The Felting Ewe

Brenda, from The Felting Ewe is someone we like to keep in regular contact with. We like to support local and ordinarily we visit her on Equipment Day which is our annual visit in November to the Adelaide Hills Spinning Group. Last year was no ordinary year and we were all set to go and there was a sudden and swift lockdown in Adelaide. Better safe than sorry, health first and keep ourselves safe. The lockdown worked but we were sad not to have had our visit. With the easing of restrictions we decided to invite her to the club. We were not disappointed. All those lovely colours of hers. All the colourways. All the fibres and ideas. It was just so satisfying to feast our eyes on all these things. As soon as you look at Brenda’s colours you want to make things and the coloured plaits can be supported by the solid colours and additional fibres so that you can make something really interesting. Hopefully we shall be able to see her again in November this year. Meanwhile, we have had a really good colour fix and thank Brenda for taking the time to visit us.

Colour combinations

We are lucky. We are immersed in colour each time we meet. It is not only good therapy, it is inspirational. It makes you think. You look at colours and think to yourself about them. What would you do with them? You just love them. You want a lighter version of that one. Good colour, but you wouldn’t use it. That one would make a great scarf! You play with the impact of the colours on you and engage in your own creativity. We like making our own colour blends and dyeing colours. It is always fun to do that. We have our favourite colours but we draw colour choices from nature , paintings, pictures and plants.

If you don’t have access to a club or you find yourself in lockdown then YouTube has good colour videos like this one from Interweave Craft. Seven minutes well spent.

Colour your life

We are always immersed in colour and we absorb it. It is colour medicine and inspiration. We look at so many colours but we never tire of it. I tis always interesting. This week’s colours were a good mix. Top left are Cathy’s natural colours – lamb’s wool, suri alpaca , Finn X dyed with Tasmanian bluegum leaves and a bit of gold sparkle. Top right are Marina’s colours. Blue from tops Alexis dyed and then suri alpaca natural colour. Middle right are Jeanettes colours. White a grey fleece plied with solid colours from Felting Ewe. Bottom are Hilary’s solar dyed colours which she brought in jars last week. Don’t those skeins look pretty?

Colour your life

spinning wool

We could not live without colour. Every Monday we are surrounded by it and it woks its magic. You can watch someone with a pile of strips ready to spin and then marvel at how those colours change and then again when they are plied. You can watch others blend colours or mix in some silk and wow, what a difference and an eye opener.  We have colour moods. Sometimes they are natural colours. Other times they are bold, eye catching splashes of colour intensity. Sometimes they are soothing or calming. It is always interesting how people select colour combinations and colourways. We are all unique and our interplay with colour is individual.  Watching the colours can be healing and inspiring. We always learn from the way others use and shape their spinning colours.

Above is just a tiny selection of the colour feast we are offered each week. What would you do with the colours? What colours would you add to them? Which are your favourites? Which do you like least? Some colours instantly appeal. Others make you think. See the red and the white? Those are going to be plied together. The red is merino tops and the white is mulberry silk which will give a sheen to the yarn. What would you do with a skein of red and white yarn like that? Colours will always make you want to do something.