Colour your life

Marina has just finished her very colourful, woven, sleeveless jacket. It is lined with polyester taffeta, the fabric often used to line dresses. It is good to see a riot of colour which will cheer up any dull day and it  means you can wear plain block colours and then make the whole outfit vibrant. The front and back panels are woven and the band is knitted. It is very clever and such a great way to use oddments.

All those ends , though! It is great making something colourful but then you have to weave the ends in. VeryPink shows you the right way to weave them in but , as she says, if you weave them in your own way and they do not come undone, that is good! Do you leave them all until last and give yourself a lovely chore or do you do them as you go?


Winter hats

Winter is June 1st in Australia so we are thinking woollie hats. It has started to get cooler and even though we aren’t quite up to the hats, we are thinking about them. We have always liked the long tail beanies . The video shows you how to make them. Hilary makes really good pixie beanies and elf hats like the homespun one in our pictures. Cathy has knitted a beanie from chunkie ,naturally coloured , spun wool and then washing machine felted it to make it very thick and warm. it is still soft. Marina has gone with the faux pompom preference which is very popular here . Her beanie is crocheted in nice, cheerful colours. Every beanie is unique and truth is , we should have more than one to suit our mood.


Knitted felted bag

knitted felted bag

Wendy’s knitted, felted bag is just lovely. You can feel the texture just by looking at it ! Alexis is the one who has inspired us  to make knitted , felted bags. Cathy made one earlier in the year. You can felt them by hand or washing machine  or a combination of both. Depends how strong your hands are.

This one of Wendy’s has a nice shape and then the handles are automatically  knitted and felted into the bag. It is strong, roomy and lovely colours. Wendy spun all the wool for the bag. She used some of the fibre challenge yarn we had made after Christmas. She really enjoyed doing this and the colours have turned out really well.

The video below gives you an idea of what is involved in knitting and felting a bag.

Knitted chevron blanket

knitted chevron blanketKnitted chevron blankets have a timeless , classic look and you can choose colors to suit the person or the décor. If you use fine needles and fine yarn it will have a lacey look. Alexis brought along a chevron blanket she had knitted. It is a great way to use up odd balls of spun yarn and you can have fun planning the colours. Her homespun blanket has a colour choice we really liked and it feels lovely and soft.

There’s a wikihow on how to create a zigzag blanket . This gives you explanations which will enable you to make some good , individual choices about your chevron blanket. The YouTube video shows you how to knit a chevron blanket.