Lovely scarves


Scarves can be as different as beanies. They depend on the yarn, the chosen way to put them together or the colours. Top left is Jeanette’s open knitted scarf and it would be warm but would act as an attractive neckline accessory. It is not too bulky and so can be neatly tucked into a jumper, jacket or coat to provide interest and warmth.

The other three scarves are from the scarf exchange and the link to that is in the Show and Tell post. Hilary got a beautifully felted scarf which would make such a beautiful accessory and provide warmth. A real eye catcher. Christine received the lovely scarf in the middle. It is lightweight and very soft. So cosy without adding bulk. Marjorie received the blue scarf. Just her colours and such a great colour to cheer up any winter outfit. This scarf is soft too.

The scarves have been hand dyed and hand spun. The felted one is made from the fibre supplied. If you are now feeling in the mood to make yourself a scarf , there are free patterns on In the Loop Knitting.

Sprang weaving

sprang weaving bagChristine brought along her sprang woven bag today to show us. She loved it and we loved it. We loved the colours and then we loved the texture and look of it. It was good to see something she had finished in her sprang weaving because we could see what a visual impact it had and then we could see how nice that little bag was. It’s a good skill to have and then not so hard to manage as a heddle loom. We can now properly visualise the possibilities of sprang weaving.

sprang weaving

Crochet mandalas

Crochet mandalas are very popular . It’s the colours peole use and then the visual impact. Great way to use up oddments, spend a happy rainy afternoon or have an on the go project which fills in small amounts of time when you want a break from bigger things. Mandalas look different in home spun wool or yarn. The pattern definition is not as stark and it will look more like a watercolour. Commercial yarn is very even and doesn’t have the texture. You use what you want to create the visual effect which suits your project. They can be framed, used as cushions or bags. They can go on the back of jackets or be grown into blankets or table covers. They are pleasing to the eye and this mandala is a good way to start.

Revamping old wool

We have all been there. We have bits of roving and slightly felted fleece which we’ve dyed and we want to use it . It can be fully felted and made into something new. It can also be carded and reworked so that it makes a stunning wool batt. You have random colours and so you have a colour challenge and colour surprises all at once. You can always add silk or sparkle to liven it all up if that suits your purposes. It’s a nice challenge, especially for a day when you are stuck indoors because of the weather. Your stash is revitalised and the ideas will come. 🙂