Show and tell

show and tell July 29th

The weather looked nice but it was cold and then it got a bit warm and then a bit cold! We were far more even in our approach to the day and had a really positive time with each other.

Show and Tell

Sheila: found 5 beanies some of them were produced
while touring through Tasmania.A denim coloured beret, 1 purple, 2 natural dark brown
and a long natural fawn one with pompom.
Cathy: has dyed some more fleece this time with some small purple  flowers (Mexican/Chilean Potato Bush) that didn’t give any colour so she put some avocado skins and kernels in with the flowers and got a lovely golden colour.
Janette: 2 berets in dark brown with blue & purple flecks.
Marina: a dog collar woven in a small inkle loom and a cushion cover woven on Peter’s loom from strips of sheets & table clothes.

crochet giraffesJan3: made some gorgeous giraffes from her own spun wool.









Enjoy our view!


Christies Beach 29th July 2019

Show and tell

It was a brisk 13 degrees today at the beach front. We kept ourselves happy and warm with all the lovely colours and interesting things to look at.

Margaret : was wearing a crotchet cowl which had a very
unusual design in pale purple.
Cathy: had dyed some fleece with a collection of soursobs, cape
honeysuckle flowers & onion skins with a couple of avocado
pips to act as a mordant, a beautiful colour of golden yellow,
also a ball of spun wool with a dark brown alpaca plied with many lighter colours.
Sonya: a lovely pair of soft socks in yellow with dark flecks mixed in.
Hilary : a small knitted frog with pattern & a small bowl project started months ago finished off by her daughter, Deb, who visited us today.
Christine : is weaving on a frame to make a Sprang weaving when finished the
tightly woven strands are opened out to show various patterns.
Cindy : showed us some knitted prem baby beanies in many designs, small quilts for
small cots & a huge knitted knee rug in stripes of various left over yarn colours
looking really attractive with the ends left showing as ties.

Natural dyes

Originally all our dyes were plant based and people had the skills and expertise to know how to make natural dyes which produced vibrant colours for clothing and furnishing. There is artist in Wales, Catherine Lewis, and  you can see how she is contributing to the revival of using native plant dyes which are Welsh:

The Japanese are also reviving their historical knowledge of plant dyes and one of the prime movers behind that is Sachio Yoshioka. The colours he obtains are very striking. The process is careful and methodical and creates a slow living approach because you cannot hurry good plant dyes.

So many hats

We never get sick of making hats and we never tire of looking at them. Now the weather is cooler the hats are coming out again. We see so many hats but each one has a style and personality so it is always fun to see them. In our opinion there can never be too many hats. You need them for different moods, weather conditions and jsut to cheer you up. We have differnt beanie fests which come up at this time of the year too so we like to make hats for those and some of the group make hats for charity as well. We like to support those groups who ask for hats for people who need them. This week’s hats were no exception. It was good to look at them and each one had a different appeal.