Show and tell

Our Christmas break up was an animated, cheerful, creative  , well catered to,  noisy affair. We certainly ended the year with a flourish…and plenty of lovely food which we brought along and shared. In addition, we have a great Christmas fibre challenge! Alexis brought in the 100gm samples from the 10 members who have taken up the challenge to
participate in the Christmas fibre exchange. A date for the finished spinning will be announced at a later time. We should like to thank Alexis for making this all happen for us. All we had to do was bring along fibre! We also did some fundraising for research into Alzheimers. It was a satisfying end to a very productive year for us . A few will sneak back next week for an unofficial pre Christmas spin.

Show and tell

Janette: 3 balls of spun wool pink/grey.

Marina: Fingerless gloves, beanie with a cable design and a shawl all in mohair pink,
blue & brown and a ball of sari silk.

Cathy: a ribbed beanie blue/grey, 2 balls of spun yarn, 1 blue wool, 1 dark brown alpaca and a felted knitted bag in Fair Isle design with the pattern book.

Hilary: a skein of Navajo plied tops and a short knitted jacket in light brown with
dark brown stripes.

Knitted sleeveless jackets

We love sleeveless jackets  and they are appearing on a regular basis this year. They are warm, great fashion items and can be contrasted in colour with other clothing items. Your arms are free to move and there are no bulky sleeves getting in the way.

Hilary’s knitted sleeveless jacket (left), has an interesting stripe pattern which becomes geometric because of the way the jacket is knitted. Bit op arty and in black and white it definitely would be. Hilary’s is handspun, hand dyed wool as is Marina’s (right). Marin’es jacket is an interesting rib pattern with garter stitch edging. Both jackets are snuggly feeling and would add a good layer of warmth. The blues and greys are different in each jacket but the colourways are restful.

If you are interested, there’s a long  jacket with capped sleeves on ausyarnco. 

Sleeveless jacket

The internet calls a sleeveless jacket a vest . If you look up sleeveless vest you’ll get slipovers and sleeveless jackets. How confusing. Marjorie’s sleeveless jacket is not at all confusing! It is bright, bold, colourful and a great addition to a winter wardrobe. It is often enough to keep your back warm and it is particularly handy to have a sleeveless knitted top when you are cooking, spinning or doing something which requires you to move your arms. Sleeves can get in the way. In addition you can create all sorts of looks by contrasting or co ordinating what you wear under the sleeveless jacket.

Marjorie’s jacket is designed to beat the winter blues by choosing a blue so daring it’s a stand out. Marjorie has hand dyed and spun the wool and then knitted the sleeveless jacket. It is always a labour of love and creative journey. We are now looking forward to seeing what buttons she chooses.

There are plenty of vest patterns to choose from – sleeveless jackets and slipovers – on Knitting Patterns Galore.

Beautiful shrug

Hilary’s shrug was a show stopper. Sheila modelled it for us and we could see how well it fitted and sat. It is beautifully knitted and the autumn colours were what really took our fancy. The mustard is one of Alexis’ dyed wool batts and the other colour is from Marion Ridges. Just lovely colours. Hilary said she had over 600 stitches on her needles by the end of it because it is knitted in one piece. That’s after spinning all the wool. What an achievement and what a wonderful garment to add to your wardrobe.