Show and tell

Very blustery down at the beach front today and the wet , windy weather made for a spectacular ocean view. Winter has arrived a bit early! Inside the club we paid no attention to the cold and had a room full of colour, conversation and inspiring ideas. Our show and tell table was full of lovely skeins and cakes of wool and some great projects.

Show and tell

Maxine knitted a beautiful long cardigan in a cable pattern with a beanie to match in dark green Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply, plus several multi coloured skeins of spun wool.
Alrisha brought in a lovely woven rug woven from a factory India that is no long making these rugs.
Cathy: a ball of spun wool green/blue.
Karin :skein of spun wool in autumn tones.
Alexis: a large skein of spun wool oranges/browns and a skein of Navajo plied reds/yellow.
Jan: bright skein of spun top pink/purple, a grey beanie with a flat top with stripes in different patterns, plus a skein of spun wool in grey.
Dagmar: two balls of spun black alpaca plied with multi coloured silk.
Sheila O knitted frilly scarf and beanie in pale yellow/lime beanie knitted in a lacy pattern plus a skein of yarn in autumn colours.
Hilary: a ball of spun wool dyed with a selection of colours which turned out lime green.
Corina: a lovely shawl in browns/fawn and cream colours plus a skein of multi coloured wool which was predominantly blue.
Alexis has been busy dyeing her tops some with multi colours and English Leicester tops in plain colours.

Show and tell

Show and tell is brought to you today by Mickey Mouse and isn’t he going to be just wonderful? He is full of life and character. Today people worked on their projects. It was a warm , summer’s day and it means we have had a chance to enjoy summer’s benefits , like solar dyeing. Far right is Karin’s solar dyed , homespun alpaca fleece. Lovely autumn colours created in a jar in the summer sun. Far left is Karin’s yarn. She had ordered the Bendigo Woollen Mills blue which comes ready to spin and plied it with “Jewel ” from Kathy’s Fibres. She also made another beautiful Fair Isle hat from Sunspun yarns. Such lovely projects and Mickey did a good job of showing them off.

If you are interested in things Mickey Mouse, there is a free amigurumi Mickey Mouse crochet pattern on Free Amigurumi Crochet . There are lots of Mickey Mouse ideas , patterns and graphs on Knitting Patterns.

Show and tell

Beautiful spring day at the seafront and so much to see and do. The colours were as interesting as eve the felters were up to interesting things again and the sharing of ideas and tips was great. It was a cheerful, cheering day after our cold, wet winter which has stayed too long.

Show and tell

Hilary plied a brightly coloured skein from Brenda’s colours. Predominantly pinks and oranges.
Karin knitted a Nordic beanie in blue/grey with a snow flake design.
Cathy has carded a grey batt from mohair and North Ronaldsay wool where the sheep are fed on seaweed., so Alexis informed us
Kay knitted a dark brown interesting beanie in spun wool and mixed fibres. She plied and created her first skein of wool.
Marina has spun a ball of grey wool from NSW Wool Room site with added fibres. Very fine spinning.
Marjorie has knitted a colourful rectangle. The pattern was from Alexis.
Anthea brought along a framed picture of butterfly’s she has embroidered

Maxine knitted and felted two knitted hats :one blue,one turquoise.

Show and tell

We were in hard lockdown for a week so were unable to meet last week. This week we are still under restrictions and had to wear masks in our meeting today. Did not stop us gasbagging! The colours in the room were so lovely and cheered us all up. There are some good projects being finished and underway.

Show and Tell

Sheila Mc: Cherry red children’s mittens in homespun, handdyed wool.

Sheila O: Pink hand spun, hand dyed scarf in wool.

Alexis: Squishy skein of spun wool in autumn colours.

Sue: Green felted scarf in silk and merino tops.

Fay: Felted hat in reds and burnt oranges and charcoal colours.

Pamela: Blue and black crochet beanie.

Karin: Cable beret in handspun coral wool, topknot beanie in handspun fawn and top knot beanie in handspun greens.

Marina: tube socks in yellow with primary colour splashes. Knitted cable jumper in natural dyes and handspun wool.

Cathy: Felted boots with knitted tops. Oranges, pinks and fawns.Mainly wool with some tussar silk.

Margaret: Fair Isle multicoloured Advent socks.

Anthea: Spun wool plied with crochet cotton. One ball each of turquoise, pink and purple.

Janette: Ball of mulicoloured  spun wool  tops in Brenda’s colours.