Weaving wonders

We had some nice weaving to look at again this week . John’s woven bag to the left will soon be finished. His red and white American colonial table runner is really impressive and we all loved it. Visually it is a very effective pattern. Peter has started weaving something with tee shirt strips and it looks really lovely and is so soft. Would make a nice mat or bag. Upcycling T Shirts is a great idea for weaving…and the planet. 


Knitted felted bag

knitted felted bagWe waste nothing. Alexis had spun the wool for a jumper she knitted for herself and then didn’t like how the jumper looked. It just wasn’t for her. We have all been there. She loved the colours, though. She unpicked the jumper and then cut and handstitched the new pieces with wool and upcycled it into this beautiful bag. The bag is strong and roomy. It is well designed because it doesn’t look as big as it actually is. It does the job without taking over all the space. It’s a deep bag with a round bottom. Once she had hand sewn the pieces she  felted it in her washing machine keeping a keen eye on it so that it felted to her wishes. It’s something which requires concentration and so Alexis doesn’t allow herself to be interrupted during that washing machine phase. She doesn’t leave anything to chance. Alexis takes control of the processes she uses to create something.

The colours are beautiful and we were all very enthusiastic about this bag.

Fingerless gloves

We’ve decided there can never be enough fingerless gloves in winter. The ideas just keep coming and there is no end to the variety of fingerless gloves we can create. We value them so much we want to create the nicest and most stylish fingerless gloves ever. They are rewarding small projects, use up oddments, offer an opportunity to try out new yarn, yarn combinations and stitches. On top of that , they keep our busy hands warm without hampering our productivity.

fingerless glovesMaria made Margaret a pair of fingerless gloves from dark blue homespun wool. She has then used colourful scraps of other wool to make a pattern. Maria , though, has a refined sense of visual appeal and a good sense of humour. When you roll the gloves together the little ends she has left on the inside  stick out and make the gloves look like sea creatures. It’s a great visual effect from someone who thinks of the visual details in anything she creates.

ribbed fingerless glovesMargaret is knitting some lovely blue double rib gloves from a graph pattern and the slant on the rib gives them a snug and very stylish fit. She is using acrylic to practice the pattern to see how it all looks but it makes these gloves easy care and machine washable.







fingerelss gloveMargaret is also upcycling some yarn she had used to make something else but the moths had got to it and so she has unpicked that project and is reusing the good yarn to make some lovely, colourful knitted fingerless gloves. Fine yarn makes fingerless gloves have a different look from the thicker yarns. They also fit more closely on your hand and provide the warmth without any encumbrance.

There is a nice free pattern by Kathy North for double rib fingerless gloves on Ravelry .

Warm woollen shawl

kaarlund yarnsSonya’s friend , Rosemary, was over to visit from New Zealand. She has visited us before and it is always good to welcome someone new to the group because they bring in their ideas and knowledge. Rosemary didn’t disappoint. She enjoyed seeing what we were doing which fed her creativity but she had brought along things which we loved. The Kaarlund yarns she was using for the warm woollen shawl for her daughter were lovely colours and it felt so soft. Then there were the packets of stitch markers her daughter made from single silver earrings. They all looked so interesting and it is a great way to upcycle those single earrings!!  There are some nice shawl and other patterns on Linda’s Knitwear Designs .warm woollen shawlstitch markers