For the arms and legs roll the pieces and stitch.
On the arms leave a long thread at one end.
Sew the body seam which is then in the middle at the back.
Sew across the top of the head and sew the ear shapes across the corners

Stuff head and body. Stuff the head first, thread the arms through and then stuff the body.
Make a hole with pencil or scissors in the knitting where arms will go. Thread the arm piece through the the body by pulling on the thread with a thick, strong  sewing needle and easing it through.
Sew the legs in place and close all seams at the bottom of the bear.
Make a little scarf.

If you want little coloured shoes then pick up side stitches and add a couple of rows of colour onto the side of the legs before you roll them or put on a row of double crochet along the edge.

Show and tell

knitted socks from oddmentsSo much to look at this week and it was all inspiring!

Marjorie had finished her socks from her oddments.

Marina crocheted a jacket in cotton using all her odd balls.

Chris shared a  round baby blanket in blue& yellow with a crocheted border.

show and tell Cathy had knitted  a cowl in her art yarn pink/white & blue and spun a ball of Susie Horn’s bits in green plied with dark Finn/Romney/Corriedale X from Marie Pfeiffer’s fleece. 

Hilary & Maria made some small teddies for Sonya &  and Hilary presented a skein of wool/mohair mix.

show and tell 29th JanJanette a ball of spun wool brown/white.

Sheila 9 carded batts in blues & violets.

Jan  had been very creative and shared 4 skeins turquoise/purple mix, purple, turquoise & red with variegated pinks, 7 berets, 1 white with a cable band & button decoration, 1 pink felted feather & fan pattern, 1 dark blue knitted in singles, 1  two tone blue, 1 orange, green & brown tones, 1 variegated pinks knitted in singles & 1 child’s beanie knitted in short row sections.


Woolly goodness

woolly goodnessOur show and tell table last week was laden with woolly goodness. We love spinning and we love crating projects projects. It’s really good when others appreciate and value them too. The spun wool had such interesting colours, the tiny teddies are still coming in because we love making them. Margaret was knitting her lavender cowl with the wool she got from her Secret Santa present. We had such fun with Christine’s crescent shawl because we were trying it on and styling it. It felt beautiful but we discovered there were so many ways to wear it. Woolly goodness brings us to life and makes us very enthusiastic and motivated. That show and tell table was such good medicine.