Baby poncho

20190304_110718.jpgCathy used crocheted grannie squares to create a baby poncho. There is a round of edging and several extra rows for the neck. The squares are based on the African flower motif – three for front and back and two for the shoulders. The pink is mohair. There is cream  and merino and some naturally dyed Border Leicester cross. The crocheted neck tie has a hand made pom pom on one end and then a tiny giraffe on the other. Nice, woodland colours.


Handspun, hand knitted rainbow jumper

It takes a lot of time to spin the wool and then knit a big jumper. We do it because we love it. Janette’s jumper is beautifully soft. It’s a generous size because she believes in knitting for the bigger people in life. The jumper is made from boldly coloured merino tops plied with light alpaca. The resultant look it very effective because the alpaca tones down the bright colours without losing their cheerful impact. There’s  just about a whole rainbow in this jumper!

Show and tell

Janette: Limes and silverbeet.

Cathy : Crochet and knitted fingerless mittens from Margaret’s idea. Pinks, tans, green and browns. Oddments from her blanket last week.

Marina: Fingerless gloes, work in progress. Pinks, purples and blues.

Hilary:  3 skeins of spun wool . One from a wool batt of Alexis’ very popular Tasmanian Blue gum colours. Two from carded wool , silk, mohair and hand dyed colours in greens, blues aqua and yellow.

Christine : Art yarn in merino wool in coral and grey;   crochet mobius scarf in the softest merino wool  in clues and greys.

Wendy: Cream, hand knitted Aran jumper in the O’Brien clan pattern. Probably 10 ply wool and hand knitted in Ireland. For her husband. People were guessing it would have taken a good kilo of handspun wool.

Man’s jumper

Another big project done and dusted! Marjorie’s husband’s jumper is very impressive and well worth all the time and effort. Not everything can be accomplished quickly and long haul projects take a long time! This is made from home spun Corriedale wool so it ‘s the natural fleece colour and the spinning required to make enough wool for a jumper this size is a big job in itself. Then Marjorie knitted the jumper. It’s a clever jumper because it is reversible. If you turn it inside out you get a really nice ridge pattern. Her husband now has two jumpers for the price of one. Great effort on that one, Marjorie. We all loved it.