Christmas Lunch

Christmas lunchChristmas lunchAt our last meeting we celebrated the end of our year with a lovely Christmas Lunch. Marjorie and Pam ensured everyone was properly served. John, Christine and Sonya made sure the dishes were done and then people like Wendy and Margaret made sure it was all running smoothly. Peter and Marina took photos. We all pitched in where necessary and it was a truly cheerful, Christmas event. We stopped to gather around the big table to eat lunch together and to chat. Not that we ever stop talking. One of the great things about our group is we are full of ideas and information to share and so it never stops. We were happy to get back to our wheels and creativity afterwards. Our Kris Kringle presents had had to be something we would use to do with our yarn arts and crafts and there were some lovely ideas and people brought along thoughtful presents so everyone was a winner. Nothing like something new to play with. Christine had brought her little electric Eel Wheel to spin on and we still love it. She had also brought along the most interesting folding stool which was easy to carry, easy to put up and then, as she showed us at lunch time, could double as a solid little table as well. How convenient ­čÖé

We have had a good year. We have run some very successful events to fund raise for charity and we have had some successes with our things going into exhibitions and shows. Our workshops have been inspiring and we have produced some really creative items this year. We had plenty to celebrate and look forward to another good year next year.


Wonderful weaving

John is a self taught weaver. H got interested in it and then became very methodical and thorough in his learning. He says he has mainly used books and has found those the easiest to follow and learn from. There is also plenty on You Tube to help anyone who wants to learn to weave. It is something which takes time and thought. It is something you need to practice. John likes working on traditional patterns and learning how to make them.To the left is a long piece which can be cut down into woven place mats. All you have to do is hem the side edges. The other piece is a traditional eastern European pattern . John’s work is incredibly neat and weaving is something he likes to think about and improve.

Show and tell

Show and tell was at our Christmas break up lunch today. We don’t see each other now until the middle of January but we certainly have plenty of ideas and good cheer to keep us going.


10th December show and tell

show and tell 10th December

Janette: Lemons and bay leaves

Hilary: Gumeracha Newsletter and our annual newsletter

Cathy: Cake of Border Leicester dyed with avocado skins and pips which had turned out tan rather than the expected rose pink. Yellow merino tops plied with lightly dyed onion skin Border Leicester, wool batt ( fawn fleece, yellow Finn X and light alpaca ) plied with Corriedale and one plied light yellow merino tops.

Alan: Needle felted poodle picture in custom rare fleece and dark fleece.

Marina: spun cotton in red white and blue, spun wool batt from Alexis in red and salmon pink, crocheted handspun acrylic squares in hot pink plied with cotton. Spun alpaca fleece in white.

John: woven place mats in a variety of strong colours. A red scarf made in fine wool . He is donating both of these to the club for fund raising.

All the spinning

We love spinning and it’s good to see all the colours and then yarns which are produces. It is then even better when we get to see what happens to all these lovely yarns. Marina plied some colourful tops and then she plied a blue wool batt from Alexis with some silk. Cathy had learned to use a carder better and was spinning a wool batt she had carded. Margaret was spinning one of Suzie Horn’s lovely greens. Janette had spun┬á camel hair and silk and plied it with llama fleece. Karin likes to use merino and alpaca to make her woven scarves. She has trimmed this one with her own spun wool. Such lovely colours and textures and all so original.