Blog stats

Thought it might be a good idea just to more or less look at Aprils’ stats. The overall picture hasn’t changed much and we continue to grow and do well. Looking at our recent month might uncover some interesting insight. Overall, the WordPress reader, search engines and now our Facebook group are bringing in the most traffic. That Facebook page is starting to gain momentum and it’s good that it is getting people to our blog. We also have followers on Google + now which is a nice surprise. We have 110 followers on our blog and 3207 hits. Not a bad effort , really.

Instagram account

Instagram just keeps growing and we are well on target for getting 500 followers by the end of the year. It brings traffic to our blog and all our posts are well received. Lately it has been the colourful hats which have got the most likes but our projects of any sort can go well. We get encouragement, compliments and praise and we help others do well.

Twitter account

Tweet activityAll our blog posts go out through Twitter and Google +. Twitter continues to grow but the latest surprise is that the tweet about Meryl’s story got 423 views! Well done Meryl and Sonya! That post has gone far and wide. Our other tweets get a respectable amount of views so it’s all going well on Twitter.


We had a lovely range of countries visiting our blog in April. Belgium is starting to bring more and more visitors and it is nice to know we connect with so many places in the world.












linksBy looking at one month on our blog , we can see just how well the links we supply on the sidebar and within the posts are used. We provide information which others want to follow up. That is a good thing to know.






posts and pages


In April Our wheels were popular. Visitors have always liked the information about our wheels. We are real people who use real wheels and so inside information helps others make good decisions about spinning wheels.  Wendy’s story was really popular in April and then Hilary’s colourful and special hats. Since then our Chicken Challenge has created a lot of interest and enthusiasm and why not?





referrersIn April our top referrers were the WordPress Reader, search engines and our Facebook group. It is good to see that Facebook group bring people to our blog because it sat there for a while. It is also good to see we are being found by search engines because it means our search engine optimisation is working and we are doing things which can be easily found in the massive amount of information out there in cyberspace.


search termsThis gives an indication of the sorts of things bringing others to our blog . Down the bottom of the list are the unknown search terms which can’t be identified and here are lots of those. This isn’t helping us to identify how to target ourselves better so we’ll just carry on and do our best! April was a good month and we are really pleased with our efforts.



Blog Stats

We shall be meeting again tomorrow after a fortnight away from each other so it might be a good idea to have a quick look at our stats. Besides, the world seems to like to know about our stats. The good news is there is movement on our Facebook group page. We put that there in case we wanted to use it. Nothing much happened but now people are slowly sharing and we get some comments so that’s good. You can find us here. Something is better than nothing!

Twitter accountTwitter is growing slowly and we continue to get follows, visits to our blog and likes are increasing , but in conservative numbers.

instagram accountInstagram has boomed since we went on there and continues to provide that joyful feeling in our lives. People like what we do and they support us well on Instagram. Our likes are consistent and our followers continue to grow.

search termsMore search terms are appearing for web searches this month so we are starting to make headway on the search engines. Cordless mug warmer , though?!







referrersOur referrers are strengthening our position on the web and the numbers are growing consistently well with that. The clicks on the blog are evidence that we provide things which others  value and can follow through on.







posts and pagesThe best news is how well the blog posts are going and how much our most popular posts can change. We get more likes, more comments and more interest as each week goes by. We have 98 followers now and well over 2000 hits to the blog this year. Not a bad effort since we only started last September. Wendy’s cream poncho ensemble continues to be our top post. Sonya’s Living Treasure’s post about Maria was an instant hit because her writing touched so many. Sonya’s post about porridge has also continued to be a favourite because who else could connect porridge and spinning? Everyone loves the teenie tiny teddies and why not? Making buddy bears for children (or anyone!) is such a nice thing. There has also been a big interest in natural dyes and fibres. It has been very encouraging to see how much we connect with others no matter where they live. We are literally weaving a web.

The countries visiting haven’t really changed but we have picked up a significant number of visits from Belgium! We’d better brush up our languages.

We thank everyone for their interest in us and their support for us. We do appreciate it.



