Beanie Weather

It is coming into beanie weather . We are always making them, though. We need them for competitions, events, charity,  families and friends. There is always a reason to make a beanie. They use our scraps and leftovers. We find nice yarn and want to use it. We try out different patterns and challenges. beanies are a good way to learn a new stitch. We knit them, crochet them, have been known to loom them. Sometimes we knit and crochet them or crochet and knit them or knit and felt them. It always amazes us how different each beanie can be and we see a lot of them in a year…and the next year. They are never boring. We make our own pompoms but we quite like the faux fur pompoms too. It gives a beanie a different look.

Bottom left is Maria’s beanie in homespun wool and Maria is someone who can make crochet beanies look really good. As can Marina. Her purple one right has a very interesting pattern and colourway. The other two beanies are Marina’s too.



Show and Tell

It was a lovely , sunny 28C and a great day for felting, fibre, visitors and spinning. We had a really creative, happy day yesterday full of activity and inspiration. Our felting workshop produced some interesting pieces which have yet to be finished. Our fibre challenge had us on a real high. We loved seeing what had been produced. More of those things later in the week.

Show and Tell 

Chris :gave us a demo of a gadget John had made for twisting the fringe on a scarf which was very ingenious.
Sheila: has made a slipper and to show how much the wool shrinks in felting also
had the template the slipper was made from.
Cathy :a cowl for her grandson to match his beanie, and a small strawberry style hat for her new, great niece complete with green leaves and stem.
Janette: a large man’s jumper in red autumn tones and a ball of blue spun wool.
Karin: a skein of spun wool in red autumn tones.
Hilary: a beanie in yellows and orange multi colours.
Marina :pink/white beanie with a pompom, a purple/yellow beanie with a fur pompom, a grey/multi coloured beanie and a felted heart shaped piece with beads.

Show and tell

It was a good start to the new year. We were all happy and productive and the weather was not as hot as it has been. There were some really lovely colours and some great things to look at.

 Marina and Peter: woven project bag in fawns and other understated colours. Peter wove the fabric and Marina sewed it into a bag with string handles and zip.

 Marina: Colourful woven bag with a solid bottom; green crocheted hat where Marina tried to remember the pattern without consulting it; colourful striped crochet beanie with furry pom pom; oddments beanie to use up all the bits and pieces of spun wool in her basket, mix of soft colours in stripes.

 Maria: four homespun, knitted beanies , two in coffee colours, one in white and rust, one in pinks and purples; sheep appliqué on hessian bag – part fabric , part knitted

 Janette: rainbow coloured blanket with fringe in garter stitch; cake of spun alpaca plied with Brenda’s dyed wool tops

 Wendy: handspun, hand dyed, hand knitted lace dress and underwear for Barbara, her doll since she was a girl.

 John brought along one of his other looms and is weaving fabric for a jacket.


Show and tell

Such a lovely, sunny day outside but a bit cool inside…not that we noticed. We had so much fibre and colour to feast our eyes on and then all the projects which had been completed or were being completed. Plenty to share and plenty to talk about. Hilary shared the red , felted scarf which she won as a prize at the Victor Harbour spinning group visit. Beautiful work.

Show & Tell

Alexis :a basket full of carder fleece which has been dyed with cold water dyes, 5 carded
rolags pink, pale mauve, lemon & brown with extra colours carded into the fibres

Marina :a sleeveless jacket knitted in mohair with cream flecks plied with white cotton, brown/white.

Jan(1): a child’s hat in aqua with purple stripes with an icord top knot, also 9 colourful skeins of spun wool/silk ready for the Gallery.

Maria: 3 Beanies, 1 in forest greens with a fluffy tassel, 1 cream with fair isle design, 1
cream with vertical brown coloured stripes.

Sheila: a pair of man size mittens in natural brown wool

Jan (3): a pair of mittens in cream alpaca with a very intricate cuff which looks plaited

Cathy :2 lots of dyed English Leicester fleece 1 dyed with green tea & sage, the other dyed with black beans  giving it a brown tone.

John: a beautiful woven scarf in various colours of mauve & pinks with aqua in between finished with a red silk fringe, a woven bag in the process of being put together.

Jan (2): brought in a sample of OPTIM™ which is some white wool fibres which are very soft and looks like silk with a great sheen to it processed by CSIRO. She brought the fact sheet to explain the process they use.

show and tell 23rd September