Sheila’s scarf

knitted neck scarfSheila is doing clever things with clever colours. Our projects are tending to reflect autumn  colours these days which is appropriate since it is autumn in Adelaide. Sheila took Marie’s knitted neck  scarf pattern which we all loved and has worked out how to make it into a straight knitted scarf. It looks very effective and is something a bit different from those straight edged scarves.


Feather and fan scarf

gossamer spinningWendy is an expert in gossamer spinning and lace knitting. She loves it and is very passionate about it . She likes the demands it makes on her and she likes working out how to get the best effect. This fan and feather scarf is even finer than the one she made before and we all wanted it. It draped so well. It was so stylish but functional and simply beautiful. She had hand spun the wool on her manual wheel to get better control over the effect and thickness. It is just a stunning scarf. You can find the instructions for the feather and fan pattern on the other blog post about Wendy’s other scarf.

feather and fan scarf

Feather and fan scarf

blue feather and fan scarfWendy’s new feather and fan scarf has a completely different look from her cream feather and fan scarf. She is showing us just how versatile this pattern is. This scarf is made from her own spun wool which she spun on her manual wheel so she’d have better control over how the yarn  looked. Looks beautiful to us. Those blues are just lovely. The instructions for knitting the feather and fan pattern are on the Cream ensemble post.

Just get your needles out and knit

layetteDoreen is 88 years old and comes to our group with Sonya. She sits and knits and shares her ideas and thoughts with us. She is very modest so it is nice she let us put her knitting up on our blog. Doreen says she can’t knit like she used to but she likes to knit and she wants everyone to know , young and old, that you just get your needles out and knit. She says not to think about it. Just get the needles and wool and start knitting and it doesn’t matter if you are new to knitting or an experienced knitter. Don’t hesitate. Knit!


layetteYou can see from the pictures that Doreen makes beautiful things and knits very neatly. She has made a layette for someone and the soft colours and simplicity of an uncomplicated design are what make the layette so beautiful. She is now knitting herself a very long scarf in lavender because she wants it to wrap around her neck well to keep her warm. Doreen is living proof of the benefits of knitting and she is a great advocate for it. So don’t sit there thinking whether you should knit or what to knit …just get those needles and wool…knitted scarf