Show and tell

We got the new year off to a good start despite the heat in Adelaide. We’d had a good break and were full of ideas and information.

Janette: Crocheted blanket for granddaughter’s birthday in her own spun wool with fawns and rainbow colours. Cake of spun camel’s hair and silk plied with llama fleece in fawns and browns.

Hilary: Adelaide Hills  Newsletter and Murray Bridge Newsletter, red plastic storage containers to give away.

Cathy: Cake of spun cotton plied with spun acrylic fibre in red white and blue, cake of spun camel hair and silk in a latte colour, Fair Isle beanie with fleece dyed with onion skins and then merino tops and pink mohair.

Christine: Woven band from her miniature heddle loom and flyers for fibre festival and new yarn store in Pt Adelaide. She also brought along craft things to share and sell.

Margaret: miniature crocheted sheep, crochet medallion in green and red with sparkle wool, two beanies in handspun wool one in black and one in midnight blue, purple crochet slippers, lace neck scarf in maroon and inky colours.

Karin: Cake of spun wool in lovely vibrant turquoises reds and greens .

It was good to be back spinning by the sea.

Christies Beach January 14th


Woollen blankets

10 stitch blanketAnother two big projects were finished this week. When you work on big projects they take forever and then you feel like you are not doing anything. When you see the finished items, though, it has always been so worth it. Karin’s 10 stitch blanket has been much admired and popular. When we saw it finished we just loved it. She hadn’t chosen the colours as such. She was knitting from her yarn left over from other projects and deciding which colour to do when she got to the next bit. The blanket looks really good. It’s warm, inviting and the colours are restful.




crochet blanketCathy has been spinning and dyeing wool for her crochet blanket all year. Most of it is natural colour from FinnX, alpaca and then natural dyes like avocado, onion skins, Tasmanian blue gum leaves and red cabbage. There are bits of red and green from Susie Horn’s bit and then some orange and yellow and banana fibre silk from Kathy’s Fibres. There is ramswool and BorderLeicesterX. Cathy joined the group in June last year and knew nothing so this blanket is about what she has learned from the group. The autumn colours look good.

Natural colour

We had some lovely naturally dyed yarn to show off this week and the colours were so nice. Natural colours just mix together. It doesn’t matter what the colours are. Nature has this way of toning colours in with each other.  Top left is Cathy’s Tasmanian Blue Gum (Silver Dollar) wool batt which she got from Alexis plied with Border Leicester X. She’ll be using that in her blanket. Bottom left is Erica’s commercial wool dyed with onion skins. The rich burnt orange colour always attracts attention. To the right is Alexis’ Tansmanian Blue Gum dyed wool bats which she has spun and is knitting into top down , heelless , spiral socks. The colour and pattern are very effective and the socks are thick but soft. They look lovely. The only shaping is in the toes. There is a nice, free,  heelless sock pattern from Paton’s if you are interested.

Show and tell

show and tell 27th August

We had a lovely session this week because the sun was out and it had really lifted our spirits.

Show and tell

Alexis : spiral, heelless , top down socks where the only shaping is in the toes. In her own spun wool which she hand dyed with Tasmanian Blue Gum leaves. Oranges, creams and caramel.

Cathy : cake of wool in Alexis’ Tasmanian Blue Gum spun wool plied with Border Leicester X

Erica : Commercial wool dyed with onion skins in burnt orange  and a hand knitted jumper from her Auntie in fawn, turquoise and white.

Karin: felted bag with buttons she had made in reds and purples and inside some green.

Janette: Two woven scarves. One in caramel and dark brown alpaca and the other in off white wool with a little lamb button. Both had fringes. Grapefruit and parsley.

Someone reminded us there is a saying – You grow parsley, you’ll have a baby.