Show and Tell

show and tell

Show and Tell was a bit light on but we felt no shame. Our table has been laden with superb hand made and handspun goodies these last few weeks and we have had an awesome year! We are also back into making the bigger projects again which require a lot of spinning and then making time.

Margaret: The graph knitting book she had got at Equipment Day .

Cathy: Cake of dyed handspun wool in oranges and fawns made from one strand of Brenda Coulter’s dyed plait and a strand of dyed polwarth fleece (pinkish and dark yellow) mixed with magenta banana fibre silk.

Janette: Bay leaves which can be used for cooking or protecting stored wool.

Marina: Flat top , knitted hat in dark grey. Fluorescent green hand knitted socks.


Tubular socks

tubular socksChristine was excited to have finished her tubular socks. While she was making them she’d used it as an opportunity to try out different round needles to see which ones would be easiest for her to use. She had also been doing art yarn workshops and other things so it was a big achievement to get these spun wool socks finished. We loved the wool because it was so soft and then we were intrigued with how they looked. They fit snugly and comfortably.The colours are really good too. Tubular socks mean you don’t have to knit a heel and the ribbed pattern allows for stretch over the heel without distorting the look of the sock.

Mary Ann on Ravelry shares an easy pattern for tubular socks.

The Miss Mary Maxim site also shares a nice free pattern for tube socks.


Socks and mittens

We can never get enough socks and mittens. We love making them and each time there is a new way of looking at them.

To the left are Maria’s self striping socks. The effect of the yarn is interesting and the colours are nice. These are medium weight socks. Maria likes knitting on double pointed needles and is very adept at using them. The socks will look very professional when they are finished.

Margaret had spun some wool and then she threaded beads onto black cotton. She plied those two strands together to make yarn for her mittens on the right. They are fingerless gloves with a lace pattern and are going to look really swish. We loved the colour of her spun wool.

Contrast colour socks


Contrast colour socksMarjorie is a very confident sock knitter and is bold in her approach. She also loves using her oddments to challenge herself to make colourful, interesting socks. She allows herself a chance to just do what she feels like with the colours she has chosen. She brought along one of her socks last meeting because these socks were a work in progress and it was nice she shared it. She has ends to weave in and the final polish to put on but this was a nice sock and it was helpful to us to be able to see how she was actually making it. Instagram likes her sock, too,  because she already has 43 likes and people were liking this sock as soon as it went up on Instagram. The video gives you some help for working in contrast colours on socks so you do can be like Marjorie…a super sock knitter.

There is some good help on knitting sock heels on the loveknitting blog.