Show and tell

It was cold today but, my goodness , we filled the air with chatter, laughter, creativity and colour and had a very warm, noisy day with two new members and Brenda, from The Felting Ewe (link right) , who kindly accepted our request to bring us stuff to refill our stashes ! Lots more colour back in our choices after the last couple of weeks. We did decide that this year’s challenge would be to make a bag. Theoretically that is due next April but this year we could not complete that meeting and challenge until July. If nothing, we are flexible.

Show and Tellย 

Marina had woven a beautiful basket from things she found in the garden and filled it with several colourful balls of spun wool and alpaca.
Janette spun ball of wool blue/black.
Margaret: a pretty Fair Isle mitten the other is in progress.
Chris: has spun 200grams of Bendigo wool blended with glitter in aubergine colour.
Cathy: a sleeveless top in tweed greens and 2 balls of border Leicester wool dyed with various natural dyes.
Hilary: 3 small skeins of spun tops , one plied with spun sari silk.
Maria has been busy this week and has 7 made beanies in various styles.

All the sheep

Our AGM challenge brought in a flock of sheep! Everything we saw on the day we loved. We don’t seem to have a picture of Maria’s little sheep. They were so cute. Apologies to Maria. Who knows where the photos went.

Top left is Margaret’s lovely amigurmi aardvark sheep and a bright colourful beanie. Top right is Alexis’ fun wet felted sheep hat which looks really good on . Middle left is Jeanette’s sheep decor which adds atmosphere and effect and was good to have on our challenge day. Middle right is Cathy’s aardvark wet felted sheep with some needle felted bits for effect. At the bottom is Alan’s photogenic needle felted sheep. So much work in that and it has been so well received on our Instagram account.


Colour your life

One of the things sorely missed as we stayed home to keep ourselves and others safe was all that colour input from meetings. We are saturated, in a nice way, with colour. Each meeting is a colourfest and a feast of colour. It makes you think. It gives you a chance to absorb colour combinations. It inspires. This week was no different.

Either side at the top are the merino tops Alexis was spinning. You look at the colours before she spunย  and then how they have changed with the spinning. They will change again with plying. Middle top is Jan B’s black alpaca plied with sparkle fibre. Such a cool yarn with a striking visual impact. Bottom left is Jeanette’s peaches and cream spun yarn. Soft colours and soft feel. Next is Margaret’s jumper she was wearing showing that natural fleece colours can make a bold statement if you want them to. Lastly, to the right, is Alan’s spinning: suri alpaca and then a bobbin of silk. Clear, natural colour and a very strong yarn.

Ten stitch blanket is go!

Karin’s ten stitch blanket just keeps on giving. Some are finished, some are WIPs and some are UFOs for now. Marina uses the technique a lot for various things including a ten stitch blanket jacket which you can find on our blog.ย  She has grown the idea. Cathy is one of the ones who has battled away on it. The first one just would not lie flat no matter what so she used the good advice of the people in the club and started again! The first one is now knitted into a chevron blanket so it did not go to waste and the second one is sitting flat but no ends are being woven in until she knows this one will stay flat! Never waste your time on something you are not happy with is the message. Marina has just finished a ten stitch blanket in very modern colours -mushroom and fawn –ย  just in time for our winter. Wendy has recently finished the beautiful gelati coloured blanket she was knitting. It looks lovely and the colours are just so soothing and attractive.