Make art yarn

There’s been considerable interest in the magical art yarn post we put up the other day. People are excited about colour and colour blending. Great way to start the year. We love making our own art yarn. We like sharing ideas about colourways and how to spin something which looks both original and attractive. Colour and texture are always important. Art yarns can use up your bits and pieces of dyed or leftover fibre. You just need the ideas. The UrbanGypZ video does just that for you. Shows you a way of getting an interesting yarn together.


Woolly Wonders

We have fun. We love fleece and we love yarn and it is always good to see what people are doing. Peter tried on the woven wrap Jack had made. It has a central piece and then a scarf piece  attached in a contrasting colour and looks really good. Alexis produced some beautiful squishy wool from her own dyed colourway. The colours are lovely. Sheila decided to dye some Border Leicester with food colour and the result was eye-popping colour . What you can’t see is the sheen on the fleece. Maria is knitting another one piece baby jumper because it is a good go anywhere project and the lovely apricot would be so nice for a baby. Anne is delighted with how her rare breeds yarn is spinning up and then knitting so she has got to work on her vest. It looks great.

Equipment Day

We are still on a high from Equipment Day. It was such a beautiful day , weatherwise , we had had good company and then we saw so much which made us enthusiastic. Margaret had got a secondhand book with graph knitting and we looked at that over morning tea and it gave us all so many ideas. Marina and Cathy had bought spinning wheels at bargain prices and so were wildly enthusiastic about heir new equipment. Wendy was ecstatic with the knitting needle set she had bought because it was so beautiful and the needles were so smooth and classy! We bought wool batts and yarn. Sock yarn was popular and there were some nice colours. Karin had bought some sari silk for her felting. Everything we saw made us think about what to create. We loved the wooden buttons and Ron’s stall where she had this for drop spinning and then spinning in general. All handmade and hand crafted and beautiful. Cathy had bought a woolbatt with the colours of Gustav Klimt paintings which she loved since he is one of her favourite artists. We were happy to see what others had purchased and then we were talking a lot about what would happen to the fibre, yarn and patterns. Days like Equipment Day raise the creative energy levels and that has to be a good thing…and there was no way we were going to come home without our Susie Horn’s bags of bits. Great colours and so useful in our spinning and felting.

Odd Socks Day

Odd Socks Day is October 5th but it does run all month as is stated on their site:

“With 50% of Australians enduring a mental illness at some point in their lives, every person, family, community or organisation will be impacted.  Grow has a remarkable Program for mental well being that has quietly achieved remarkable results for the last 60 years.

Our Program is unique in the mental health landscape and provides free, unlimited, anonymous and accessible support and powerful transformational tools for those struggling with their mental health.  To keep offering support to Australians enduring mental illness, we need yours!

Odd Socks Day runs all month so get your colleagues together, chuck on some odd socks, fundraise for Grow and stomp out stigma! “

We had decided we wanted to help fundraise this year because we like to do that to help some community organisations. The date was a bit tricky because a number of people had other commitments at eh beginning of October, we don’t meet on a Friday which October 5th is and we had the public holiday on the 1st when we don’t meet. We decided on the day we had invited the Victor Harbour Spinners and Weavers group and they were happy to participate in our day. It worked really well and , as Sonya said, it was a triumph. We all came out of it feeling really energised and happy. In terms of fundraising it exceeded expectation because the silent auction Alexis had suggested and then organised was well supported and became a lovely part of our day.

We had also contacted two local suppliers of wool and fleece to add to the atmosphere and enjoyment of the day. Deb , of Eagleview, is a supplier of coloured fleece and mohair. Brenda, who loves felting, of the Felting Ewe had lovely wool plaits , merino tops and colourful packages of fibres.

All in all it was a good social and fibre day for us and a successful fundraiser for Odd Socks Day.