30 Day Knitting Challenge


Broke Google again. We were actually looking for a spinning challenge! We are a spinners group. Why wouldn’t we want a spinning challenge? Google thinks it’s just to do with spin bikes. Google is not good at particular aspects of yarn and textile arts and crafts.

We found a knitting challenge which is explained on a very good blog. A number of people have picked this challenge up and have blogged about it. Sonya’s inside stories about the members of our group tell you how we got into yarn , knitting, crochet , weaving , felting, lace making , needlefelting and how we came to be spinners. For each of us it has been a unique story and interesting when you can look at how someone came to be so passionate about yarn!

One of the nicest things people did on Instagram this year was make yarn advent calendars. We might look into that and try and be ready for next year!

Enjoy your yarn challenges for the coming year!

The 30 Day Knitting Challenge