Bothwell Spinning and Fibre Festival

The Bothwell Spinning and Fibre Festival is now an international event held in the southern highlands of Tasmania celebrating all things to do with fibre, spinning  and weaving. As a group we have been wondering whether to participate in the longest fibre challenge and how we might go about that. We have a number of people who are expert and superfine fibre spinning and so they would have a good challenge, and, as always, the new ones would be carried high on the wave of discovery learning. One of the biggest fears of spinning finely is you will break the fibre. Forward is forward , though, and Christine’s commonsense advice rings clear. She tells you not to worry if the fibre breaks. To just spin and to spin as thinly as you can and then , if it breaks , you just find the end and start again. Face the fear and do it anyway. Christine is telling you not to operate from a sense of failure but to work with the feedback you get on your wheel and from your fibre and to have faith in yourself to conquer it. The good spinners in this group have no fear and will tell you there are techniques you can learn to spin finely.  They spin and trouble shoot so we  have experienced , confident spinners who could help everyone participate in the Bothwell Spinning Challenge . It is a part of the history of our club.

Bothwell Challenge 1993Sonya wrote about how Clarrie, a former member we caught up with at Christmas , who won it and who could rank highly. This week Alexis brought along some photos from the 1993 spinin where she and her team won the podium position of 3rd which is something to be proud of and demonstrates the level of skill we have in our group. The group loved seeing these photos and the team members who were in them. It created so much chatter, interest and comment. That brought us back to the conversations as to how we might participate in the longest thread competition.

You can find out about the Bothwell Festival on their Facebook page and their website.

Blog stats

We weren’t going to review our blog stats until after Christmas but the world is curious about our blog stats and we have had a high number of hits on those posts so, we’ll oblige and provide current blog stats. They are really encouraging and very heart warming.

postsWe have 44 followers on our blog now and many are very supportive and encouraging of our blog. They engage in a very real and genuine way. You can see the stats posts are bringing interested readers but the other posts which have created traffic and interest are:

Alexis’ Fair Isle beret 

Health benefits of yarn arts and crafts 

We love our community

Hallo Mr. Xenophon

Margaret’s garter stitch beret

clicksWhen people come to our blog they are actually clicking on a number of the links we have provided in the posts and in the sidebar of our blog. It means our blog is providing traffic to other sites that we value and like and it also means we have very genuine interest in the sorts of things we share. It’s good to see our Instagram account it at the top of the click list!






Our referrers have changed quite a bit since we started this blog two months ago. We are getting it right but we are also getting known. Search engine optimisation work on the blog has now created traffic from search engines and that is really good news. The WordPress reader still brings us the most traffic as does the android app for WordPress. The hits from the app have increased cnsiderably and so people are using their phones and tablets to find us.  It vindicates the choice of WordPress as blogging platform. We are now also increasing our traffic from Instagram and Twitter so those accounts are serving us well.  We thank yarnandpencil for being a big supporter and helping us!

countriesThe countries haven’t really increased over the two month but we are reaching out well to the rest of the world and the numbers from each country have increased considerably. The word is spreading. There can never be enough yarn!







TwitterOur  Twitter account has really picked up over the last couple of months and our posts get a regular number of respectable impressions. Most posts will get 50 to 70 or more impressions.  These are the number of times our posts are viewed. Alexis’ Fair Isle beret post has had 241 impressions. Margaret’s Fair Isle fingerless mittens have had 174 impressions. Jan’s felted vases have had 108 impressions. Christine’s art yarn has had 243 impressions and our show and tell with Janette’s scarves and berets, Cathy’s Fair Isle bag  and Marjorie’s socks has had 134 impressions. Twitter likes Fair Isle and colour. Our followers are textile artists, yarn and arts people and those who know a lot about sheep.


Instagram has been a huge success in the  short time we have been on there. We have followers who are new to yarn arts and crafts and then people who are well and truly into all the things we are. We build up the followers consistently and that is good news. Most Instagram pictures do really well. Janette’s green and orange scarf and beanie has had 35 views. Margaret’s grey mohair and wool cabled sleeveless vest has had 35 views. Maria’s pink and white handspun merino beanie has had 36 views. Margaret’s Fair Isle mittens have had 41 views. Alexis’ Fair Isle beanies have had 38 views. Instagram likes Fair Isle and colour too.

We have learned the world likes to share what we are doing. It also respects and notices knowledge, experience and expertise. Just about everything we have done and shared has been well received and the way we have been sharing it has been appreciated. That’s how you end the year on a high!