Show and tell

show and tell August 19thThe weather looked nice but the wind was icy cold today.  At least the sun was out which was cheering . Our show and tell table was colourful and interesting and there are still signs of the grannie square bug.

John's oddment WIP

oddments weavingShow and tell

Janette: a ball of spun wool in blue and white.
Marina & Peter produced a roll of woven material in purple/green,
Marina found a table crochet decoration in pink in wheel design, 3 granny squares mixed colours, 2 shower mitts in cotton & a blue mobius cowl with white pearl beads.
Peter: a carded rolag in lime green/orange
John: a weaving in progress with many interesting colour combinations.



Sprang weaving

sprang weaving bagChristine brought along her sprang woven bag today to show us. She loved it and we loved it. We loved the colours and then we loved the texture and look of it. It was good to see something she had finished in her sprang weaving because we could see what a visual impact it had and then we could see how nice that little bag was. It’s a good skill to have and then not so hard to manage as a heddle loom. We can now properly visualise the possibilities of sprang weaving.

sprang weaving

Show and tell

show and tell July 29th

The weather looked nice but it was cold and then it got a bit warm and then a bit cold! We were far more even in our approach to the day and had a really positive time with each other.

Show and Tell

Sheila: found 5 beanies some of them were produced
while touring through Tasmania.A denim coloured beret, 1 purple, 2 natural dark brown
and a long natural fawn one with pompom.
Cathy: has dyed some more fleece this time with some small purple  flowers (Mexican/Chilean Potato Bush) that didn’t give any colour so she put some avocado skins and kernels in with the flowers and got a lovely golden colour.
Janette: 2 berets in dark brown with blue & purple flecks.
Marina: a dog collar woven in a small inkle loom and a cushion cover woven on Peter’s loom from strips of sheets & table clothes.

crochet giraffesJan3: made some gorgeous giraffes from her own spun wool.









Enjoy our view!


Christies Beach 29th July 2019

Sprang weaving

It’s great when we get something new and different to look at and try to work out. Sprang weaving is like braiding on a loom and has a very long history and they have found examples of it from the Bronze age! When Christine brought in her colourful , pastel sprang weaving we were all intrigued. Also impressed with her skills levels. Christine likes to learn new techniques because they challenge her and give her variety and then choices in her creativity.

Kristin Hughes has a very helpful blog where she explains thing sin more detail if you want to follow this up. She also has this very good YouTube video: