Grannie squares galore

Maria never fails to inspire and teach us. She knows many of us have been excited by making different sorts of grannie squares this year. She had had a big sort through her things and came on Monday with a bag of grannie squares which she had left over from different blankets she had made. True to form she was making a whole heap of flower grannie squares on Monday and we are looking forward to seeing how they turn out and what they look like. We were thinking she could put all these grannie squares together to make another blanket. Maria is not so sure. She is full of creative surprises so we’ll see. Meanwhile we just loved looking at all these colours, combinations and creative grannie squares. We loved the owl and the butterflies but we loved the flower ones too.

Grannie squares for beginners

Many brought along their crochet and knitting for Monday’s visit to the Victor Harbour Spinners and Weavers group. Sonya learned how to make a grannie square as we explained in the last post. We realised there were people who want to crochet and who haven’t yet learned how to do it. The basic grannie square in the video teaches you a lot and then it can be used to make jackets, bags, blankets…whatever you like . Once you have mastered that basic square, it is not that hard to go on and do some of the fancier ones featured in this post.

Marina has been making grannie squares for a jacket and so on Monday she was knitting the band. Hers are all made from homespun wool and are the brown and other colours. The brightly coloured ones are Margaret’s. She is trying out different grannie square blocks. The pink one is just lovely and the ones with the flowers in the middle look really good and would give anything a 3D effect. Margaret likes to do the rounds in different colours when she is learning a new block so she can see clearly where to put her crochet stitches. You need that visual contrast when you are learning and the definition of commercial wool. Homespun gives a softer effect.

Enjoy the video from Bella Coco.

Grannie square jacket

grannie squaresMarina got the grannie square bug when we were focusing on grannie squares recently. We loved looking at tall the different ones she had made. It’s not hard! They are fun to make, use up scraps of spun wool and then can be a pleasant, achievable challenge which gives you that satisfying feeling of success. Big , long haul projects are so worth it in the end but meanwhile you need something which makes you feel that quick term , short reward happiness . Grannie squares fit the bill. Marina is collecting her grannie squares so she can make herself a jacket and we are looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

There is a really nice grannie square jacket on the Whoot.

There is a huge range of lovely grannie squares on diycraftsty too. Have fun !

Show and tell

Show and Tell 26th AugustIt was a lovely, sunny 12 degrees Celsius today and our view was spectacular. We had a few visitors who really added to our very animated day. So much to see and so many things to talk about. Everyone was happy and productive.

Show and tell

Our guests, Sandy and Michael from the Adelaide Hills group,ย  brought along some of their projects, to show us.
Michael has made a beautiful piece of weaving from a black fleece warp, woven with 3 different colours for a very striking effect which Sandy will makeย  into a sleeveless vest for herself. On Michaelโ€™s previous pieces of weaving Sandy has made them into a vest for the weaver.
Sandyย showed us a bag she had woven from wrapping the warp around a book then weaving the weft in a traditional tabby weave using oddments of spun fleece to form a cylinder which ,with a piece of leather for the base, made a very useful draw string bag, also a sleeveless Fair Isle vest with multiplies of designs from home spun & home dyed fleece .Very effective.
Cathy has spun a ball of dark brown fleece & plied it with a lighter multi coloured skein & has made another granny square for the Instagram collection.
Marina has made 20 granny squares in various colours with a common brown border ready to make another 80 for a jacket she has in mind…but we didn’t think she would need that many ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy our view:

Christies Beach August 26th 2019