Weaving wonders

Our weavers always keep us inspired and intrigued. They have some clever ideas. Top left is John’s new jacket in such a lovely blue/grey colour . He is using his table top loom which is very compact and solid. He is going to be adding other colours and we look forward to seeing how this project develops. Next in is his woven mat/runner/cloth. You could use it anywhere. It is sturdy but soft and would look nice on a table but it would look nice across a bed or on a settee too. It is beautifully made.

The next two top pictures are the jacket Marjorie made from cloth made from a former member of the club. It is a houndstooth weave and Marjorie has tailored the jacket beautifully. Very Coco Chanel.

Bottom left are Marina’s laptop looms. One is small for little projects and the other one is a converted needlepoint or embroidery frame which is handy to carry around and easy to work with. To the right is her woven bag. Her husband, Peter, made the fabric and Marina sewed it into a project bag for weaving accessories with string handles and a zip. It really plays its part well.

Yankalilla Show

The Yankalilla Show was well attended and very popular and there was plenty to see. We’d like to congratulate Peter for his second prize for the woven shepherd’s coat. Marina won a first prize for her  homespun mohair and cotton sleeveless jacket and they both won a first prize for the bag which Peter had woven and Marina had crocheted the sides for and put together with a lovely strap.

We are currently on a break because of the long weekend. There may well be more news about the show when we meet next week. Always nice to see our members shining.

Show and Tell

Lovely , sunny day today and some beautiful projects on the table . It was especially nice  to see Jan B’s father’s Dresden Fair Isle knitting. Those blue and white colours are so striking.

*There is no meeting next week. it is a public holiday.*

show and tell 30th September

Show and Tell

Hilary: a striped vest in blue’s/white

Marjorie: a large man size jumper in natural grey wool, a large skein wool blue/light green.

Margaret :project from the week camp. A macramé owl, Tunisian crochet square & a
soap pouch, broomstick knitted cover for a small packet of tissues and a pair of fingerless mittens in alpaca & possum. Pinky-red colour.

Marina : a bag in cream woven material that Peter wove with granny squares inserts on
the end & a plaited strap for a handle.

Jan B brought in a beautiful jumper knitted in a blue/white Fair Isle pattern by her father.
Alan’s needle felting projects – the little Tasmanian Devils.

Weaving around a book

bag woven on a bookWe were lucky to have Sandy and Michael with us this week from the Adelaide Hills Spinning group. They are both very accomplished in the sorts of things they achieve with textiles. One of the things Sandy brought along  for show and tell was a bag she had made by weaving around a book. Our group is very much about enabling. It is not about cost, expense, the best of…and yet we will use and produce the finest of the fine when we want to. That’s about investment in our skills and creativity. We want anyone to be able to have fun with yarn! Not everyone can afford a loom…but everyone can find a book and a ruler and bits of yarn or strips of old T Shirts.

When Sandy explained book weaving we realised it’s a great way to use oddments but also a great way to do something easily without all the fuss and bother and yet come up with something as nice as Sandy’s bag. It’s a handy size and there is no sewing!! Some of us love sewing…others of us are always looking for the sew free projects and this woven bag is the very thing 🙂

You can find instructions about making this on the creativitypatch.