Show and tell

Beautiful day at the beach front today and some beautiful things to look at on the show and tell table. Such good uses of colour and design. We also have a very welcome exchange table which made everyone happy.

Show and tell

Christine: skein of spun grey rabbit hair, round crochet lap rug with design in black on colourful , variegated background

Cathy: Beanie in dark alpaca and fawn wool, knitted felted purple hat embellished with crochet poppies, green and grey crochet cowl in handspun wool and silk.  

Maxine: layered, colorful beanie, black beanie with red poppies, hooked cushion in handdyed wool, purple and turquoise beanies with pink flowers,  plain grey beanie, stripe brown blue, grey and brown wool beanie.

Margaret: Crochet bag in fawns and pinks from a vintage club challenge, cute , handmade teddy.

Sheila O: Harry Potter Gryffindor beanie, handspun colourful beret.

Sheila Mc: Washed and skirted fleece which she dyed in an array of colours.

Sue: Purple felted fabric which will be sewn into a bag.

Anthea: Skein of white alpaca and skein of fawn wool.

Jeanette: Thick , striped wool jumper in blues, fawns and greys.

Maria: Cute chicken egg cosy

Felting fun

Fay and Sue come up with all sorts of projects on a regular basis and just watching the process is as fascinating and inspiring as the finished product. We love the hats and berets. Sue’s spectacle cases which she embroiders are clever. We loved the colours in Fay’s two blue hats and Sue’s beret is a very cheerful addition to a winter wardrobe. Felting takes time. It can look like a lot of fluff and stuff but it requires care and then some elbow grease and patience. The resultant fabric comes from the fibres you used in the first place. These things are made with merino tops so there is a smooth finish.

Show and tell

Lovely, sunny day at the beach front and such and such a hive of activity and inspiration in the club rooms. Kay had prepared a slide show for us of her visit to the Tasmanian Craft Fair in Deloraine. So good to see all the beautiful things they had made.

Jan E brought along her Temari balls .Very impressive and attractive.

Sue shared her red/orange felted beret and phone case which was embroidered.

Fay had made a blue felted hat and a felted bag in grey with white silk embellishes.

Maxine had knitted a grey scarf in her 4 row cross over pattern.

Margaret had made two beanies one blue, one green.

Marina shared four balls of spun mixed fibres, two turquoise, two light shades of fawn plied with cotton and a large piece of woven material in brown/red/blue mix.

Sheila Mc had spun several balls of wool: two blue, three green plied with blue, two skeins of white wool.

Hilary had knitted a large jumper in Alexis’ Kingfisher dyed wool with three other mixed fibre balls.

Kay brought along a large bag full of silver-grey alpaca , brown alpaca and a smaller bag of black with the Tasmanian Craft Fair flyer.

Show and tell

Bit blowy down at the beach front today but the ocean looked magnificent. Indoors we were warm and comfortable and surrounded by some very arty, interesting colours. Some lovely felting projects this week and some great ideas for projects. We also seem to have more fibre fest activities to attend if we want to and that is always good. Always ready to do everything and prepared to cancel if we have to save health and happiness. Coronavirus is making us very flexible.

Show and Tell

Marjorie: Bendigo wool jumper in deep wine colour.

Sue: felted trilby hat green/blue and frilled felted scarf brown tones with silk inlay.

Fay: frilled felted scarf in red tones.

Margaret: a sock in Fair Isle with sheep motifs .Second one to come.

Alrisha : A book on dyeing.

Marina: a knitted beanie in variegated art yarn.

Alexis: a large skein of violet/multi coloured plied wool

Jan E: Two small crocheted dolls which she had finally finished.

Janette: a box of dyed fleeces various pastel colours.