Knitted cowl

Cathy’s double wrap cowl was made on size 5 needles. It is 44 inches around and you need multiples of 8 for the honeycomb pattern. This one had 200 stitches. The wool is a dark green merino hand dyed by Alexis and the light green is English Leicester dyed withย  sage and green tea by Cathy.

Interweave has two nice, free honeycomb cowl patterns .

The video is silent but it shows you how to do the stitch really wellย  so you can concentrate nicely ๐Ÿ™‚

Show and tell

show and tell 2nd MarchCool 17 degrees Celsius this morning which warmed up into the low twenties by the afternoon. A few were away because of visitors, trips and so on. Those of us there had a really nice day with some good ideas and conversations. We are going to try a third time lucky on dyeing day. On the other two occasions the weather turned into wet and windy which makes it impossible to work outside on the decking where we really like to be for dyeing. Not a lot on the display table but we all have projects going and some have multiple projects going . These things take time and we have had some great things to look at in recent weeks. It was really good to see what was being done today because watching people create their creations is fascinating.

Show and tell

A big thank you to John for bringing in a huge bag of large juicy peaches.

Chris: slouch hat in green strips made from her art yarn with lots of coils.

Cathy: a ball of spun wool dyed with sage leaves & green tea.

Marina: a spun ball of wool in mixed colours.

Show and tell

show and tell July 29th

The weather looked nice but it was cold and then it got a bit warm and then a bit cold! We were far more even in our approach to the day and had a really positive time with each other.

Show and Tell

Sheila: found 5 beanies some of them were produced
while touring through Tasmania.A denim coloured beret, 1 purple, 2 natural dark brown
and a long natural fawn one with pompom.
Cathy: has dyed some more fleece this time with someย small purpleย  flowers (Mexican/Chilean Potato Bush) that didnโ€™t give any colour so she put some avocado skins and kernels in with the flowers and got a lovely golden colour.
Janette: 2 berets in dark brown with blue & purple flecks.
Marina: a dog collar woven in a small inkle loom and a cushion cover woven on Peterโ€™s loom from strips of sheets & table clothes.

crochet giraffesJan3: made some gorgeous giraffes from her own spun wool.









Enjoy our view!


Christies Beach 29th July 2019

Show and tell

It was a brisk 13 degrees today at the beach front. We kept ourselves happy and warm with all the lovely colours and interesting things to look at.

Margaretย : was wearing a crotchet cowl which had a very
unusual design in pale purple.
Cathy: had dyed some fleece with a collection of soursobs, cape
honeysuckle flowers & onion skins with a couple of avocado
pips to act as a mordant, a beautiful colour of golden yellow,
also a ball of spun wool with a dark brown alpaca plied with many lighter colours.
Sonya: a lovely pair of soft socks in yellow with dark flecks mixed in.
Hilaryย : a small knitted frog with pattern & a small bowl project started months ago finished off by her daughter, Deb, who visited us today.
Christineย : is weaving on a frame to make a Sprang weaving when finished the
tightly woven strands are opened out to show various patterns.
Cindyย : showed us some knitted prem baby beanies in many designs, small quilts for
small cots & a huge knitted knee rug in stripes of various left over yarn colours
looking really attractive with the ends left showing as ties.