Felted collar

Talk about panache and environmentally friendly to boot! Natural fibres and upcycling have contributed to this spectacular felted collar by Alexis. She had a silk skirt she didn’t want to wear any more. Add fine merino tops, wet felting and voilà – a very chic collar which would dress up any outfit and add some real style. The colours really stand out and are what define this collar, but it’s the intricate designs from the silk , blended in with the felting which make this project so interesting and just so classy. We loved it.


Felting with dog fur

We were talking about whether you could felt with dog fur or not when Christine brought the husky fur along to spin. You can. Alan tells us there is no shrinkage so you wetfelt to size . Don’t expect to go through the process where the item becomes smaller as you felt. The woman in the video explains and shows how she felts dog fur. There are not many videos around so we appreciate this one is there. The wet felting process is the same and experience is going to be a great teacher.

Show and Tell

We had a great time yesterday because it was our felting workshop and it all went well. Our show and tell was a bonus on top of that. We are proud of the booties we learned to felt and we loved seeing what was on show. Such a good day.

Janette: Limes.

Christine: Tubular socks in greens, blues, browns and pinks. Homespun wool.

Hilary:  Cake of metallic looking wool from First Editions wool batt and fine silk. Coppery colours.

Alexis: Felted grey boots with a trim in blue ,green and dark pink. Six layers of felting. Wool.

Marina: Crochet market bag in pale turquoise made from acrylic from Cheap as Chips which she had spun.

Marjorie: Bright, beautiful beret made from the wool batt she had bought in Nimbin. Psychedelic colours.

felted booties
We loved making our felted booties

Angel wings

angle wingsWe love oddments projects in our group. Yes, we have the belief that nothing should be wasted, but there is the very real, creative challenge of being able to turn oddments into something cool. Beth’s angel wings fit the bill exactly. Some of those oddment pieces of felt are just so interesting to look at . There are the colour combinations, the little bits of silk and then some of them have doilies felted into them. Who would have thought? She is edging the wings with some lace she had and that looks just right. The wings are going to be the back of a back pack. The little girl who gets this angel wing back pack is going to be absolutely delighted. Beth still has a lot of work to do on these wings but they were already looking so good.