Knitted felted bag

Wendy is new to felting and was one of the felting workshop participants. She has chosen to follow through on that and do some experimenting. You never know if you do not try. She has tried out an idea for a knitted, felted pouch. She used homespun wool, made her bag , put it in a hot washing machine for and hour and a half and here is the result. The bag has a really great texture and the knitting is invisible. The hints of pink and blue on the dove grey give it a nice artistic effect. Less is more and the simple, effective use of colour works well. She is using the pouch for her electric wheel foot peddle and cords. Karin pointed out, just to remind us, that a pouch like this would suit a tablet but you have to be careful because it might slide out too easily and it’s something you need to check. Experience is a great teacher!

Knitted felted bag

knitted felted bagWe waste nothing. Alexis had spun the wool for a jumper she knitted for herself and then didn’t like how the jumper looked. It just wasn’t for her. We have all been there. She loved the colours, though. She unpicked the jumper and then cut and handstitched the new pieces with wool and upcycled it into this beautiful bag. The bag is strong and roomy. It is well designed because it doesn’t look as big as it actually is. It does the job without taking over all the space. It’s a deep bag with a round bottom. Once she had hand sewn the pieces she  felted it in her washing machine keeping a keen eye on it so that it felted to her wishes. It’s something which requires concentration and so Alexis doesn’t allow herself to be interrupted during that washing machine phase. She doesn’t leave anything to chance. Alexis takes control of the processes she uses to create something.

The colours are beautiful and we were all very enthusiastic about this bag.

Show and Tell

We had a good day. Very productive and full of learning and ideas. The big projects continue to come in now.

show and tell 18th October

10 stitch blanketJanette: Limes and spun wool in forest colours of greens and browns

Karin: 10 stitch blanket in muted colours to use up oddments. Pattern is here on our blog:

10 stitch knitted blanket

Cathy: Crochet blanket in spun wool mostly from naturally dyed colours ; 4  beanie buddies in assorted colours.

Marina: Ball of wool spun from oddments of wool batts; crochet squares from colourful slivers of spun wool, electric spun skein of wool from Susie Horn’s bag of bits, same colours spun on a mechanical wheel; tiny wooden spinning wheel which works; spun mohair in pink.

Marjorie: Spun wool made from a dark strand of Jenny Gunston’s fleece and a light strand from Deb Hopton’s fleece.

Alexis: Felted bag made from a repurposed jumper which she had made in her own spun wool. Purples and greys.

Felted bag

Beth brought along a felted bag for show and tell but she also showed us another bag she finished while she was at Monday’s session and then her beautifully, inspiring angel wings cushion. You can see from her bag how much thought goes into colours and texture. Beth likes to play with colour effects and then she produces things which just make you react and think. She has chosen lovely colours for her bag. The tie strap is something she is mulling over. She was wondering about whether to change it or not. As it stands , it adds to the overall visual impact of the bag. The problem might be , it’s a big bag, if you stashed too many things in it the tie strap might not be suitable as a strap. The bag might need something stronger. These are all the things you ponder , consider and consult on when you are creating. If your creation has a functional purpose as well as an aesthetic role to play , then you need to look at the practicalities of what you are making. It’s a lovely bag. Whatever Beth decides will be good!