Show and tell

We were in hard lockdown for a week so were unable to meet last week. This week we are still under restrictions and had to wear masks in our meeting today. Did not stop us gasbagging! The colours in the room were so lovely and cheered us all up. There are some good projects being finished and underway.

Show and Tell

Sheila Mc: Cherry red children’s mittens in homespun, handdyed wool.

Sheila O: Pink hand spun, hand dyed scarf in wool.

Alexis: Squishy skein of spun wool in autumn colours.

Sue: Green felted scarf in silk and merino tops.

Fay: Felted hat in reds and burnt oranges and charcoal colours.

Pamela: Blue and black crochet beanie.

Karin: Cable beret in handspun coral wool, topknot beanie in handspun fawn and top knot beanie in handspun greens.

Marina: tube socks in yellow with primary colour splashes. Knitted cable jumper in natural dyes and handspun wool.

Cathy: Felted boots with knitted tops. Oranges, pinks and fawns.Mainly wool with some tussar silk.

Margaret: Fair Isle multicoloured Advent socks.

Anthea: Spun wool plied with crochet cotton. One ball each of turquoise, pink and purple.

Janette: Ball of mulicoloured  spun wool  tops in Brenda’s colours.

Show and Tell

Was so cold for us today in Adelaide. Winter starts tomorrow. We kept nice and warm in the club rooms and has plenty to look at and share which kept our minds off the changing weather.

Show and tell

Anthea:  Premature baby hat in pink. Beautiful hardanger table mat.

Cathy:   Handspun, handdyed beanie in merino and silk. Greens and pinks.

Jan H: Beautiful knitted jumper in wine and black dyed , spun wool with crochet trim. Two skeins of grey merino plied with Brenda’s grey silk mix.

Hilary: Lovely acrylic knitted test beanie in white. Skein of very colourful spun merino tops.

John: Jumper knitted on his Addi sock knitting machine in autumn colours. WIP.

Sue: Felted hat in black and white merino tops. WIP

Maxine: Blue baby jumper in commercial wool for her great, great nephew! WIP. Rabbit tea cosy, called Beatrix, in white, blue and grey.

Margaret: Rabbit fingerless gloves in grey , blue and white.

Marjorie: A beanie and beret of her own design knitted in one of Brenda’s colourways – pink, maroon, lavender.

Show and tell

The show and tell table was full of wonderful colours and interesting ideas. It was a warm day today and we were happy to sharing ideas and seeing what others are doing. There is still plenty of scrumptious natural coloured fleece being spun and it looks and feels good. The colours elsewhere in the room were nice to see too. John’s hat maker brought plenty of interest to today’s meeting.

Show and Tell

Janette had brought in some bunches of bay leaves for us to take.

Alexis also had a few more glasses wipe which are far superior to those in the cases.

John has been busy with his knitting machine and has churned out several beanies this afternoon, also a pair of multi coloured slippers and a grey head band.

Maria has copied crochet pattern that Margaret learnt at the Hills Retreat and cleverly made a beanie and added a few diamonds around the brim.

Karin has spun some grey alpaca which is beautifully soft.
Cathy shared a ball of wool from the brown fleece John brought in week and plied it with some soya fibre, noil silk and alpaca fleece and a ball of dyed wool plied with some rose fibre.

Marina had a small ball of the white fleece John brought in last week plied with cotton & a small ball of 2 commercial fibres plied together with the fleece.

Sheila brought in her all white spun wool from Jenny Gunson’s Finn X fleece which was very soft, Sheila rinse the skeins in an Epson salts solution.

Alexis shared her beautifully knitted wrap in multi blues colours with lacy insert rows.
Jan made a lovely variegated red skein plied with some woolly nylon in a contrast colour.
Hilary shared a small neck triangle scarf knitted in left over pinks.

Claire brought in some photos of her alpacas . Very cute.
Christine brought in a book which Margaret donated to our library.
Weaver Peter was busy with a piece of weaving for their home.

Where did you get that hat?

We have had some lovely hats over recent meetings.

Alexis had knitted and felted two very stylish hats. We loved the lime green colour of the top middle but the oatmeal one drew a lot of attention too because it just looked so good and was a perfect hat for a smart winter outfit. Middle bottom are Anne’s ribbed beanies. She spun the wool and the colours are striking and interesting. Good colours to cheer up winter! Top left is Hilary’s beret . So colourful and cheery. She spun leftover tops and don’t they look effective as they have been knitted up? Far left are Maria’s beanies from her spun wool. The purple and yellow looks good . It’s a visually interesting pattern. At the bottom she is making a gelati coloured beanie. Such a fun look with those colours. Winter does not have to be dull.