Winter hats

Winter is June 1st in Australia so we are thinking woollie hats. It has started to get cooler and even though we aren’t quite up to the hats, we are thinking about them. We have always liked the long tail beanies . The video shows you how to make them. Hilary makes really good pixie beanies and elf hats like the homespun one in our pictures. Cathy has knitted a beanie from chunkie ,naturally coloured , spun wool and then washing machine felted it to make it very thick and warm. it is still soft. Marina has gone with the faux pompom preference which is very popular here . Her beanie is crocheted in nice, cheerful colours. Every beanie is unique and truth is , we should have more than one to suit our mood.


Amigurumi Easter Bunnies

Маша Степанюк is Ukrainian and has created such cute Easter bunnies which she shows you how to make in English in this video. We have so much on our minds. Making some bunny friends for Easter might be nice. They are quick and just adorable.

Anti stress ball

stress ball hexagonsMarina made a lovely ice blue stress ball. That’s what we call them but the internet is right. They are anti stress balls. We might need some to deal with an ever changing world. Marina has made stress balls before. They are a good idea because they are short term , quick reward, you can use up your leftover bits of yarn for making and stuffing them. They are modest but oh so environmentally friendly. Hexagon ones are good because you can change colours if you want to as they have in the video.

Beanie Weather

It is coming into beanie weather . We are always making them, though. We need them for competitions, events, charity,  families and friends. There is always a reason to make a beanie. They use our scraps and leftovers. We find nice yarn and want to use it. We try out different patterns and challenges. beanies are a good way to learn a new stitch. We knit them, crochet them, have been known to loom them. Sometimes we knit and crochet them or crochet and knit them or knit and felt them. It always amazes us how different each beanie can be and we see a lot of them in a year…and the next year. They are never boring. We make our own pompoms but we quite like the faux fur pompoms too. It gives a beanie a different look.

Bottom left is Maria’s beanie in homespun wool and Maria is someone who can make crochet beanies look really good. As can Marina. Her purple one right has a very interesting pattern and colourway. The other two beanies are Marina’s too.