Show and Tell

It was very blowy by the beach front today but such a beautiful ocean to look at with snow capped waves. Inside we were full of help and ideas and such reassuring natural colours and then a lovely array of rich, bold colour and then the softer, calming tones. So much inspiration and so much problem solving. It was a very rewarding day.

Show and Tell

Christine had crocheted a large rug with a penguin design as a feature.
Marina had woven all her spinning oddments into a lovely project bag for herself plus she shared two small balls of spun fibres,
Cathy had spun ball of wool in two blues.
Janette spun a ball turquoise/white.
Karin shared a large crochet blanket in variegated turquoise.
Alexis had spun a large wool skein dyed in cold water dye brown tones.
John made and shared a striped beanie made on his knitting machine and a pair of blue slippers.
Hilary had knitted a small pixie beanie in brown.
Maria had crocheted a small lavender pocket in Christmas colours.
Wendy was busy weaving a tea towel for the caravan.

Make a project bag!

We see quite a few different bags during a year with our group and they are all unique and special. This week was no different.

Wendy, who became proficient at weaving during our working from home earlier in the year, has woven herself a bag for her weaving projects. It meant she could make it exactly the size she needed. This bag is strong and durable but it is very soft to the touch. We loved the autumn colours.

Cathy was making freeform needlepoint pictures with her bits and pieces of left over handspun yarn. She put one in the centre of this bag and then crocheted around it. The bag has a double crochet gusset which was crocheted onto the big squares she made. Very much an oddments project but she made it as a project bag for herself.

Show and Tell

Beautiful spring day at the beach front today. We were noisy and very full of ideas, projects and colours. It was Exchange Day again which we have once a month. We bring along things we no longer have a use for and exchange them or sometimes just give them away. Sheila had brought pattern books and leaflets. Such an array! We enjoyed looking at all the things and some of us got some good patterns and ideas!

Show and Tell

Marjorie has knitted an Irish Leprechaun and shared two skeins of spun wool rainbow coloured and desert pea.
Alexis has trimmed her Bay tree and brought in some leaves.
Wendy has woven a bag for her loom from all her oddments of spun wool.
Marina knitted a scarf with a matching pin in goldy browns and shared a bag from an Adelaide Hills member who makes them out of old book covers.
Cathy knitted a fluffy beanie for her granddaughter in pinks, blues and white with a pompom , crocheted a large bag for all her projects.
Deb has finished her scarf in bright pink with lacy panels.
Jan B has spun two finely spun skeins – one plain turquoise, one mixed silk colours with turquoise.
Hilary a small ball of spun wool in natural moorit.

Weaving wonders

We had some lovely weaving to look at this week. Our weavers have been inspiring. Top left is Marina’s new little loom. Why not? A mini loom is very portable and a good way to practise patterns and skills. Bottom left is the fabric Peter wove and then Marina turned it into this beautiful bag. So well made and roomy! The other pictures are John’s runner which he wove on and eight shaft loom. We did not ask if his is a table or floor loom. If you want to see an eight shaft loom, please watch the video below.