Crescent shawl

crescent shawl garter stitchIsn’t Karin’s shawl so lovely? Don’t you like those confetti colours? Karin always dyes interesting skeins of wool which look so attractive as she knits the balls of wool. This is  hand spun alpaca, actually. It’s interesting how we often call any yarn in a ball “wool”. Karin likes to spin and dye alpaca because it is so soft to wear. Her crescent shawl is looking good. The garter stitch provides warmth and the edge pattern provides some visual interest and style. There is a nice free pattern for a garter stitch lace shawl by by Shirle Bedient on Ravelry.


Homespun shawl

homespun shawlJanette had a clever idea. She had spun wool left over from her rainbow jumper so she decided to knit a shawl. As she was trying it on she realised it would look nice , and a bit different , if it had a collar. It would also protect better against the drafts and wind around your neck. So here it is! Guaranteed to be your best friend on a cold day.

Circular shawl

circular shawl

Alexis’ red shawl stood out brightly in the room last week. The red was really catching the light. She had brought along knitting because she was running the silent auction and it was something she could pick up and put down as need be. We all need our easy knits. One of the things Alexis does as an easy knit is a shawl. Round shawl techniques need to be mastered but once done it is something you can do without too much fuss and bother and the finished project always looks impressive.

Derya Davenport has 5 easy ways of starting a shawl on Ravelry and it’s worth a look. The video steps you through making a Pi shawl.


Triangular shawl

Janette proved the worth of a good shawl on Monday. Adelaide has been experiencing icy cold weather this winter. Monday was typical. It was around 12 degrees but then got a bit warmer but suddenly it went really cold.  We’d all been quite comfortable and suddenly we weren’t. Janette went out to her car and came back with one of her famous shawls. She is a great believer in them. If you get a bit chilly , it is so easy to wrap yourself in a shawl and just get on with what you were doing. She has spun all the wool for this shawl and the colours were not only lovely they just happened to tone in perfectly with her outfit and so she was warm, comfortable and stylish. it’s a garter stitch triangular shawl with a fringe but Janette has added some little crochet flowers around the border because it makes it look more interesting. There are some nice shawl patterns on intheloopknitting.