Where did you get that that?

hatsWe are always making hats, beanies and berets. Everyone loves a good hat or beanie. We make them for ourselves, our friends, family , for competitions and sale. We make them for charity and then just for fun. They always find their home and head! We like trying  new patterns or making up our own. The ones featured give you (and us) ideas. You can use up scraps and make fair isle or striped beanies. You can mix yarns and use something fancy like spun camel hair and silk or a really nice alpaca. You can make a difference with crochet or knitting the edge . You can do something as simple as a purl row after a number of stocking stitch rows. You can crochet the top of a beret and finish it off with knitting. You can make a nice little scarf or cowl to go with your hat. What you need is a good, basic pattern and then you can vary it with fancy stitches or a mix of crochet and knitting or you can vary the colours and yarns. It’s all up to you and your imagination.

There’s a good, basic beanie pattern on allfreeknitting.


Crochet neck wrap

Depending on the weather or climate you may just need a bit of warmth around your neck. You don’t want a big , thick scarf or cowl. Just something easy and light. Smaller cowls and neck wraps can be fun to make and if you crochet them they are really quick. Good way to use up oddments, too. Christine made a lovely, lavender neck wrap and it looks visually appealing. It’s the colour and then the lacy effect. She made it up herself. Why not? Just get your hook and yarn out and crochet whatever you want and the way you feel like it. It’s a nice creative exercise and also a way of freeing up your mind. No pressure.

Marina crocheted a  cowl  from her spun fleece which Alexis had dyed. She added some beads and a lacy edge. That’s another thing you can play around with when you are making a smaller neck wrap. Look at ways of edging or embellishing it. You get to see the effect without committing yourself to a big project.

The Happy Unraveller shows you how to make an easy cowl and then you can use your skills and ideas to make it visually more interesting if you want to.

Woolly wonders


There were so many good things to look at this week. Marina has now finished her grannie square jacket which started when we were having a focus on grannie squares. It is all homespun wool and alpaca. The edges of the jacket have been knitted and it sits really well. We loved it and the colours in it are so attractive.

Janette has been spinning rainbow colours. She has knitted a lovely generous sized pullover which is so soft and warm . Perfect for a horrible, cold winter’s day. We loved the slippers. They are solid and squishy and you just want to wear them . No way is Janette going to let anyone be cold.

Sleeveless jacket

The internet calls a sleeveless jacket a vest . If you look up sleeveless vest you’ll get slipovers and sleeveless jackets. How confusing. Marjorie’s sleeveless jacket is not at all confusing! It is bright, bold, colourful and a great addition to a winter wardrobe. It is often enough to keep your back warm and it is particularly handy to have a sleeveless knitted top when you are cooking, spinning or doing something which requires you to move your arms. Sleeves can get in the way. In addition you can create all sorts of looks by contrasting or co ordinating what you wear under the sleeveless jacket.

Marjorie’s jacket is designed to beat the winter blues by choosing a blue so daring it’s a stand out. Marjorie has hand dyed and spun the wool and then knitted the sleeveless jacket. It is always a labour of love and creative journey. We are now looking forward to seeing what buttons she chooses.

There are plenty of vest patterns to choose from – sleeveless jackets and slipovers – on Knitting Patterns Galore.