Lovely beanies


Both of these beanies are really interesting and look and feel nice. On the left is Sheila’s long tail beanie. She dyed  and spun the wool herself and it really has an interesting look with a well chosen palette of colours. In real life you look at all those colours and are fascinated by them. It is warm and soft. Sheila made the decision to add the turquoise stripes to give the hat a colour lift and we agreed she had done the right thing. That turquoise looks good . All the handspun wool gives it a good texture and it will naturally protect you from the elements.

Wendy’s hat is on the right. It is for really cold days. She had some spun grey wool that she liked but thought it wasn’t a good enough colour by itself to make something. What she did was knit in slivers of hand dyed silk which she had. It has worked out really brilliantly. The hat is warm, soft and the colours are not overstated. Again, a good decision with colour choices.

Colour choices

merino topsWe often have conversations about good colour combinations, partly because they are there right in front of our eyes or we have access to images online where we can share good colour combinations. We often look at what we are doing and wonder what other colour will go with that fleece we are spinning. Or like the two wool tops colours , left, sitting next to an e-spinner one week. Karin suddenly realised they matched her mug and that the orange in the mug would be a good additional colour in that mix. A bold choice of colours for that one but often we look for softer colour combinations and they can be hard to get just right. Colour can be determined as much by culture anything. Some cultures favour very bright colour combinations , others like the stone, sand and rust colours.

This video by Justine Leconte looks at a colour wheel and its application and then how you can put it to work in colour choices for textiles.

Keep warm

Two different looks by way of winter wear but both so warm and cosy! We loved them both for different reasons and we agreed they both had style. Alexis had spun the wool and knitted the beautiful ocean coloured jumper on the left. It is different and so beautifully made. The ocean colours are a good choice for winter. They are cheering without being overwhelming and this jumper could be dressed up or down and accessorised to give it a number of stylish looks. You could just put it on with jeans , though, and really feel like you are both warm and well dressed.

Marina knitted a zipper waistcoat in wool she had spun from dark fleece. The natural colour changes shades and adds visual interest. The cables are what makes this waistcoat attractive. It is soft, warm and very functional. She made a little scarf to go with it and then made a beaded pin to fasten it. It just looks lovely and has that country feel about it. Handspun wool is warmer than commercial wool and so it is well worth the effort to make garments like these.

My yarn’s got a pompom

Caron cupcakes yarnThis Caron Cupcakes yarn looked quite funny sitting in front of Maria. She has a sense of humour and is always reminding us to lighten up and just enjoy what we are doing . She has high level yarn and thread skills and can produce whatever she would like with great attention to detail and colour. The cupcakes yarn was no different. Margaret had got it for her and Maria was pleased to be using it to make a beanie. There was a bit of discussion as to where the yarn had come from and Cathy had been to the stores mentioned and hadn’t seen any fun yarn with pompoms on top. Alexis worked out they knew Cathy was coming and so had hidden it. Margaret had then suggested it was because she had shopped elsewhere and not at Seaford. Just by being there in front of Maria the yarn was creating much mirth.

caron cupcakes beanieIt is , in fact , from Spotlight. Maria was knitting away on her beanie and then she was seen winding different colours into balls from the yarn.

“What are you doing , Maria? “

“Oh, I don’t like these colours. I just want the pinks and reds. Otherwise it is not going to look right. “

So, true to herself and sense of colour, Maria took out the blues. They will no doubt be used for something else because the ball of yarn will easily make more than one beanie.Some of us would knit whatever the yarn colours were. Maria showed us to fearlessly make our own choices and get rid of what we don’t want. It never goes to waste.