Russian socks and more

We are up and running with the Russian socks pattern where you knit the socks on two needles. The instructions are on the Russian socks pattern blog post. Janette shared the pattern with us and she has finished both her socks. We loved the colours and the squishiness of them. So cosy. Marjorie customised the pattern a bit to make her lovely , colourful blue sock and once she has made the other one someone is going to have very cheerful , warm feet this winter. Meanwhile we teamed it with Margaret’s lavender  sock so they could have socks for odd socks day! Margaret has played with the pattern as well. She has followed her own advice of using two contrasting colours on a new project. This is so you can clearly see what you are doing . Her socks are double rib so they are snug and she has used thinner yarn. She has shown they can be proper socks as well as slipper or bed socks. We look forward to seeing other Russian socks as they are completed.

Just as a bit of an extra , Marina had used the tubular socks pattern Christine had shared to make some really warm winter socks. The colours are bold and a reminder it pays to cheer yourself up in winter with colourful accessories.

Show and tell

Very productive day today and so much on the show and tell table which was inspiring.

Margaret: one long sock in rib and stripes pattern from the web site.

Marjorie: one pair socks same pattern, but customised,  in blue.

Janette: a small pair of socks same pattern in brown multi stripes

John: a woven scarf in  mohair yarn given to him red with blue flecks

Alexis: beautiful striped soft wrap in mainly various pinks, with yellow strips a lovely feather and fan pattern.

Chris: beautiful woven scarf in soft blues/green for in International scarf exchange, another woven scarf in pale mauve a very unusual pattern.

Cathy: small beanie in Fair Isle pattern mainly brown/blue, 3 balls of spun wool one brown/pink, one fawn/bronze, one blue flecks/dark brown.

Marina: a large man’s jumper main light brown with multi coloured flecks and a woven stress ball.

Jan H brought in a lovely crocheted dragon in bright purple and two skeins of hand dyed wool . These will be featured in another post.

Show and tell

show and tell 2nd decemberWinter’s day today even though we are into summer. Cold, windy, wet but then the sun came out! We were spinning all the colours and hues of summer so maybe it was our influence. It was such a cheerful day inside despite the blowy conditions outside.

Show and Tell

Janette: hand spun knitted vest blue/white.

Margaret: crocheted knee rug in bright colours with a black border.

Jan E: crocheted pixie & hedgehog, 2 crocheted granny squares, skein of purple
alpaca fleece & 2  beautiful felted flowers, 1 blue and 1 purple.

Marjorie: bright multi coloured socks.

Maria: 8 colourful beanies some knitted with a fair isle pattern, some crocheted in stripes.

Karin: a beautiful woven scarf in autumn colours.

Alan: has finished his needle felted Tassie Devil picture which is very impressive.

Keeping warm in winter

Margaret has been an inspiration each week with all the lovely hats, gloves , cowls and socks she makes amongst all the other things she creates! We have been getting Antarctic blasts in Adelaide and the weather has been very chilly this winter. Margaret has reminded us constantly to use all those accessories we make!

She does things in a very fuss free way and starts things and finishes them when she feels like it because she likes to do what she wants. Bottom left are her sock wool socks but everything else is homespun and Margaret likes to keep herself colourful and cheerful in winter. It cheers us up, too, being able to see all those nice patterns and colours.