The Felting Ewe

Brenda, from The Felting Ewe is someone we like to keep in regular contact with. We like to support local and ordinarily we visit her on Equipment Day which is our annual visit in November to the Adelaide Hills Spinning Group. Last year was no ordinary year and we were all set to go and there was a sudden and swift lockdown in Adelaide. Better safe than sorry, health first and keep ourselves safe. The lockdown worked but we were sad not to have had our visit. With the easing of restrictions we decided to invite her to the club. We were not disappointed. All those lovely colours of hers. All the colourways. All the fibres and ideas. It was just so satisfying to feast our eyes on all these things. As soon as you look at Brenda’s colours you want to make things and the coloured plaits can be supported by the solid colours and additional fibres so that you can make something really interesting. Hopefully we shall be able to see her again in November this year. Meanwhile, we have had a really good colour fix and thank Brenda for taking the time to visit us.

Japanese temari ball

Someone in our group is very good at making temari balls! This was part of a secret santa gift so it’s all a secret ! Great idea for Christmas because with the glitter and colour they make a very stylish decoration. They require time, patience and precision to look good. Practise, you have to practise.

If you feel like trying to make them Instructables has clear written instructions with pictures. Look at this first and then watch this video which has no spoken explanation but it goes through the process clearly. You will find other helpful videos on You Tube as well, if you are keen.

Felting Workshop

We had a really creative, productive and happy time at our flower felting workshop run by Jan E. She had brought along a number of items she had made to help inspire us. Sheila brought some things to show us too and then Alexis helped out with her felting tips, tricks and experience. We were very busy and then finding our way through the process of making our flower. It was fun and really very inspiring. Below we are sharing a flower video which shows very clearly how to make a flower if you have never done it before. It will be nice to see our finished flowers this coming week.


Weaving Wonders

Peter, John and Marina all keep their looms busy and Christine will fire up her weaving skills with a great sense of purpose when she wants to. This week John and Peter were both doing interesting things. With several weavers in the group they help to encourage and inspire each other. Even those who no longer weave or who are having a break from weaving enjoy participating in discussions and process.

John’s woven mat is very fine and in subtle colours but if you look closely you can see a clever zigzag pattern which is emerging. This is a piece which requires thought and skill because the weaving is quite fine and the colours are similar so it means you have to keep thinking. Peter has broken out into a riot of colour and the the vibrancy of his colour piece can be seen. It is cheerful, neat and looks good.