Weaving wonders

Peter and Karin have been busy with their weaving.  Peter wove the blue and purple fabric on his heddle loom and wife, Marina, sewed it into a lovely shopping bag. It is strong, sturdy and looks really good. The touch of white at the bottom of the bag is a nice contrast to the other colours.

Karin wove a Cornflake beret using some of the Alexis’  yarn challenge yarn which we made after Christmas. Those colours are stunning and it is incredibly clever to weave a beret ! The picture with the round needles shows you the inside of the beret . Karin is knitting the beret band onto it.

Show and tell

Show and Tell March 16th textile arts and crafts

It was a lovely day outside and just as lovely inside. Plenty of colour and ideas an some good, productive conversations.

Chris: has dyed 4 plaits with Earth Palette dyes in blue & pale orange.

Cathy: 3 balls of spun wool dyed with various natural dyes & a warm thick cowl in
dark green and yellow in a honeycomb pattern.

Janette: scarf & matching beanie in red/grey, beanie in blue, and an alpaca scarf
dark with various coloured fleck, warm jumper in autumn colours.

John: a woven scarf in a multi coloured boucle yarn with a green centre.

Hilary: 1 skein of lime green tops plied with coloured silk hankies, a ball of spun
alpaca dyed fleece and the cutest, small rabbit from the pattern Cathy put on our blog.

On felted hats and woven mats

Alexis and John could not have co ordinated the colours better the week they brought in their show and tell. Alexis had two lovely , stylish felted hats she had made and John had brought in the mat he had woven. Skill, subtle colour and inspiration. Things like that make us think how to use colour. It is not unusual for us to bring in things which colour co ordinate with the work of someone else. Half the fun of it , really.

Weaving demands patience and a very methodical approach. John will often challenge himself further by picking similar colours to increase the amount of thinking which has to be done. You really have to pay attention when you a making a pattern with colours which don’t have a stark contrast.

Weaving Wonders

Peter, John and Marina all keep their looms busy and Christine will fire up her weaving skills with a great sense of purpose when she wants to. This week John and Peter were both doing interesting things. With several weavers in the group they help to encourage and inspire each other. Even those who no longer weave or who are having a break from weaving enjoy participating in discussions and process.

John’s woven mat is very fine and in subtle colours but if you look closely you can see a clever zigzag pattern which is emerging. This is a piece which requires thought and skill because the weaving is quite fine and the colours are similar so it means you have to keep thinking. Peter has broken out into a riot of colour and the the vibrancy of his colour piece can be seen. It is cheerful, neat and looks good.