Show and tell

The weather was pleasant and mild. The show and tell table was full of woolly goodness . There was plenty of chat and ideas. We also need to get ourselves going for beanie season coming up in June. Such a happy, productive day.

Show and tell

Marina: two balls of spun wool/plied with cotton and a bag made from small samples of weaving.
Cathy: a long Mobius in royal blue/pink/ black plied with pale blue.
Margaret: two skeins of dyed wool blue and lavender.
Janette: two balls of spun wool pink/white, a shawl in turquoise/white with flower motifs.
Chris has spun a plait of Brenda’s Fruit tingles colours which looks beautiful.
Alexis: a skein of pale mauve mixed colours, and a beautiful knitted rug in rainbow colours.
Anthea: has made a quilted bag for her electric spinner which is a lovely creation also crocheted a beret in the wool which she solar dyed.
Hilary: a small skein of solar dyed fleece spun and dyed with various colours which mixed to make tan orange and grey – a lesson to be learnt.

Show and Tell

homespun show and tell

It was windy to day and we watched the white crested waves roll into shore on a lovely blue ocean. Inside there was so much to do and talk about. Christine taught herself to hairpin crochet from a YouTube video on her phone with a gadget Marina had found in an op shop. That was fun. The show and tell table was not as busy as usual because people are now doing new spinning and knitting to get new projects up and running. So many lovely colours and ideas. John’s fingerless gloves on his round loom are looking good.

Show and Tell

Janette: a large square shawl/rug in red/blue and white with fringes, for her daughter’s 60th birthday.

Jan E: finished her scarf for her friend, who is moving to Tasmania.
Very easy pattern knit3, purl1 across even number of stitches.

Cathy: spun ball of wool blue/mauve & white.

Karin: a large skein of variegated green spun wool.

Ten Stitch Blanket

Karin’s ten stitch blanket workshop just keeps on giving and Marina is a big fan and does all sorts of things with the ten stitch blanket principles.

This time she has knitted a stunning , military grade blanket which is wonderfully thick and warm. It makes quite an impressive statement. It will last forever! It is made from commercial wool and it is just such good quality and durable. The colours are very modern and this blanket would make a great bedspread, a warm camping blanket or something so snuggly to curl up with on a freezing day. It would have been a weight to knit as it got bigger. Just such a lovely blanket.

Keep them warm

Janette knits things which are warm and cosy.  Her recent things are mainly handspun merino tops with some interesting colourways. Her colours tend to reflect nature and our environment and always look nice. She gets a classic country look when she makes her projects and you would never be cold if you wore her things.

Top left is an alpaca and merino scarf. Bottom left is a merino rainbow blanket. In the middle are a beret in bushfire colours with a scarf to match and to the right is a merino blue and black beret. All of these items are very soft but thick and warm. Great for the cold weather.