Show and tell

Lovely sunny day at the beach front today and so much to see and appreciate on the show and tell table. The colours were great and the colour combinations were inspirational. Everyone is buy and happy with their projects. Last week’s day trip went well and it was good to hear about it.

Show and tell

Karin: Blue beret, orange tones beret and spectacular Fair Isle beret from a pattern from an American designer in 11 different colours – golds, pinks, greens.

Cathy: Ginny’s hat from the Tanis Grey knitting book in fawn and peach threaded with corespun yarn. Crochet blanket in white, pink and blue grannie squares.

Maxine: Two knitted  jackets and a jumper for her great great nephew! Hooded one in blue, one in autumn colours, one in green. Attractive buttons.

Margaret: Cable jumper in natural colours in mohair and wool.

Marjorie: Grey double ribbed beanie, two green ocean colours beanies in overdyed wool.

Dagmar: Cowl in natural coloured , spun wool with two flower trims.

Alexis: Crocheted , felted bag in green and pink speckled colours .Two Fair Isle beanies in nature colours.

Maria: So many lovely beanies both crocheted and knitted in greens, maroons bright colours, white, Most had stripes. African flower blanket in bright colours. Knitted child’s jumper in blue, red and yellow.

Show and tell

Lovely, sunny day at the beach front and such and such a hive of activity and inspiration in the club rooms. Kay had prepared a slide show for us of her visit to the Tasmanian Craft Fair in Deloraine. So good to see all the beautiful things they had made.

Jan E brought along her Temari balls .Very impressive and attractive.

Sue shared her red/orange felted beret and phone case which was embroidered.

Fay had made a blue felted hat and a felted bag in grey with white silk embellishes.

Maxine had knitted a grey scarf in her 4 row cross over pattern.

Margaret had made two beanies one blue, one green.

Marina shared four balls of spun mixed fibres, two turquoise, two light shades of fawn plied with cotton and a large piece of woven material in brown/red/blue mix.

Sheila Mc had spun several balls of wool: two blue, three green plied with blue, two skeins of white wool.

Hilary had knitted a large jumper in Alexis’ Kingfisher dyed wool with three other mixed fibre balls.

Kay brought along a large bag full of silver-grey alpaca , brown alpaca and a smaller bag of black with the Tasmanian Craft Fair flyer.

Bag challenge

All the bags were different. All were appealing in their own way . Homemade bags look good but they are strong and very functional. It was really good to see all these bags. Peter’s woven bag got second prize. The colours were lovely and the round shape really interesting because it was all woven.

Top left is Margaret’s handspun pastel coloured shopping bag. Nice, soft colours.

Next is Peter’s woven round bag . Great carry bag.

Sheila Mc’s little felted bag was embellished with sashiko embroidery.

Sheila also made a big , sturdy knitted felted bag and we loved the colours.

One more lot of bags to come next post. have you seen one you liked? What would you make as a bag for yourself?

Bag challenge

When we set the bag challenge last year, there were no restrictions as to how the bag would be made. We might be a spinners and weavers group but our members possess a lot of skills and we like to let them share those skills. Skills can help grow ideas in other areas and when you work with fibre and textiles then you need to keep those ideas coming.

Top right is Anthea’s winning stumpword embroidered bag. Beautiful made and so much time and patience went into this. Top left is the patchwork bag she made for her electronic spinning wheel.

Bottom left is Cathy’s homespun felted, knitted and crocheted bag Lovely autumn colours.

Middle bottom is Marina’s woven on a box bag which turned out so well and is very colourful .

Bottom right is Maxin’s beetroot stained fabric bag which she decorated well with fabric paints.

So many good bags which are all different but all designed to fulfil a good role in life.