Instagram Top Nine

Instagram Top Nine

About half way through the year Instagram changed its algorithm (coded way of doing things) and made it impossible for people to see likes. It was supposed to encourage better interaction with pictures. Not for us. We often get good interaction on our pictures and the likes halved after that. It is therefore so pleasing to see we have had 6000 likes this year with an average of twenty six per picture. Before we regularly got 40 or 50.

The top 9 pictures are a good selection but where is the weaving? Where is the felting? We have had some magnificent weaving this year and some fabulous felting. These pictures , however, do represent our willingness to learn , experiment and teach others. We give ourselves challenges and we love it when new people arrive and they become as absorbed as we are in what we are doing. The fine knitting and Fair Isle are there and the stunning colours. And who could resist the cria? We are lucky we have Jan B with her alpaca farm so we get cute pictures to put up.

Does this sum up our year? We had the dyeing workshop we loved and we have done plenty of other things. This is what Instagram values and it certainly values effort.

Willow pattern jumper

Stunning, isn’t it? It’s a 1940s pattern knitted by Jan B’s father. What an achievement and what a stylish item for your wardrobe. Looks beautiful in the blue and white Dresden colours. We have featured the original pattern. You can find it on Etsy and on Ravelry, but we are sure there must be originals around in people’s cupboards and boxes. This jumper is unique. We just loved seeing it.

Show and Tell

Lovely , sunny day today and some beautiful projects on the table . It was especially nice  to see Jan B’s father’s Dresden Fair Isle knitting. Those blue and white colours are so striking.

*There is no meeting next week. it is a public holiday.*

show and tell 30th September

Show and Tell

Hilary: a striped vest in blue’s/white

Marjorie: a large man size jumper in natural grey wool, a large skein wool blue/light green.

Margaret :project from the week camp. A macramé owl, Tunisian crochet square & a
soap pouch, broomstick knitted cover for a small packet of tissues and a pair of fingerless mittens in alpaca & possum. Pinky-red colour.

Marina : a bag in cream woven material that Peter wove with granny squares inserts on
the end & a plaited strap for a handle.

Jan B brought in a beautiful jumper knitted in a blue/white Fair Isle pattern by her father.
Alan’s needle felting projects – the little Tasmanian Devils.

Where did you get that hat?

Maria has been busy. Yesterday we featured the grannie squares she’d sorted out at home and she  is making her flower ones now. She has knitted three lovely beanies as well in her handspun wool. The white and autumn coloured one is very soft and looks interesting. The Fair Isle one is a classic in classic wool colours and would keep your head nice and warm. We loved that one because it looked stylish. We also fell in love with the green beanie in hand spun wool with the loose pom pom at the top. it was a great colour but a fun hat.

Jan 1 had used her homespun wool to make a lovely child’s hat. Beautifully knitted and cheerful colours. The stitches were so even but the handdyed wool had created an interesting swirl pattern as she knitted so the beanie is stylish but nice and comfortable for a child to wear.