Show and Tell

A well attended meeting today and our monthly Exchange Day created a really good feeling. We had some lovely colours to look at and plenty of ideas for projects . Very productive day.

Show and tell

Cathy: Ball of wool and silk in green with splashes of other colours.

Maxine: Four skeins of wool dyed with Tasmanian blue gum leaves and a fifth skein in blues, pinks and yellows where she added commercial dyes to the mix.

Karin: Woven scarf made from her handspun wool in greens and pinks.

Margaret: Skein of finely spun,. fawn wool dyed with Tasmanian blue gum leaves courtesy of Alexis.

Deb: Knitted beanie from the green wool she had cold dyed at the dyeing workshop.

Anthea: Two skeins of hand dyed , handspun wool and alpaca from Equipment Day.

Sue: Hand dyed silk from dyeing day. One large purple skein and other smaller bobbins in assorted colours.

John is in the process of weaving a jacket on his heddle loom and Sue is into some serious purple felting. Looking forward to seeing the finished items.

Show and tell

Lovely, warm ,almost summer’s day, down at the beach front today with a calm, blue ocean. Inside there was plenty of noise and chat. The colours were inspirational. Margaret’s idea of turning a bottle cover into a Christmas ornament was fun and Maria’s little crochet angels were so pretty. So much to look at and so many tips and tricks to learn. After today, there will be two more meetings and we have yarned our way through another year. It keeps us sane!

Show and tell
Karin has woven a beautiful scarf from wool which has been rainbow dyed in orange with a little yellow highlight and the fibre on the spindle shows the colours.
Cathy knitted a Fair Isle beanie in browns, yellow and green, also a spun wool ball of mixed yellows/orange.
Jan E knitted a lovely solar dyed blue beanie with a stripes of eyelet pattern.
Marina has crocheted a market bag in red/blue glitter yarn with a plain cream base and top.
Marjorie has knitted a blue hat with a purple pattern on the crown.
Janette shared a large skein of spun wool red/orange/blue plied with black.

Weaving wonders

John, Marina and Peter are all very good weavers. They do complicated well with weaving. They also make simple looms to have a break and show us weaving is an attainable and a sustainable skill. One of the strong features of our group is we like to foster enthusiasm in others for the things we love. John built a scarf loom and is making a colourful scarf. Marina is doing freeform weaving on her scarf loom. Peter is doing creative weaving around a picture frame he has turned into a loom.

The You Tube video gives you a simple pattern to try.

Show and tell

Was sunny but very cold so we couldn’t do the world wide spinning in public day, which is actually 18th September. We shall try again next week. Our spring is having trouble getting lift off. The show and tell table was a bit bare but everyone is between projects. There is plenty of colour and things happening. They are not there yet. What was on show was interesting. The scarf looms were good to see and such a good way to make a scarf which is different. You can catch up with what is going on between projects on our Instagram account.

Show and tell

Cathy: Wool batts made from Patricia’s green dyed fleece ,naturally dyed green alpaca and green noil silk .

Maxine: Knitted and felted hats. One is pale blue and grey and the other in the dark coral Bendigo Woollen Mills colour.

Marina (in  absentia): Work in progress: patchwork woven scarf in different colours and fibres on scarf loom.

John: Work in progress: woven scarf in one piece on scarf loom green, white and mauve.