Show and tell

It was a warm , sunny ,summer’s day for our first day back this year and we had a lively meeting full of ideas and plans. As you can see from our show and tell, members have been happy to use the Christmas break to make some inspired projects.

Show and tell

A Christmas card from the Murray Bridge Spinners & Weavers
Janette: a pair of house slippers black plied with a multi coloured spun tops and a bag of dyed pink fleece.
Anthea : a ball of spun wool blue/white
Margaret : two beanies – one white angora rabbit, one purple both the same design.
Sheila O : Fair Isle beanie white with green/tan Shetland pattern. Alexis dyed the wool for the pattern. One beanie in bright red, blue, yellow and orange, one shawl black wool plied with dark red silk.
Christine: alpaca beret in the same pattern as Margaret’s.
Deb a knitted bag in blue/red stripes ready for felting.

Show and tell

Sunny day at the beach front today but a bit cold! Spring hasn’t quite sprung. Plenty to see and do and some nice events coming.

Show and Tell

Maria: Two handspun white wool beanies with fair isle patterns. One green contrast other blue and brown.

Margaret: Sheep socks where she had used a beanie pattern to create her special socks.

Janette: Rainbow jumper and matching beanie from Brenda’s colours plied with Kath Loman’s fleece.

Maxine: Grey butterfly beanie with flowers. Colourful motifs on grey spun wool.

Karin: Skein of coffee coloured alpaca.

Fay: Two pairs of knitted slippers one in green and one in blue. Felted bag in pale apricots, peaches and cream with hand stitched embellishment for handle.

Marina : two pretty cotton crochet beanies in lavender, pink and white. 

Keep your feet warm

We have had some great socks and slippers which members have knitted. Like anything else you are constantly surprised how different all the slippers and socks can be. Colour, yarn, patterns make them all so different.

Top left is Sue’s first knitting achievement – a lovely pair of stretchy slipper socks. Top right are Maria’s lovely bright blue slipper socks. Bottom left are Marina’s tubular socks. You can do a search for these on our blog. Bottom right is the first of Margaret’s sheep socks. She has been bringing in some great graph knitted socks this year.

Knitted slippers and can be quick and easy and a good way to have toastie toes in the cold weather.

Pomeranian fur slippers

Janette is good at knitting slippers. They always look warm and cosy no matter which pattern and handspun wool she uses. You can use the search box to find slippers we have featured on our blog. These slippers are special. Janette collected fur from her Pomeranian dog and washed it and spun it. She mixed it with merino tops so there would be some give in the yarn. Dog fibre tends not to be pliable as such. There are tips on preparing and spinning dog fibre on this wikiHow about how to make dog yarn.

Janette’s slippers are extremely soft, she has chosen cheerful merino colours and the Pomeranian fur gives the slippers a nice halo.