Ten stitch blanket is go!

Karin’s ten stitch blanket just keeps on giving. Some are finished, some are WIPs and some are UFOs for now. Marina uses the technique a lot for various things including a ten stitch blanket jacket which you can find on our blog.ย  She has grown the idea. Cathy is one of the ones who has battled away on it. The first one just would not lie flat no matter what so she used the good advice of the people in the club and started again! The first one is now knitted into a chevron blanket so it did not go to waste and the second one is sitting flat but no ends are being woven in until she knows this one will stay flat! Never waste your time on something you are not happy with is the message. Marina has just finished a ten stitch blanket in very modern colours -mushroom and fawn –ย  just in time for our winter. Wendy has recently finished the beautiful gelati coloured blanket she was knitting. It looks lovely and the colours are just so soothing and attractive.

Knitted origami pinwheel purse

origami pinwheel purseMargaret’s origami pinwheel purse has been popular on Instagram so we thought we’d follow it up here so you can make one too. Margaret’s colours are easy on the eye and this purse looks attractive . It is a pleasant knitting challenge. It’s not hard, just interesting and you feel like you have achieved something good.

Frankie Brown’s free pinwheel purse pattern is on Ravelry.

Have fun!

Show and tell

Our Christmas break up was an animated, cheerful, creativeย  , well catered to,ย  noisy affair. We certainly ended the year with a flourish…and plenty of lovely food which we brought along and shared. In addition, we have a great Christmas fibre challenge! Alexis brought in the 100gm samples from the 10 members who have taken up the challenge to
participate in the Christmas fibre exchange. A date for the finished spinning will be announced at a later time. We should like to thank Alexis for making this all happen for us. All we had to do was bring along fibre! We also did some fundraising for research into Alzheimers. It was a satisfying end to a very productive year for us . A few will sneak back next week for an unofficial pre Christmas spin.

Show and tell

Janette: 3 balls of spun wool pink/grey.

Marina: Fingerless gloves, beanie with a cable design and a shawl all in mohair pink,
blue & brown and a ball of sari silk.

Cathy: a ribbed beanie blue/grey, 2 balls of spun yarn, 1 blue wool, 1 dark brown alpaca and a felted knitted bag in Fair Isle design with the pattern book.

Hilary: a skein of Navajo plied tops and a short knitted jacket in light brown with
dark brown stripes.

Ten stitch blanket

Margaret has her ten stitch blanket well under control. Margaret likes to experiment with colour and technique. With the ten stitch blanket it’s about technique. Her first way of doing the sides produced a double colour seam. She is now trying another way where you just get a single colour. She has found that she knits that a bit loosely for her liking and will now look at how she can adjust what she is doing so it is tighter. It looks very neat, though . Her blanket is nice and soft and very pliable. The yarn determines how these blankets feel. Hers is all cuddly.