2020 AGM and Challenge

We got there! The day was grey but inside the club it was warm, friendly and colourful. We have had to wait and wait to do the AGM . It ended up being a very creative , inspiring day. The challenge had been to make or represent an animals whose fleece we spin. All the entries we well thought out and such fun to look at and discuss. We also had some other items to look at which people shared which will come up here or on Instagram. Margaret’s and Maria’s sheep need to be featured too. We are all doing our best and a little less than perfect . The world has been very challenging this year.

Basically, everyone has kept their positions and Sonya has taken over now as Librarian because it is a big, exacting job so taking turns is good. We have to thank Alexis for bring dyed merino tops to colour the day and help us rebuild our stash after iso life. A hearty and well deserved congratulations to Jan H for her lovely winning alpaca. Congratulations! The top she knitted and was wearing was a winner too ๐Ÿ™‚

Janette made a sheep of the fleece

Hilary knitted an alpaca from pre-dyed alpaca fleece

Jan H crocheted an alpaca also a gonk with bright red fleece hair

Cathyย  wet felted and needle felted a sheep

Maria crocheted some miniature sheep

Margaret crocheted a lovely aardvark sheep

Alexis wet felted a sheepโ€™s hat

Alan needle felted a picture of a poodle from the poodle hair

Marina knitted a jacket with applique sheep on it.

We have not , as yet, decided on next year’s challenge. This one was really fun.

On felted hats and woven mats

Alexis and John could not have co ordinated the colours better the week they brought in their show and tell. Alexis had two lovely , stylish felted hats she had made and John had brought in the mat he had woven. Skill, subtle colour and inspiration. Things like that make us think how to use colour. It is not unusual for us to bring in things which colour co ordinate with the work of someone else. Half the fun of it , really.

Weaving demands patience and a very methodical approach. John will often challenge himself further by picking similar colours to increase the amount of thinking which has to be done. You really have to pay attention when you a making a pattern with colours which don’t have a stark contrast.

Show and tell

It was a beautiful Adelaide day today and we had a beautiful view and then some really lovely things to look at which people were making. So many interesting ideas and such a good array of colour.

Show and Tellย 

Marina had a basket full of spun fibres dyed with various dyes and using different techniques to obtain varied effects.
Cathy 3 small balls of the fleece left over from her felting and a Mobius cowl in
Maria a small, beautiful crochet shawl.
Peterโ€™s finished woven scarf.
Johnโ€™s weaving with carpet wool, his next project.
Peterโ€™s weaving in progress.
Jan Eโ€™s felting samples to keep us inspired.

Enjoy our view:

Christies Beach 24th Feb 2020


Felted wonders

We really did have a creative and productive time at our felting workshop recently. It improved our skills and ideas. Karin brought along her lovely Schiaparelli pink felted bag so we could see how to fix handles because that was the thing we were focusing on this week. Hilary brought along a felted cord so we could see how to make a cord a bit fancier or even use it as a decoration for some other purpose. Cathy’s dark coloured bag turned out well with the added on felted fibre shapes she had learned to make. She also used Pam’s template at home to make a zipped purse with an inlay of corespun wool and some colourful fibre bits. Hilary’s bag had transformed to a vase or even a drink holder. We really liked it and loved how the hankie silk had felted in. Those of us who didn’t know now can make corded or felted handles for our bags so all good ๐Ÿ™‚