Amigurumi giraffes



Jan 3 has a number of grandchildren who have inspired her to make the cutest soft toys. These amigurumi giraffes are no exception. The pink one has something magical about it and the standard colour one has such a friendly face. It’s good when the new lives coming into the world help you to become more creative because you are motivated in such a genuine way. We loves having giraffe friends to visit on Monday and we are sure they will be well loved. Jan 3 used her own handspun yarn to make them.


Waste not, want not

We had some lovely oddments projects this week. Part of what we naturally do as a club is ensure nothing we do goes to waste and hoping we keep on top of our stash! Often there are left overs from projects and it’s good to see how people in our group are inspired by the colour creativity of oddments projects.

Cathy made a beanie from her home spun English Leicester. The band is leftover camel hair and silk. The butterscotch colour is actually avocado dyed fleece. The dark stripe is alpaca fleece and the yellow is merino tops. Autumn colours with a nice fluffy pompom.

Janette made a beautiful shawl which doubles as a knee rug. She has used a hair ornament as a clip for the shawl. What a great idea. The colours are cheering for a cold winter’s day and the shawl would keep you lovely and warm.

Alexis has made a beautiful jumper from her oddments. How many colours are in this jumper? It is vibrant . The jumper is soft but would keep the icy cold weather at bay . The colour therapy would be sure to chase away winter blues.


Baby poncho

20190304_110718.jpgCathy used crocheted grannie squares to create a baby poncho. There is a round of edging and several extra rows for the neck. The squares are based on the African flower motif – three for front and back and two for the shoulders. The pink is mohair. There is cream  and merino and some naturally dyed Border Leicester cross. The crocheted neck tie has a hand made pom pom on one end and then a tiny giraffe on the other. Nice, woodland colours.

Handspun, hand knitted rainbow jumper

It takes a lot of time to spin the wool and then knit a big jumper. We do it because we love it. Janette’s jumper is beautifully soft. It’s a generous size because she believes in knitting for the bigger people in life. The jumper is made from boldly coloured merino tops plied with light alpaca. The resultant look it very effective because the alpaca tones down the bright colours without losing their cheerful impact. There’s  just about a whole rainbow in this jumper!