All the sheep

Our AGM challenge brought in a flock of sheep! Everything we saw on the day we loved. We don’t seem to have a picture of Maria’s little sheep. They were so cute. Apologies to Maria. Who knows where the photos went.

Top left is Margaret’s lovely amigurmi aardvark sheep and a bright colourful beanie. Top right is Alexis’ fun wet felted sheep hat which looks really good on . Middle left is Jeanette’s sheep decor which adds atmosphere and effect and was good to have on our challenge day. Middle right is Cathy’s aardvark wet felted sheep with some needle felted bits for effect. At the bottom is Alan’s photogenic needle felted sheep. So much work in that and it has been so well received on our Instagram account.


Equipment Day

What a stark contrast yesterday was to the day before. On Thursday it had been 42 degrees with catastrophic heat conditions forecast and then, when we were waiting for the bus Friday morning, the ocean had massive waves and it was blowing a really cold wind. We were so glad to get on the bus. Undeterred, we talked all the way up to the Adelaide Hills’ group Equipment Day in Littlehampton, we talked all our way around the venue, all our way to The Felting Ewe at Lenswood, all our way around the She Cave and then all our way back home on the bus. We love a good yarn!

We were warmly welcomed to the Adelaide Hills’ group and we spent a lovely time mixing with all the fibre people and looking at what was there. We were offered a nice morning tea and a beautiful lunch. We came away with books and magazines, bags of fibre, wool tops and bags of fleece and crochet hooks! It was an extremely sociable event where everyone was happy to share their skills and knowledge in a friendly way.

At the Felting Ewe we could see how much time and effort had gone into the impressive gardens and then we enjoyed looking at the feast of colours and fibres in the She Cave. We loved the colours and then the examples of Brenda’s felting. It was such a lovely place to be and we bought wool tops, silks, bits for needle felting and bits for theย  tiny Eel spinning wheels.

Everyone was happy and it was a good way to get away from the feeling of the oppressive heat the day before. We can’t wait to see what everyone makes with their purchases.

What are we spinning?


We had some lovely colours this week and these aren’t all of them. We sit and spin or knit or crochet or look at patterns and ideas and we are surrounded by gorgeous colours. Each colour has its appeal and influences your thinking. Top left there was the not quite toffee, not quite apricot which was blended with cream. It will look different again when it is plied, but how evenly and finely is that being spun?Bottom right is a bold purple but what will it be plied with we wonder? Top left is purple plied with a lavender colour but there are gradations on that purple spectrum which catch the eye. The other two are beautiful natural coloured fleece. Will they be plied with the same colour or somethingย  else. The natural colour is restful. Bottom left is Cindy’s basket of carefully combed fleece. She is back to spinning after a very long break and so is easing into it. The soothing colour of the natural fleece and the combing are all relaxing and it’s a nice way to return to something she obviously enjoyed.

Make art yarn

There’s been considerable interest in the magical art yarn post we put up the other day. People are excited about colour and colour blending. Great way to start the year. We love making our own art yarn. We like sharing ideas about colourways and how to spin something which looks both original and attractive. Colour and texture are always important. Art yarns can use up your bits and pieces of dyed or leftover fibre. You just need the ideas. The UrbanGypZ video does just that for you. Shows you a way of getting an interesting yarn together.