Knitted felted bag

knitted felted bag

Wendy’s knitted, felted bag is just lovely. You can feel the texture just by looking at it ! Alexis is the one who has inspired us  to make knitted , felted bags. Cathy made one earlier in the year. You can felt them by hand or washing machine  or a combination of both. Depends how strong your hands are.

This one of Wendy’s has a nice shape and then the handles are automatically  knitted and felted into the bag. It is strong, roomy and lovely colours. Wendy spun all the wool for the bag. She used some of the fibre challenge yarn we had made after Christmas. She really enjoyed doing this and the colours have turned out really well.

The video below gives you an idea of what is involved in knitting and felting a bag.

Knitted chevron blanket

knitted chevron blanketKnitted chevron blankets have a timeless , classic look and you can choose colors to suit the person or the décor. If you use fine needles and fine yarn it will have a lacey look. Alexis brought along a chevron blanket she had knitted. It is a great way to use up odd balls of spun yarn and you can have fun planning the colours. Her homespun blanket has a colour choice we really liked and it feels lovely and soft.

There’s a wikihow on how to create a zigzag blanket . This gives you explanations which will enable you to make some good , individual choices about your chevron blanket. The YouTube video shows you how to knit a chevron blanket.



Beanie Weather

It is coming into beanie weather . We are always making them, though. We need them for competitions, events, charity,  families and friends. There is always a reason to make a beanie. They use our scraps and leftovers. We find nice yarn and want to use it. We try out different patterns and challenges. beanies are a good way to learn a new stitch. We knit them, crochet them, have been known to loom them. Sometimes we knit and crochet them or crochet and knit them or knit and felt them. It always amazes us how different each beanie can be and we see a lot of them in a year…and the next year. They are never boring. We make our own pompoms but we quite like the faux fur pompoms too. It gives a beanie a different look.

Bottom left is Maria’s beanie in homespun wool and Maria is someone who can make crochet beanies look really good. As can Marina. Her purple one right has a very interesting pattern and colourway. The other two beanies are Marina’s too.



Slouch beanie with art yarn

Christine likes to encourage others to be adventurous with yarn. She will practise and perfect techniques and skills so she can pass them on so everyone can love yarn as much as she does. She loves colour, texture, possibilities and skills. Her enthusiasm succeeds because she will bring along ideas which people can see as achievable. The slouch beanie with art yarn fits into this category. She spun some yarn and some cocoon yarn with the same colours and knitted a cylinder which she drew in at the top to make a slouch hat. With the brim turned up it looks perfect. We were trying to get her to put a big pom pom on it. What do you think? Can you see how she has knitted several rows of garter stitch and then a row with a cocoon yarn? This is how you get effect and texture without too many lumps and bumps which some people love and others not so much.

JillianEve shows you how to make some interesting art yarn. Her way of doing it means you don’t need to have carders to accomplish an interesting art yarn…and you don’t. You need to just have fun! Make sure the hooks on the flyer can take the width of your thicker pieces. Bigger hooks are easy to buy at hardware stores.